BYD Produced 50,000 Electric Buses In Nine Years

FEB 11 2019 BY MARK KANE 14

50,000 EV buses is quite an achievement

BYD already produced more than 50,000 all-electric buses. The first K9 pure electric bus was produced in Changsha in 2010, just nine years ago.

The 50,000th was a K9UB 12-meter bus for Spain, which departed BYD’s Hangzhou testing facility on January 18.

Currently, BYD’s buses are used in more than 300 cities around the world, but of course most of them in China.

Just for comparison, the entire European and U.S. EV bus markets combined didn’t reach5,000 sales yet (all manufacturers).

“BYD boasts the world’s largest selection of battery electric buses, and a clientele that spans across 300 cities around the world. The K9UB pure electric bus that was exported to Spain features an all-new styling, with a capacity of 80 passengers. As Spain’s largest 12-meter pure electric bus, this bus will be operated by local operator TUBASA and is expected to enter service in Badajoz, a city in southwestern Spain this spring.

BYD entered Spain’s electric bus sector in 2017, and currently has orders from various cities such as Valencia, Saint Cugat, Badalona and Badajoz. To date, BYD is the only Chinese company to enter the Spanish electric bus market successfully.”

“Ever since the first K9 pure electric bus was produced in Changsha in 2010, BYD has actively advocated for the adoption of new energy vehicles. In 2010, in order to ease environmental pollution, BYD proposed its “Public Transportation Electrification” strategy. With Shenzhen’s hosting of the 26th Summer Universiade in 2011 came a turning point, as 200 BYD K9 pure electric buses entered operations in the city. That event saw BYD become the world’s first company to commercialize new energy buses.

Today, BYD pure electric buses have not only become commonplace in major Chinese cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Changsha and Xian, but also spread to other medium- to small-sized cities in the country. In addition, BYD has also gradually grown its international customer base for pure electric buses since the first batch of 35 electric buses was exported to Amsterdam Schiphol airport in 2013. These include Transport for London, Los Angeles Public Transport Co., Sydney Airport, Stanford University and Facebook.”

Wang Chuanfu, President and Chairman of BYD Company Limited said:

“Our track record demonstrates a clear market recognition of and trust in BYD products. BYD has set a ‘Gold Standard’ for the pure electric bus market because of its rock-solid product quality, a complete supply chain and product solutions, and leading core technologies in areas such as batteries, motors and electronic controls. This is a thumb’s up for not only China’s electric vehicle industry – but the world’s.”

BYD Rolls Out its 50,000th Pure Electric Bus

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Hooray, for BYD. All buses should be electric, it helps, as they will mostly be used in cities and
cities have the worst air pollution, not all of it caused by vehicles, but a significant portion of year round pollution is.
The annual burning of crop stubble, and trees for farming, animal husbandry, needs to be addressed too.

Great news! Much fewer emissions in densely populated areas, as well as other related pollution. Better TOC for mass transit agencies. Very cool.

If you look it up BYD, they don’t seem to be doing well on the reputation front and could cause more harm then good. They could cause municipalities to think E-Busses are unreliable. The quality issue may fly in China but not in the US.

Yeah, definitely a legitimate concern. Hopefully BYD improves their QC ASAP

While there seems to be occasional quality issues, they are most likely blown way out of proportion by sensationalist press or politicians trying to instrumentalise them for their own agendas. There are dozens of cities around the world using BYD buses with no serious complaints that I heard of…

That is politically motivated I think. Byd buses have been working perfectly fine in sub zero Eropean cities and 100+ degree indian and south American cities for years now.

dieselbusses are dumbest of all fossil vehicles

They should at least have Doble-style super-heated steam bus hybrids. But noo, GM entertained the idea and immediately killed it int he 70s.

Don’t forget about the noise pollution they’re eliminating either.

Electric buses would be welcome at airports with underground or semi-covered loading zones where diesel exhaust is nauseating.

Great for BYD I wonder how much petroleum fuels have been used without these 50,000 Buses.
Why are American and European companies so far behind, that’s ridiculous.

Because they do not have the massive subsidies that CHina gives these companies.

Well maybe we need to subsides our Electric bus so we have manufacturing jobs here. Instead of buying them from another country.
Little wonder that China has the edge against the US. They see the future our administration is trying to revive the past.

BYD has more global footprint than other Chinese bus manufacturers such as Yutong and Dongfeng. In coming years Byd has a better chance to become the largest electric bus maker globally.