BYD Logs Over 1,500 e6 Electric Taxi Orders In Taiwan

OCT 14 2013 BY MARK KANE 3

BYD e6 taxi fleet

BYD e6 taxi fleet

According to a Focus Taiwan report, BYD Auto will start selling electric vehicle early next year in Taiwan.

Initially, the BYD e6 will be offered only to taxi fleets and vehicle rental service operators.

The Chinese manufacturer received, via BYD Taiwan (a joint venture of BYD Hong Kong and Taiwan Solar Energy), orders from a local taxi association for more than 1,500 e6 electric crossovers.

Deliveries should begin in the first quarter of 2014.

“The company said it has commissioned a local automaker to assemble the first BYD e6 vehicles to be sold in Taiwan to speed up regulatory inspections and approvals.”

In Taiwan, the price of the BYD e6 is approximately NT$1.7 million ($57,755).

Source: Focus Taiwan


Editor’s Note:  We generally like to spice up BYD news with an appearance from the BYD dancers.  Enjoy (with apologies to Mark Kane)

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3 Comments on "BYD Logs Over 1,500 e6 Electric Taxi Orders In Taiwan"

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Hopefully none of them will encounter any hills as badly as Nikki Gordon Bloomfield experienced. It seems likely to me that the BBC will pick up on this and report about Taxi drivers who are dissatisfied about the e6 and plaster the e6 as the standard of EVs.

Is this a finalized order or a “pre-order”?

If the former, is this the largest to-date order for an EV taxi fleet, anywhere in the world?

Why is there no taxi companies in Canada buying the BYD e6? The e6 is a far superior EV car than the Toyota Prius.