BYD Qin Sales In China Surge To 1,700 In September

OCT 28 2014 BY MARK KANE 7



Sales of the plug-in hybrid BYD Qin are getting stronger every month in China.

Qin’s 1,700 sales in September are almost 400 more than the 1,316 sold in August.

In a market of 1.98 million units, this is still less than 0.1%, but at such a high growth in sales, a measurable market share is in Qin’s near future.

Total sales of BYD’s plug-in cars this year stands at 9,473 for Qin and 2,004 for e6 (195 in September). Interesting is that the all-electric e6 sales are stable, while Qin is going up quickly.

EV Sales Blog gathered some more numbers on electric car sales in China last month (some of them like Kandi (NEV) or Zotye are very tiny vehicles  that make i-MiEV look like abehemoth):

EV sales in China – September

EV sales in China – September

Through the first nine months of 2014, plug-in car sales increased roughly by 200% in China year-over-year to about 40,000 units.

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Mark hi,

I too thought some of them were NEVs, but looked them up and their are bona fide BEVs.

For example, the Chery QQ3 EV, which was I think the top seller in 2013, is just the BEV version of a very popular 4-seater. It seems fully highway capable. The Kandi and Zotye are Smart ED clones. They seem to be allowed on highways.

The Kandi EV is (technically speaking) a low speed vehicle, as it tops out at 80 km/h (49.7 mph) and is safetied as such.

Sidenote: I have repeatedly spoken to the staff about this…ALL BYD Qin must also have a random Chinese model standing next to it. We don’t go to these shows for nothing!

I geuss it’s a bit like only cute girls use fast chargers, never seen an image of a fat guy fast charging.

Random thought, I have only seen boring middle aged men review the Mitsubishi phev, which I assume will be driven mainly by yummy mummies on the school run. Go figure?

And why shouldn’t they cater for the demographic which prefers fat guys as the models? 🙂

Wow how niche market is that:)