BYD Introduces Tang EV600 With 82.8 kWh Battery

NOV 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 49

BYD seems into big batteries now.

One of the latest new models from BYD at 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show is the all-electric version of Tang SUV, which was previously available as conventional ICE and plug-in hybrid.

The BYD Tang EV600 received a fairly decent 82.8 kWh battery and is expected to go up to 600 km (373 miles), but the more realistic maximum will probably be around 500 km (310 miles).

Its dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain (360 kW total) enables acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.4 seconds. Chinese manufacturer envisioned also 30-minute fast recharge.

The pure electric Tang will be available in five and seven-seat (2+3+2) versions.

Prices in China are to be around 260,000-360,000 RMB ($37,400-$51,800). The base price is twice as high as the base conventional ICE and slightly higher than base PHEV version.

We are very interested in how well the new Tang BEV will sell as the PHEV is the top -selling plug-in model for the brand (over 6,000 per month).

BYD Tang EV600 specs:

  • 82.8 kWh battery
  • up to 600 km (373 miles), but real-world probably up to 400-500 km (250-310 miles) we assume
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.4 seconds
  • system output 360 kW, all-wheel drive (two 180 kW and 330 Nm electric motors – one per axle)
  • fast charging in around 30 minutes

BYD Tang EV600

Source: BYD, Gasgoo

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49 Comments on "BYD Introduces Tang EV600 With 82.8 kWh Battery"

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BYD should really consider to export their vehicles to California (to start with).

And to Norway. . Somebody must be able to cut the waiting lines.

ipace killer. And if brought to US with $37.5K base price, Bolt killer.

It would be everything killer.

Price and range are not the only purchasing factors.
For example, how many Tesla fans would buy a BYD?

Many of the ones on the Tesla 3 waiting list that were promised a $ 35000 car, which Tesla still is unwilling to produce.

Not unwilling unable yet. Just wait bob

It depends. Is there such a thing as BYD Kool-Aid that Tesla fans could drink? /s 😉

Doubtful it will kill the Tesla. Considering it’s gonna be in the ballpark of $50k+, with so many question marks. Quality of build, re-charging speed, maintenance ability, etc for the price that approaches lower end new Tesla’s and higher price than the used Tesla market.

An “everything killer”? Are you saying it would do poorly in government crash test ratings?

While the article doesn’t mention it, this is almost certainly the price with subsidies. The real price should be some $10,000 or so higher. If it was imported to the US, it would surely cost several thousands more than mid-range Model 3. Which is still not a bad price I guess (there is nothing filling this niche right now AFAIK) — but not a “killer”.

Oh, and the specs listed seem to be for the *top* version, not the one starting at $37,400.

Oh, and don’t forget the transport cost +25% tariff on SUVs (or is it higher now since the trade war started?).

Expect prices to start at $65K.

Yeahh and the build quality is the same or better.😒

BYD who makes their own batteries IS battery supply constrained…
They already sell everything their battery supply allows them to sell in China so their world domination will have to wait…
BYD does have multiple battery factories under construction though…

BYD’s small and cheap (12k USD w/subsidy) SUV the Yuan EV360 could probably sell 20k plus a month in China like BAIC EC series but BYD simply cannot make enough batteries for all their models at this time and probably wisely elects to make and sell more high dollar Tangs and Qins…

Probably already on AliExpress :’-)

They can’t meet stringent safety requirements.

Another Euro point of view

They can but they don’t need to as long as export is not part of their plan.

That’s great. Mind you, nobody loves the anti-Tesla trolls.

It isn’t quite clear when these will available, but the implications of this car seem significant. So you have a dual motor EV-SUV with a base model battery in the 65 kWh range, 100+ kWh charging, it starts at 37,000$ and there is no indication that they will be losing money on every car they build.

The legacy car manufacturers aren’t expected to be there until well past 2020.

That’s probably the price after subsidies. Not bad, but not exceptional in any way as far as I can tell.

(Does the base variant actually even have dual motors?)

Probably without subsides.

BYD is a LEGACY auto manufacture…
They are simply THE leading BEV legacy auto manufacture…
“The BYD Song MAX DM and the BYD Tang EV will reportedly be available for presale at the upcoming Auto Guangzhou 2018, according to local media. The BYD Tang EV is expected to go on sale in December.”

Well…not really. The car company that BYD bought to have more things to put their batteries in was a legacy car maker though.

Absolutely zero chance they will achieve 300 miles. That battery is not much larger than the hyper efficient, smaller and aerodynamic sedan (Model 3).

Indeed, 600 km NEDC never ever translates to anything close to 500 km real world…

This is a large SUV, and an ICE conversion to boot. I’d consider it quite an achievement if it makes even 250 miles.

NOT an ICE conversion as it was designed from the ground up to be ICE, PHEV, or BEV…

i-Pace gets 234 miles from 90KWh. One would think an insideEV contributor would know such things and correct those Chinese fantasy ratings accordingly.

This car may be problematic for the Model X Chinese sells. Imho China will be the most challenging market for Tesla.

China IS the most challenging market for everyone!

Very true for the late comers.

or the most important market for everyone…
China is VWs goldmine and it has turned into Fords landmine (-67% sales for October)…

For Volkswagen AG, China is “the gift that keeps on gifting” (as in “Vergiftung”).

Don’t be silly — that’s like saying KIA is a BMW competitor… They aren’t even remotely in the same class. Nio ES8 is probably the closest thing to an actual Model X competitor.

Why wouldn’t Chinese people buy a cheaper Chinese EV with great range, plenty powerful, with fast(er) charging, and developed for their preferences ?

I guess I am silly.

Prestige – the only consideration for top dollar cars in China.

In China local brands are budget, people prefer western brands if they can afford them.

82.8 reasons to give Uncle Warren the checkered flag, upon his getting the EV600 to the MAGA states, before the Trumpariffs hit EVen harder, and the Tesla Model Y ramps up into real PPH capacity and EVailabilty!

Two questions:
1. How safe is it really? Maybe a EURO NCAP or NHTSA crash rating would help
2. What is the cell chemistry?

BYD PHEV’s = definitely LiFePO4.

BYD BEV’s seems to be NCM (must be because of volume and weight limits), but it is notorious difficult to get reliable info for China domestic vehicles.

Tang you BYD! 😁

Edmunds Bolt vs. Kona review:

Keep in mind it’s a Chinese car, with Chinese quality.

Chinese quality ranges from utter crap to the best in the world by a margin.

Another Euro point of view

I plus voted you. Totally right. Low quality is often the result of greedy westerners who move production to China and for whom production costs are always too high.

The large amount of great articles coming out of this Chinese show points where the most progress is being accomplished in the clean energy World; maybe our publicists should assign a permanent journalist to cover what’s going on in China so we can see just how far behind we are while our progress backtracks as we suffer through the Trump administration and the yes men of the Republican party. The voters need this information so they can make better decisions in the next election.

If it’s for real and not the usual hype bs, then bring it asap

“BYD seems into big batteries now”

I think you a word.

Chinese say :‘TESLA is like Apple,BYD is like HUAWEI’.