BYD Plug-In Electric Car Sales In August Up To Over 5,200 As Tang Deliveries Surge

SEP 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

BYD Song

BYD Song

August was another month of sales growth for BYD’s plug-in cars, as a total of approximately 5,249 were delivered.  An unprecedented level of plug-in sales for one company, in one country.

The new SUV model Tang is doing well with 1,432 units sold in its third month, but Qin, for the very first time since launch, moved down – to 3,534.

New model in the portfolio is the compact plug-in hybrid SUV – Song, which noted first sales or rather registrations as we still don’t see sales offer/specs on the Chinese website.

  • Qin – 3,534
  • Tang – 1,432
  • e6 – 248
  • Song (new) – 35

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It looks like we need the BYD Tang over here.

I would love for BYD to sell its cars in the states, but it seems like that will never happen.

I would prefer an american company make similar cars here.

BYD builds buses in U.S. They may do cars as well!!! says Warren Buffet has invested in BYD and they’re planning to come to the US soon. says they plan to bring the e6 with 60kwh battery to the US by end of 2015 for $35k MSRP. That should have over 200 miles of range if it’s about the same efficiency as the Leaf.

Then again, suggests BYD makes bigger promises than it can deliver, its safety rating is questionable, and if it fails to launch in the US by 2016 it might go backrupt… Guess we’ll see.

BYD Qin: already about 40,000 sold in China.

Any confirmation that the Songs are actually plugins and not the ICE version?

It is very confusing. The 35 Song were listed in some official data under the “PHEV” category (see, e.g.

Then again, everybody (even BYD) seems to agree that the Plugin version is not ready yet.

It would be simple if BYD hadn’t decided to screw up their branding and distinction of ICE and Plugin versions and call them both Song now. But alas, creating this kind of unnecessary mess is something Chinese companies really excel at…

My personal guess is that the 35 are ICE versions and whoever did the sales statistics for August was just as confused as we were.

Some info on the Song from Car News China.

“The all-new BYD Song SUV, unveiled on the Shanghai Auto Show in China. It is officially still a concept but it is 99% production ready. The real thing will be launched on the Chinese car market in Q4. The BYD Song is the hybrid variant of the upcoming BYD S3 SUV, it will be launched on the Chinese car market in the third quarter of the year.”
If the S3 ICE was due to launch in Q3 & the Song PHEV in Q4, it sounds like the 35 are not PHEVs.

The Song sounds more affordable than the Tang, so might generate even higher sales:
“a plug-in hybrid drive-train consisting of a turbocharged 1.5 liter petrol engine mated to two electric motors, one on each axle, creating a four-wheel drive car. Transmission is a six-speed DCT. BYD says that the acceleration from 0 to 100 takes only 4.9 seconds. In electric mode the Song has a range of 70 kilometer.
Size: 4565/1830/1720, wheelbase is 2660.”

If BYD sold 5,249, then how many units were sold by other companies like Nissan, Mitsu, Tesla. Is their sales coming close to 10,000 mark.

Looks like China will catch up with USA soon.