BYD Qin Becoming Best Selling Plug-In Electric Car Worldwide?

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BYD Qin plug-in hybrid was at the end of May the fourth best selling plug-in model worldwide, according to the EV Sales Blog.

But the sales surge this year is so strong that by the end of this year Qin could be #1.

After less than 2,000 sales a month in February, BYD moved around 2,500 in March and April, over 3,500 in May and now over 4,000 in June!

4,015 to be exact, bringing the total sales counter to 16,477 YTD and 31,224 since December 2013. All those numbers concern China (there are probably some low volume sales outside of China, but we don’t have any solid sources for those figures).

Up to date, BYD was increasing pace of deliveries every single month, so we could see 5,000+ soon.

BYD is selling the all-electric e6 mainly to fleets – 505 in June and 2,900 YTD through the end of June.

From August on, our eyes will be directed to another BYD plug-in hybrid: Tang rollout (from early July). In June BYD registered first 412 (probably dealers).

Well, we are not sure yet but the world’s largest automotive market could open the doors for Chinese brands to be world leader in terms of New Energy Vehicles (pure electric and plug-in hybrids) sales. They already did that with electric buses.

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Makes sense, what’s the gas quality in China.
Better to run on electrons then buy into the gas lottery.

Huh? The Qin, like its counterpart SUV tang, is a PHEV.

It’s not a pure electric car.

The sales spike, in particular for the e6 EV, seems to coincide with added incentives for local NEV cars starting Sept 1, 2014 in China:

I live in Beijing. The other factor for buying an all electric is license plates. Here to control the quantity of cars, before you can buy a car you must win the opportunity through a lottery system. If you purchase electric you can bypass the lottery and buy your plate over the counter. There are many all electrics here that qualify. The Tesla (there are many here, I see them everyday), and the EV200 made with a partnership with the Beijing car company and Mercedes Benz are the most popular in Beijing. There are a dozen of them in our company parking lot right now. They look similar to a B-class Mercedes, but a little smaller. One of the taxi companies use them in their fleet.

This article has error. China is the world’s largest car market

Looking at North American and European combined sales from the EV sales blog, Tesla is a couple hundred away from 5,000 for June. If they sold anything in Asia they are over 5,000 for the month.

If they can keep that pace (they need to in order to hit their 2015 guidance) the Model S could be on track for #1.

The questions are:
Will the Qin plateau or keeps rising?
Will the Tang take away sales?
Can Tesla deliver its numbers or will the Model X launch cause S deliveries to stumble?

Tesla still has their end of quarter spikes in sales.
The Model S is at slightly less than 3600 sales per month.

With the Qin most likely still on the rise it might even become the top seller globally for the whole of 2015. A title that most likely will go to the Leaf even though it’s stumble might let Tesla take the title.

Does anyone have any stats on these cars? [Range, price, extras, etc.]

the story suggests that they may sell the qin in the US. Does anyone know if this is going to happen?

They have been saying that for quite a while now, it should already have been introduced.

But since they are chinese and not an established car manufacturer/seller in the US it will take quite some time to get there.

It is much more likely that they will get into the EU with the Qin/Tang first (the US often want what it can’t have so that would probably increase the interest there). I recently got some info from BYD Europe saying that the time frame for the Qin in the EU is now 2017 with the strategy being to wait for some brand recognition with the E6 taxis and their buses before going into the non-puclic transport/fleet car market.

China will be #1 this is guaranteed.

Personally I will wait longer – before buying a Chinese EV just to make sure both quality, safety and durability are met in the real world.

I live in Beijing. I have ridden in the cars. They are quality made and safe. The Chinese have worked in partnerships for many years with the global brands and understand how to produce a world class product. For most anything you can buy the best and worst from China. Picking on Wallmart you get what you pay for and Chinese brands suffer from this reputation. Remember the Chinese landed a rover on the moon last year.