BYD Presents Fleet Of Long-Range All-Electric C9 Coaches

OCT 2 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

BYD C9 Electric Coach Bus

BYD C9 Electric Coach Bus

This past January. BYD unveiled in New Orleans its new all-electric coach bus C9.

With a 365 kWh battery and claimed 190 miles of range, it was a pleasant surprise.

As it turns out, these buses are already in production as we found a fleet in China at the Dalian International Conference Center during Summer Davos 2015.

BYD delivered some 20 C9 VIP shuttles with capacity for 53 passengers.

The Chinese company still claims 300 km (186 miles) or more range and over 100 km/h (62 mph) top speed. Charging takes 1-2 hours, so they must have access to 200+ kW chargers as well.

BYD C9 Electric Coach Bus

BYD C9 Electric Coach Bus

BYD C9 Electric Coach Bus

BYD C9 Electric Coach Bus

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Tricky looking center armrests. I wonder how you rotate them as they move down.

Now that “clean diesel” has dealt itself a mortal blow, time for more auto/bus makers to jump into the EV bus fray with volumes rivaling BYD’s.

Even though BYD are massive it would still take 4,5 BYD to cover Europe and 3 BYD to cover the US.

And that is still nothing compared to covering China, India and other countries with massive number of inhabitants and with buses as (on of the) main ways of transportation.

FAW, Dongfeng, Foton, Mercedes, MAN and Volvo among others really need to step it up.

But I was told that EV heavy duty vehicles could never go long distances and that’s why we need hydrogen.

Whoever told you that was mistaken. Big vehicle platforms provide more room for big battery packs, so you get the same kind of range as a smaller vehicle. You can also charge much faster than smaller vehicles because the charging load is spread across more cells.

190 mile is a decent range. This type of bus can ply between Washington DC and Philadelphia or New York and Philadelphia in service like Greyhound, Peter Pan, Megabus, etc.

The trains in France are all electric no diesel and travel throughout France that is a lot of long distance


Trains are cool.

Dude 95%+ of trains in Europe are electric and have been for decades. This isn’t new, exciting or special.

We rode on one last month in Phoenix. We took a trip to BioSphere II near Tucson. Very smooth and quiet ride.

They are coming again OCT 23rd for a week or more. We will have many more trips and rides for some of the Mega cities in the area considering GREEN low cost to operate Buses in the area.