BYD Invests Millions To Up Production In U.S.


As BYD works to further its U.S. presence, it invests big bucks in a U.S.-based warehouse facility.

This newest investment by BYD applies to a 100,000-square-foot warehouse facility in Lancaster, which will cost some $5 million to complete. It will further the manufacturer’s presence in the U.S. and lead to more efficiency and production capability, primarily for the company’s ramp-up of BEV buses.

This is not the first of BYD’s investments in electric vehicles in the U.S. In fact, it’s the fourth confirmed, major monetary investment announcement in regards to its facility in Los Angeles. For those unaware –  and we’ll admit that we didn’t know before looking it up – Lancaster is a major charter city in LA county. Thus far, BYD has poured another $53 million into the project, as part of $250 million in the area to date.

According to Green Car Reports, not only does this further investment add extra warehouse capacity for the company’s supplies and materials, but it also means that BYD’s 450,000-square-foot manufacturing facility – which is on the same property – will benefit from having an increased ability to produce and operate freely. BYD North American VP for Coach and Bus shared:

We have the capacity to produce up to 1,500 battery-electric buses a year, which will go a long way toward creating a cleaner climate and a quieter, more efficient way to travel.

What’s more, BYD has already purchased another 150 acres in the area near its LA-based Lancaster operations. Additionally, the company already has plans set to open service centers throughout the country. BYD currently employs over 820 workers and is an all-union company.

Source: Green Car Congress

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

We should force them to “Partner” with a US company here and make them share their IP.
Do a one to one like they do other manufacturing in China from foreign companies.

Why do you think Tesla opened up its 1,500 patents and will not challenge enforcement on them? It is about creating an ecosystem for innovation and if you don’t understand that, you won’t understand advances in technology system such as the BEV. China is already the world’s largest publisher of scientific research papers and that is not including research done by Chinese researchers working outside of China.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


China mandates all automotive manufacturers to partner with someone in their country and share their IP. Where do you think some of their innovations come from? Everyone know China is the capitol of pirating and knockoff products.

Peddle that sh1t somewhere else.

You might have missed the news that China is phasing out the joint-venture requirements for car makers in general, and dropping it entirely in the case of EVs already this year.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’ve heard “Talk” about it but not heard any actions taken.

Did you copy and paste that from a Chinese propaganda screed?

China has a severe, culture-based shortage in real innovation. They have proved to be pretty good at copying what more advanced countries produce; not so much at inventing and innovating themselves. China is are now churning out patents in huge volumes, but how many of those are true innovations, as opposed to trivial variants on existing patents?

China can brag about the quantity of its scientific research. But the quality… not so much. That’s why so many Chinese with scientific and engineering degrees choose to work in other countries.

The same has been said about Japan, until they became one of the world leaders in technology. China right now is in the process of making that transition too. In several high-tech areas, China is already the leader, or among the world leaders. You don’t get there merely by copying foreign designs.

And for the record, almost all patents filed anywhere in the world are trivial. Their purpose is for established players to stake out claims and hinder new competitors, rather than to protect (or encourage) real innovation.

Thank you for being one of the few people who are able to look further than the first prejudice… There is hope…

“China has a severe, culture-based shortage in real innovation…”

You just won the prejudice first and most stupid comment of all award…

I hope you enjoy your next 4th of July fireworks… A Chinese invention BTW…

But China definitely has a huge ongoing space program, it takes real talent to accomplish what they have so far.

That is funny… Why would they have to share their ip if they just copy ip of others? Somewhere in this logic must be some mistake… Well BYD is one of the few companies that build electric busses… Maybe it’s time to amit that they are leaders in that special segment… How can you lead something when you have to wait for the established companies to invent something for you… All of those China bashing people are stuck in a mentality that there is no change in the world… But change has always existed… Just take a look at Greece… Home to world famous inventions which are the fundament of all development we are currently looking at… What exactly are the Greece people inventing now? Same will happen to each and every country which starts to always look back at their historic achievements… And by the way… All that bragging about ip is nonsense… Knowledge spreads around the world… This has always been the case… Just imagine where the mining business or the weapon industry would be now without the invention of black powder… Oops that was China… There simply is no such thing as one nation being superior. Most… Read more »
(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“Why would they have to share their ip if they just copy ip of others?”

Because their government requires it? Just ask GM on their mandated partnering with A123 on their new EV in china and read on how A123 failed to meet specs and holds GM back from production. There’s innovation right there………oh wait! The Chinese company BOUGHT the IP of A123. Boy that’s great innovation right there.

Jeeez Christ, how fukin dumb are you?

They still copycat but if you want to turn your blind eye of ignorance nobody can stop you.

I am as dumb as you wish. However I doubt that you are able or willing to discuss on a intellectual level. That’s typical for prejudice lead minds… You seem not to be able to accept that all this “they do this and that” is just nonsense…

But if your world is that simple that’s great for you.

You save a lot of burnt calories that way… (funnily I have just found the answer to the obesity problems some countries have…)

Have fun!

Uncle Warren and BYD are going “All In” on comprehensive EV Bus and battery manufacturing, here in the Cali-desert!

Over a 1/4 $ Billion, is a welcome infrastructure investment, in this Antelope Valley region.

Anyone catch the irony in this? While Trump thumps his American first platform it’s the off shore countries that are developing this technology and investing in America where native companies have failed to step up to the plate.

Unfortunately most people are stuck and prefer to be stuck in prejudice thinking about copycat China… They won’t even realize that BYD is something that arose due to the efforts taken in various countries… They won’t realize that cooperation is more likely to be beneficial for all… Unfortunately they will keep on fighting for supposed superiority… The world is just too complex for them… That happens when you confront simple Kentucky farmers with the wonders of the internet… They get confused by the fact that the world doesn’t end at their “state borders”…

I hear BYD buses have serious reliability issues. LA even returned some of their BYD buses for a refund

Interesting facts surrounding the gowing pains surrounding the BYD EV Bus reliability issues.

5/29/18 article by Kyle Field

What’s up with the title? There is nothing about battery production in this article nor the source…

Also, the $53 million in Lancaster is part of the $250 million in the entire area, not on top of it.

Just glad to see ongoing growth and expansion for EV manufacturing. The more the better.