BYD Produced Its 10,000th Electric Bus, Next 10,000 Underway!

MAY 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

BYD Shows Off Its Newest Electric Bus

BYD Electric Bus

BYD announced an impressive recent achievement of producing its 10,000 electric bus.

Specifically, the 10,000th bus, was a “K8” that rolled off the production line in China in April.

Today marks the completion of 10,000 buses, and also a new start for the next 10,000.

It took just 6 years since presenting its first electric bus to reach the 10,000 sold mark, and now BYD is looking forward to quickly reaching the next 10,000th sold, as 2016 begins with over 6,000 orders waiting in the wings.  Truly, fleet managers around the world have embraced the emission and efficiency benefits of the e-bus.

The Chinese company offers all kinds and sizes of buses, and is still heavily investing in new production facilities in China, the US (in Lancaster, California) and around the world.

“Relying on its 16,000 R&D engineers and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, BYD is continuously upgrading its bus production line. For urban mobility, the company has launched the K9 (12m/40ft), K8 (10.5m/35ft), K7 (8m/26ft) and K6 (7m/23ft) pure electric transit buses; for long distance passenger transportation, it offers the C10 (14m/45ft), C9 (12m/40ft), C8 (10.5m/35ft), and C6 (7m/23ft) pure electric coaches. Additionally, BYD has developed the world’s first pure electric double decker bus K10 (10m/32ft) and longest articulated bus K11 (18m/60ft). With a broad range of bus configurations, BYD is able to fulfill the toughest client demands anywhere in the world. In 2015, the company sold over 7,500 units of electric buses globally, and at the beginning of this year it already orders for another 6,434 units.”

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11 Comments on "BYD Produced Its 10,000th Electric Bus, Next 10,000 Underway!"

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This is somewhat a far better achievement than 250 000 cars.


Public transport for the win.


Yes indeed.

I’m glad that there is so much innovation in the bus sector nowadays. I really hope that the so called innovaters will follow 😉

A huge thumbs up!

Now that BYD shows how it can be done, I can’t wait for Western bus makers to start pitching in big-time.

New Flyer


I wonder if they planing of replacing old batteries on early models and if they are experimenting with composites materials in order to save weigh / increase range.

Man, that is extraordinary. This is the quiet revolution no one really knows about, as bus emissions are quite nasty. I’m very encouraged.

“the quiet revolution no one really knows about”

Quite so. And ‘quiet revolution’ of course has a nice double meaning here.

May be not far away,BYD would sell another 10000th electric buses soon by the end of this year(2016)!

BYD bus batteries are the extremely long life LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) type.