BYD Presents Lancaster Bus Factory – Video

MAR 9 2016 BY MARK KANE 23

BYD Lancaster Bus Factory

BYD Lancaster Bus Factory

BYD recently present its electric bus factory in Lancaster, California.

According to BYD, Lancaster had 10.9% unemployment in 2013, and since 2014 the Chinese company has hired over 300 people in California.

By 2018 BYD expects to triple employment, bringing that number into the 1,000 range.

A promotional video shows employees that appreciate their jobs and the conditions at BYD.

The future progress of course depends mainly on electric bus sales, which we believe should increase to the hundreds annually in the near future to keep assembly line busy.

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I would like to see BYD and the other electric bus manufacturers start producing electric Recreational Vehicles. RV parks already have 240v power for overnight charging and the growing DCFC network is making open road RV travel much more practical. I will be at retirement age in a few years, I would love to do some open road traveling when I retire in a zero emission, electric RV.

It makes sense with silver wave building, and no makes one yet, so they would be the first.
Also an RV is more like a bus than a car.

What about a Model X RV Conversion?

Yeah that would be cool. A friend of mine has 1.2kW peak solar system on his RV. That would even help with charging…

BTW writing this while sitting in my rv without any power… Had to cut wires to stop the starter… Haha haha!

When I stop the water dripping in… I will certainly solder my solar cells to add power… I guess I’ll just mount 1.21 GW that lol be enough to go back!

Google ‘stretchla’… MW

I’ve got a feeling the bus fleet will change over faster than the passenger car fleet.

They tend to be a lot more cost aware, have set routes, and will appreciate the simpler maintenance of an electric power-train.

Which then begs to question the renewed push in recent years to reestablish street car (tram) service in cities throughout the US.

Street cars get proposed in my city occasionally and I argue against them every chance I get. Light rail with grade separation is great but street cars that use a shared grade are expensive, they are slow and they cause very bad traffic jams not to mention that the tracks in the roads are deadly to motorcyclists and bicyclists.

We had a rough start in Houston due to idiots who couldn’t deal with train crossings, but it’s working pretty well now. Houston’s messed-up street grid on top of the traffic makes buses slow going. Houston has more at-grade freight rail crossings than any other city, so if the new lines that are built all have overpasses like the northern extension of the Red Line, the light rail will be more predictable than the buses that keep getting hung up.

Fort Worth had a bus rodeo last year and a couple of BYD electric buses showed up, the smaller one came in on a flatbed and the larger one was followed by an engine generator on a flatbed. Fort Worth purchased a few buses right after the rodeo but they were all natural gas. Fort has 1800 natural gas wells within the city limits and has a very strong natural gas lobby. It’s going to be very hard for cities like Fort Worth to go against the natural gas and oil lobbies to purchase electric buses.

Good for Cow-town. They always had a cantankerous streak though, maybe they pass some positive local ordinances pro ev.

I suppose it’s all one big megalopolis now, whereas at one time Garland was a small town on the 45 min drive between Dallas and Fort Worth. That was when the Mercantile National Bank was the tallest building… back in the day.

Yeah, there are a couple of dozen cities in the DFW area but they are kind of all melted together now.

That’s too bad since real world studies show BEBs are 6 times more effecient than CNGBs.
This equates to riders paying more for rides to prop up the fossil fuels industry…more like another indirect subsidy for Texas oil companies. And, an oil subsidy is forever.

I agree that electric bus adoption will probably happen sooner than later.

The cost per kWh will reach a point where companies providing traditional gas bus services are not competitive anymore, and that is already starting to happen.

A business person running a bus company simply has to see how much he will save per km vs. gas (which may be up around $.50 USD I suspect) and make a simple decision.

This same will happen for trucking, ships, cargo planes, and other commercial vehicles first.

Yeah commercial vehicles are one big thing to happen soon. Deutsche post even produces their own electric semi-trucks… Hint : still waiting for a piece about that funny story… Google street scooter and dhl

They are already making a (good) name for themselves in London, UK… MW

When are we going to get a Li-ion electric Zamboni? Get on it BYD! 🙂
(lead acid)

There is a lot of low hanging fruit to pick in replacing city diesel buses with BEBs because Diesel buses perform so poorly, pollute so baddly, and guzzle fuel…plus they run all day long.

All city transit companies should seriously consider switching asap to reap the benefits.

That video was so ‘feel good’ that I found it disgusting. However, I’m really happy with what BYD is doing and proud they’re doing it here.

GOOO BYD, cool that the make factories around the whole world. What about the factory in south america.

BYD Brazil factory was built for electric bus and solor energy last year!

I grew up in Lancaster. Nice place to be from.

BYD was shopping these around up here in Canada this past summer. Their buses are something else. Eerily quiet. The city of St Albert, Alberta just purchased a few of them but, sadly, there were no other takers I’m aware of. There’s a lot of ignorance and FUD up here.