BYD Qin Sales Grow Strong to Over 1,300 In August

OCT 13 2014 BY MARK KANE 10

BYD Qin Sales in China - August

BYD Qin Sales in China – August



BYD has been steadily increasing sales of its flagship New Energy Vehicle (NEV), the Qin plug-in hybrid in China every month this year.

The Chinese company sold in August 1,316 units, which is far higher than the sales volume of any other full size electric car.

Total Qin sales after eight months of 2014 reached 7,773.

The all-electric e6 supplements BYD efforts with 212 sold in August and 1,809 YTD.

In total, BYD delivered nearly 9,600 passenger plug-in electric vehicles so far in 2014.

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Any idea about BMW i3, Tesla Model S and Denza EV in China Is it too early to know the Sept numbers?

Usually you get ‘some’ China numbers the 4th week of the following month. Actual registration numbers can lag much longer.

Better yet, what is the relative cost of the Qin? Maybe they will go for a USA introduction…

In China the Qin starts at $31k.

In Costa Rica,after shipping, the Qin starts at $35k. Costa Rica exempts plugins from any import duty.

So in the USA it would pay a 2.5% import duty and be priced right above the Chevy Volt price in order to keep their standard profit.

Plus, they have to fund a dealer network or fight the same fight Tesla is fighting with the added burden of being a Chinese company.

Car price in China already include 17% VAT. Exclude tax, the base model MSRP is around $26K.

Apparently you are not aware of the 6771 Kandi vehicles sold in sept.
I wonder why insideevs always forgot Kandi, which sell much more EVs than BYD. Cars sold for car sharing do not count?

Well, technically the company made 6,771 EVs in September (only a fraction are actually leased, or ‘sold’ if you will), net of 10,506 for Q3 after making 4,115 in Q2 and 1,142 in Q1.

Besides that, we didn’t forget it, as the Kandi is a NEV/city car based on any metric (with a top speed of 50 mph). The same way we don’t account for the 60,000 GEM vehicles sold. The Kandi EV is not a full capable automobile, billed as “not for highway use/legal”, and is not safetied as required by fully road legal vehicles.

We do often cover Kandi vehicles (and popular vending machine application) as separate feature unto themselves as we encourage any and all plug-in transportation.

I keep looking at all the PHEV’s being made in the world, and keep thinking that this is one of the best, if not THE best PHEV available for the price.

How did the Denza do in it’s debut month?

Is ‘Grow Strong’ a food supplement? 🙂