BYD Wins Order For Large Fleet Of 42 Articulated Buses In Norway

JUL 23 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

BYD is getting bigger and bigger orders for electric buses in Europe – one of the recent is for 42 articulated buses for Norway’s capital city, Oslo.

It’s positive to see that Norway, the world’s capital of electric cars, now is switching to electric buses.

The fleet will be delivered to Nobina in the second-quarter of 2019 and will join two first BYD 18m ebuses that were tested since December. With a total of 44 buses, Nobina will have the biggest fleet of articulated electric buses in Scandinavia.

BYD add that the buses will be equipped for pantograph fast charging.

Nobina intends to replace the current fleet of diesel vehicles using EVs on the routes in the Oslo area and in particular in the east of the capital city.

Jan Volsdal, managing director of Nobina, said:

“Over the next ten years Oslo is planning to run a zero emission public transport system and we, together with BYD, are making a big contribution to make this plan come true. We have good experiences with the two BYD artics that have been running in Oslo for half a year including the challenging winter months and we have confidence that the new fleet’s performance will meet our expectations.”

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director at BYD Europe:

“We are very delighted that Nobina has chosen BYD again to run their routes in Oslo and to demonstrate the effectiveness of BYD’s 18m artics in delivering an intensive, high capacity service. We offer various charging solutions, such as pantograph charging to our customers to meet their requirements on operational mileages.”

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Nice, huge order for BYD… Great news for Norway…

I would not call that a huge order for BYD. A small but symbolically important, if it’s good enough for the Nordic countries it is good enough everywhere. 😉

Yes great news for Norway and BYD seems to announce new Bus orders weekly…

Huge?? um no…
In China BYDs news last week was a little bigger…

BYD announced in an ad-hoc statement to investors that two major bidding calls for the delivery of electric buses in China. The company will deliver more than 4,000 electric buses to several companies in Guangzhou.

Population is much larger in China than Norway. I believe Norway has the highest percentage of EV’s in the world also with the hydroelectric have the cleanest electric. The USA needs to do more especially Florida which still makes installing solar panels on roofs difficult.

On electric bus deployment, China is way ahead of anyone else. They have at least a hundred times more than the rest of the world combined.

I wouldn’t exactly call it a “huge order”; but it’s large enough to be considered regular operation, rather than just an experiment — and after a reasonable half-year testing period, rather than the ridiculous multi-year trials that most other European cities are still stuck at…

I can’t wait to see Bjorn livestream his Tesla, or another one of his borrowed EVs, passing one of these ginormous articulated EVs in Oslo, sometime next year.

These BYD pantograph charging EV busses, give a whole new meaning to “drive by wire”.

BYD and Uncle Warren “Charlie’s Idea” (Munger Moment), for the EV Win in Oslo!

I want to see Bjorn hypermile the bus… See what kind of range he can get…

I want Bjorn to take it off road and see what it can do! 😉

Pantograph charging is usually done only on stops — it’s not like the good old trolleybus systems with fully electrified roadways still present in a few cities…

I wonder if Norway will have better results than Albuquerque: The City of Albuquerque and former Mayor Richard Berry showcased its first BYD bus last November before the River of Lights. The first bus, ABQ RIDE spokesperson Rick DeReyes said, isn’t structurally sound and needs to return to manufacturing plant in Lancaster, California. “1701 [the first bus] has a lot of different problems with it, not to mention it’s built on chassis that’s not up to standard,” he said. “It’s not a chassis that we ordered so that’s going back.” DeReyes added that 15 other buses have concerns like battery cabinet cracks and cosmetic issues. Scott said BYD is repairing those buses at the Daytona facility in Albuquerque at the company’s expense. Scott said some of the bus damage could have happened while the buses were being driven across the southwest. “In transit, you’re going to have to remember that the buses when they’re coming from California to Albuquerque, they’re going to be run on a speed limit higher than they’re going to be run on the route itself,” Scott said. The remaining four buses have been assembled but remain at the BYD plant in Lancaster. They’re waiting for a… Read more »

I am still confused how the buses were driven cross country when their range is only 175 miles, rather than the promised 250.