BYD Introduces Electric Forklifts In Europe – Video

MAY 18 2014 BY MARK KANE 12

BYD Shaoguan Industrial Park held a grand opening event

BYD Shaoguan Industrial Park held a grand opening event

About 9 months ago, BYD had a grand opening event of a new assembly facility for electric forklifts in Shaoguan Industrial Park.

Now, the Chinese company is starting to sell those vehicles in Germany (in addition to China). The 3.5T forklifts from BYD are equipped with similar lithium-ion battery cells (LiFePO4) to those used in BYD’s electric cars and buses.

Sadly, we don’t have a lot of details or pricing information for now.

“BYD forklift is the World’s first forklift powered by BYD Fe battery. This is really an environmental friendly, efficient and stable forklift. The battery has been tested under rigor conditions including roasting, penetration, and drop. It has optional working load and is easy to drive. We have hundreds of employees dedicated in forklift business and we would like to co-operate with the world to promote the green forklift because we believe the green power would bring better future.”

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Now that was a great video. Very professional. Forklifts are a great application for a battery powered machine.

Thx for the post Mark.
Hope you are getting paid overtime for working on Sunday….. 🙂

Shh George!

…no one is allowed to know what day or time it is if you work at InsideEVs. That’s also why the doors are locked from the outside and all rooms are windowless.

Do they have replaceable battery packs? That seems the way to go for something like a forklift . . . have 2 or 3 packs and charge the ones not being used then swap them in one get depleted.

No, they have just large enough battery pack so that they can go whole workday with good margin.

It’s nice to see such a blossoming diversification of electric drivetrain applications…

Is there any forklift that isn’t electric? Everyone that I have ever used has been electric 😛
Being electric is generally a must when operating inside like most forklifts do 😛

I think that a lot of them are propane powered like Zambonis. They produces some emissions but not enough to be a real problem even if indoors.

There are a lot that are hydrogen powered too. This kind of thing is old news.

Yup. The gas smells when they are running. When they don’t stink, you know it’s time to replace the tank…

Hmmm, interesting!! I formally worked for a multinational that had one electric forklift and that was back in 1996. We charged it overnight and it easily lasted a full 8 hour production day. Almost 20 years later….

This is starting to get lame. Why electric vehicles must be advocated that they are “green”? Why not just say that lithium-ion powered forklifts are just better and cheaper than the alternatives such as lead acid battery powered forklifts or ICE powered forklifts.

Do they propose inductive charging as well? That would be a big plus for distracted workers.