BYD Picks Up Award For 2016 Electric Bus of the Year In US

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BYD New Energy Vehicles

Early ’60s rendering of Disney’s future EPCOT center … or BYD’s New Energy Vehicles

BYD expanded its electric product portfolio – recently adding in a monorail system, “SkyRail” in Shenzhen to its offerings of cars, SUVs, buses, heavy and commercial vehicles; but in the U.S. it’s mostly known for its electric buses…which the company apparently does very well.

BYD Motors Electric Buses

BYD Motors Electric Buses

For this year, the Los Angeles Sustainability Coalition decided award BYD the title of Electric Bus of the Year 2016.

“This award reflects BYD’s growth in the Los Angeles area and nationally, now employing hundreds of Californians at its factory in Lancaster and supplying buses to transit agencies around the country.

BYD offers several different all electric, zero-emission buses designed to meet the needs of different transit agencies. These include 7 different models in the US market, including 4 different sizes of transit buses and 3 different coach bus options. The iron phosphate battery, also manufactured by BYD, is fire-safe, completely recyclable, and incredibly long lasting, allowing BYD to offer an unheard of 12-year warranty to its customers. This battery sets the industry standard in safety, both to passengers and to the environment.”

Carbridge Toro (BYD)

Carbridge Toro (BYD)

Macy Neshati, senior vice president of BYD and a 35-year veteran of the transit industry said:

“We’re proud to be growing here in Los Angeles, and to be partnering with environmental groups like LASC to bring clean energy technology to more and more communities. The work of LASC is part of the reason why BYD is proud to call Los Angeles its home, and we want to thank them for this great honor.”

Dr. Sherman Gay, event chairman of the Los Angeles Sustainability Coalition Transportation on the Move Series, added:

“BYD buses are making a major contribution to the alleviation of air pollution throughout Los Angeles County, at the same time that they’re creating jobs. We look forward to seeing what they do next.”

source: Mass Transit

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11 responses to "BYD Picks Up Award For 2016 Electric Bus of the Year In US"

  1. SJC says:

    BYD makes LOTS of electric buses for China.

    1. Mikael says:

      Yes they do. They sold 5600 in China last year, making them the 6th best selling electric bus manufacturer in China.

      1. Terawatt says:

        Really?! Do post some links if you have. I’m sure you’re right but I’d like to read more. I thought BYD was the clear leader home, but small in the US, with Proterra the leader. Although I haven’t paid much attention to the bus segment, important though it definitely is.

        1. Mikael says:

          As always it’s hard to get proper numbers from China, but even with some details changed the painted picture is still pretty much the same.

        2. Jasmin says:

          Electrification in China is massive, but little known outside of China as it’s 99% about domestic manufacturers, of whom only BYD have shown much interest in exporting their electric designs. Electrification makes a lot of practical sense to the Chinese market.

          * Air pollution. It’s not even about co2. Chinese air quality is dangerously bad, and it’s becoming a political issue as it’s ruining the quality of life of the most influential people in the country – the city dwellers on the coast. Either the government deals with it, or it’s got serious unrest on it’s hands.

          * Fuel security – China doesn’t have anything like enough oil to satisfy it’s needs, so shifting to electric is imperative as her sea lanes to import oil all pass through American navy dominated pinch points. Hence also the large scale development of solar, hydro and nuclear power.

          * Industry – China is a export led economy, but frequently uses a massive domestic market as an incubator for her industries to gain experience and reach a critical mass before they go out into the wider world. It’s obvious to everyone (except, perhaps, Honda and Toyota) that for road vehicle manufacturers, electric powertrains are the future technology they must harness, and by encouraging Chinese vehicle manufacturers to practice and perfect them domestically early on, they will have the upper hand they have long lacked in the international market.

  2. ffbj says:

    Great! Plenty of places need electric buses.

    1. Yogurt says:

      I think every place needs BEBs…

  3. Any of these Buses suited for building a Motor Home on?

    I remember seeing an EV Motor Coach or Motor Home promoted as having 400 miles range, built by battery maker ‘ThunderSky’.

  4. jamcl3 says:

    BYD bought back 6 EV buses from LA due to lousy range, poor hill climbing ability and unacceptable reliability.

    1. John says:

      Looks like they are buying some 60′, that’s a big step forward. Go EV!

  5. SJC says:

    “We look forward to seeing what they do next”
    Maybe that is the problem, we wait to see rather than help.