BYD Projects Sales Of 200 Electric Buses In US, Globally Crosses 5,000 Sold

MAY 10 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

BYD K9 operated by Yosemite National Park

Road to zero emission buses

Bloomberg recently asked BYD about future expectations for the US after securing an order for 10 electric buses for Long Beach Transit.

As it turns out, projected sales for 2015 stand at 200 buses.

We are not sure how to assess the projection, but according to the article the latest order alone has options for 50 more buses for Long Beach Transit’s partner agencies.

BYD Senior Vice President Stella Li said:

“Today’s order is a fundamental game changer for the industry. We are entering a harvesting stage in the U.S. and I have high expectation for this market.”

On the other hand, big news is that BYD sold 5,000 electric buses globally (mostly in China). In the US, about 50 buses are “in operation“.

If 5,000 doesn’t seem high enough, then how about next 6,000 to be sold this year for a total 11,000?

“BYD aims to sell about 15,000 electric cars to taxi fleets and about 6,000 electric buses this year, Hou Yan, the company’s head of sales, told reporters at the Shanghai auto show last week.”

Another step will be electric trucks, which should be available in the US in 2016.

“The company also plans to start taking orders for electric trucks from overseas buyers in the second half of the year and begin deliveries in 2016, with the U.S. one of the likely first destinations, Li said. The plan is to manufacture the trucks in U.S. after initially exporting them from China, she said.”

Source: Bloomberg

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Electric buses seem a bit counter-intuitive considering they are big, heavy, and non aerodynamic.

But on the other side, they are low volume, high-margin, specialty vehicles so there is a lot of room to throw in the cost of batteries. And lots of communities want to show they are doing their part to reduce local pollution, local noise, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Actually, buses are the perfect application for BEV tech. They have more than enough room for the batteries, can be built to accomodated the weight, they don’t have to drive very large distances in the cities when used for public transit (in Germany each bus route takes about 40min one way, after which the driver rests for 20 min and can plug the bus in), they don’t travel at high speed which eats up a lot of battery power, they accelerate and brake very frequently which allows a lot of the energy spent on accceleration to be fed back into the batteries, unlike a diesel bus. Electric drivetrains do not suffer from city mileage as do IC engines and drivetrains. You have no sudden, unexpected long-distance drives. And they spew no noxious exhaust, of course.

Like EVfans said below – in heavy equipment you have ample space for battery chemistries that are less energy-dense but cheaper or that last longer. Heavy machinery is the best EV case!

Wow. Don’t forget the most important point. The usage is usually 24/7. That’s a lot of Expensive Gas that can be replaced by Cheap Electricity.

Secondly, Don’t forget it’s usually DIESEL, That Stinks and is Loud.

These should be an especially High Priority for any Resort Location.

Various numbers from BYD always seem very impressive (e.g., that they’re on track to establish 34 GWh of annual battery production capacity before 2020 (from 4GWh last year).

While I’m very happy for the EV market if it’s all true, are there other sources that validate these claims (for example, it shouldn’t be difficult to locate the 50 buses in operation in the US)?

This is great news!
A stinking Diesel bus, drives around 1-2 km/litre, pollutes mostly the inner city, lets change them to electric.
Finally a point where governments can prove there commitment to electric vehicle

Where governments can show they govern for the People.

How ’bout EV RV’s?

5,000 bus sales is a good #. Hope they sell more.

I don’t know why BYD is moving very slowly with both the buses and their cars.

ev bus is not sensitive on energy density, and battery price

This is why they choose ev bus

Their lfp battery is **** on energy density and battery price

Perfect application for BEV use Perfect.

My question is when will China take financial control of the US and turn it into a Holiday destination?

Sooner or later anything decent modern or hi-tech will be made or owned by them, probably the us patents eventually as well they will accumulate.

Got to hand it to them they got long term vision plans and stick to them – not like us short term flakes in the West.


It won’t happen. Yes, China assemble iPhones, which is different from designing one.

btw, if you prefer the long term vision over our short term flakes, I strongly encourage you spend some time in China. Their long term vision has screwed their environments.