BYD Qin Ranks At Top Of J.D. Power’s Quality Study

DEC 17 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

BYD Qin rank in the top 2 of the Midsize Upper Economy Vehicle segment

BYD Qin rank in the top 2 of the Midsize Upper Economy Vehicle segment

BYD has a reason to be happy, as its Qin plug-in hybrid nearly won its category Midsize Upper Economy in the latest J.D. Power 2015 China Initial Quality Study (IQS).

The Qin was second best with a score of 75 problems reported per 100 vehicles, while the top ICE model (Hyundai Mistra) had 73/100.

About the J.D. Power benchmark:

“J.D. Power serves as the industry benchmark for new-vehicle quality by examining problems experienced by new-vehicle owners within the first two to six months of ownership in two distinct categories: design-related problems and defects and malfunctions.  For 2015, the China IQS has been expanded to include more specific diagnostic questions around eight areas: interior; exterior; engine/ transmission; driving experience; features/ controls/ displays; seats; audio/ communication/ entertainment/ navigation; and heating/ ventilation/ air conditioning.  The overall initial quality score is determined by problems reported per 100 vehicles (PP100), with a lower number of problems indicating higher quality.

BYD provided some feedback from Qin owners (naturally… only positives):

“The comprehensive performance is beyond my expectations,” one Qin owner offered. “If you charge the Qin every day, you can save a lot of money on fuel.”  Extremely strong power performance and fuel efficiency have wowed most consumers.

BYD Qin has an EV Industry leading warranty of 6 years or 150,000 km greatly enhancing consumer satisfaction.  The life-time guaranteed battery has set a benchmark in new energy vehicle industry.  Another Qin owner stated, “in the beginning, we worried about the maintenance cost, but now the life-time guarantee for the battery has eliminated my doubts and worries.  We really appreciate that.”

Among key findings, J.D. Power said that initial quality averages at 105 PP100 in 2015, so the 75 for BYD Qin is a rather strong result:

“ŸOverall initial quality averages 105 PP100 in 2015. Korean brands (80 PP100) outperform other brands for a fourth consecutive year, while initial quality for domestic Chinese brands is 120 PP100 and 98 PP100 for international brands.”

Through the end of October 2015, BYD sold in China over 43,000 Qins.

See full report: J.D. Power 2015 China Initial Quality StudySM (IQS)

J.D. Power 2015 China Initial Quality StudySM (IQS)

J.D. Power 2015 China Initial Quality StudySM (IQS)

Finally, A Use For This Cutaway BYD Qin We Spotted Auto China 2014 In Beijing This Week!

Finally, A Use For This Cutaway BYD Qin We Spotted At Auto China 2014 In Beijing!

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I read in this article that Hyundai came first of this quality study. Actually here in Europe Hyundai has a very good reputation as far as reliability is concerned. On top of this they have a 6 years warranty. I will look closely at their progress as far as (PH)EV’s are concerned (ioniq) as it could be among my short list for my next buy (I have now a VW group car equipped with the “cheating” diesel engine, besides that it cheats, its a amazingly good engine so am not in a hurry to change, but would like a PHEV as my next car).

A step in the right direction.

People are always a bit cautious to praise BYD but they are pretty impressive.

They were first to the mass market with a PHEV (2008) and they have put the PHEV drive train in an SUV. Not to mention that they also sell electric buses and the e6. I would love to see the Volt and Qin go head to head in the same market.

Is it really 75 problems per 100 vehicles? Are you sure its not out of 1000 vehicles? In 3 years and 84,000 miles i had exactly 0 problems with my white 2012 Leaf and my Black 2012 Leaf. And after a year and 20,000 miles with my 2015 Leaf ive had no problems. Even with all the flak VW is getting, my wife hasnt had 1 problem yet with her 2010 Beetle. The only time the Leafs have ever visited the dealer was for the yearly free battery check. And the VW goes once a year for the free oil change.

It would be very interesting to see the IQS compared to a similar survey taken in the US or Europe to see how vehicles rate in each market. Giving 75 PER 100 number may be praise worthy in the Chinese market, but how would it compare to our market?

Very favorably.

quote from the study: “Unpleasant interior smell/ odor is the most frequently reported as well as the most severe problem this year. That problem, along with excessive fuel consumption; excessive road noise; engine loses power when A/C is on; and excessive wind noise are the top five most reported problems.”

quote from the 2015 J.D. Powers US Initial Quality Study: “Korean brands lead the industry in initial quality by the widest margin ever, averaging 90 PP100, which is an 11 PP100 improvement from 2014. For the first time in the study, European brands (113 PP100) surpass Japanese brands (114 PP100), while domestic makes (114 PP100) equal the Japanese for only a second time.”

This should put the numbers for the Chinese Market in context. I am not saying cars in China have better initial quality. Maybe the Chinese just complained less.

Maybe the Chinese don’t complain at all!

For clarification, no Qin in the sample had 75 problems. Rather the average is just .75 problems per vehicle. So many in the sample had none.
Kudos to the successor of the BYD Flyer.