BYD Looking to Invest $100 Million to Manufacture Up to 4,000 Electric Buses Per Year in Brazil


BYD 40-foot Pure-Electric Transit Bus

BYD 40-foot Pure-Electric Transit Bus

BYD has announced plans to invest up to $100 million to construct an electric bus manufacturing facility in Brazil.

BYD ebus

BYD ebus

The goal for BYD is to be able to produce up to 4,000 electric buses in Brazil once the facility is complete.

For those who don’t follow the going ons at BYD, the Chinese automaker has signed countless bus deals around the world.  BYD is more or less turning into an electric bus manufacturer as its passenger vehicle sales seem less important right now.

BYD produces electric buses in China and in the US.  A manufacturing facility in Europe is under consideration too.

The facility in Brazil would be responsible for supplying electric buses for all of Central and South America.

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Their taxis are doing well too, and that large lithium iron phosphate battery pack is good for fast charging:

‘ There are now 650 to 1000 electric taxis running in Shenzhen, China, and all of them only go 187 miles on a single electric charge with air conditioning running.However, they are driving totals of 300 to 400 miles per day because they are opportunity charging.

When the cars start out in the morning, they are fully charged. But as with taxis in most jurisdictions around the world such as London or New York, they are idle about 40% of the time.When taxi drivers stop to go to the bathroom, they plug in. When they go for lunch breaks, they plug in. When they are sitting in the taxi queue, they are plugged in.’
(I don’t know if there are other makes as well as BYD included in these figures)
They are at various stages of deployment in umpteen other cities in the world too.

And they even do police cars:

All different markets to passenger cars, I grant you, but they are in a lot more than just buses.