BYD Qin Sales Exceed 1,000 In May; Electric Bus Deliveries Soar

JUL 10 2014 BY MARK KANE 12

BYD Recived Order For Over 600 Electric Buses and 400 Electric Taxis From Nanjing, China

BYD Recived Order For Over 600 Electric Buses and 400 Electric Taxis From Nanjing, China

BYD steadily increase the sales of Qin plug-in hybrid in China reaching a new high of 1,008 in the month of May.

After five months of 2014, BYD Qin sales amounted to 4,302, but plans call for sales to climb far higher.

This year, BYD would like to sell 20,000 copies of Qin, however with 6 month left to go, and 15,700 needed to meet the goal, the Chinese manufacturer needs to sell more than 2,500 a month now.

Anyways, according to Chinese media outlets, sales of BYD’s New Energy Vehicles increased this year 10-times. Some unbelievable news coming from the electric bus sector:

“The company gained 5,000 units of electric bus orders and delivered 4,000 units to the consumers in the first four months of the year.”

4,000 delivered? In four months? We already heard of high volume orders like 2,000 buses for Hangzhou, but still we’re in disbelief that BYD was able to supply 4,000 in 4 months.

Source: China Automotive Review

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Excellent news!

While we all love to love and debate our private EVs, it’s e-Buses that might prove to be the main component the EV revolution.

The amount of reduction in GHG and particulate emissions by e-Buses, is quite unparalleled.

I can believe these numbers: BYD has had the capacity, and very wisely diverted its main focus from winning over Western consumers for its private BEVs, to e-Buses for the public sector.

The diesel buses in the City of Richmond are one of the biggest dirtiest things on the roads along with the diesel school buses. Did you know that the localities do have trouble every now and then with diesel prices going up. Where the gas prices will go up a dollar and eat another $500,000 to a million out of the local school budget.

Yup, we’ve just lost school bus service for our youngest son, after the school district gerrymandered the busing boundaries to save on fuel costs. No real transportation or education rationale, surely not environmental (as parents will now drive their kids instead). Just bean-counting.

The Feds should come up with a program that a. Aggressively encourages bus makers to make viable, mass-produced e-school-buses, and b. sets up financing plans for districts to get them.

These people in China are going to give Tesla and Nissan a run for their money.

My question is what kind of range does the Qin have compared to other EV’s.

the BYD Qin has a wikipedia page. According to that, it’s amazingly similar to the specs of the Chevy Volt… with similar range.

I wonder if the Volt is sold in China and whether it is priced competitively?

*lol*… The Byd Qin is everything the Volt should have been. It’s superior in every way.

I will keep my Volt, thanks. BYD specs are good, but the Volt has a larger, more powerful battery.

I expect the Qin to have less EV range and less EV power bad acceleration. It does have a more powerful engine, but I only use the engine occasionally anyway.


Delivering doesn’t mean they were made in the same time frame. They could have pre-made some of them and stored them while waiting for all the paperwork get done.

BYD has received orders for up to 5000 electric buses, but 4000 were not delivered this year – 2014 (to date).
We believe that the China Automotive Review misquoted or mistranslated the comment when mixing topics between QIN consumer EV orders and deliveries (which have exceeded 4000 units) versus electric bus deliveries and orders (where 5000 was quoted).
We apologize for the confusion.

Let’s hope they start to sell in numbers in the US and Europe too. That would put a lot of pressure on the regular bus manufacturers.

In the US, rednecks in diesel pickup trucks will be “coal rolling” BYD electric buses. But I’m sure they’ll be “coal rolling” Proterra electric buses also. 🙁

With the terrible pollution problems in their smoggy cities it makes sense both economically and environmentally to replace some of the heaviest polluting forms of transportation.