BYD Sets Plug-In EV Sales Record In July – 11,200 Sold!

AUG 14 2017 BY MARK KANE 44

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – July 2017

BYD maintained its record-setting 11,000+ plug-in electric car sales output again in July, slightly improved on June’s result by hitting a new personal record with 11,207 PEV sales – up 11% year-over-year.

Song EV300

After seven months, BYD is at nearly 46,000 deliveries, so the 100,000 level for 2017 sales is well within range if the company stays on its recent pace.

We should note that the second half of the calendar year is typically much stronger for EV sales in China –  that is, other than last year which had some uncommon external forces at work.

The most important plug-in inside BYD’s lineup has become the new Song, which is actually available in both an all-electric and plug-in hybrid offering.

More than 6,500 electrified Songs were sold in July.

The Song PHEV set a new record of its own with 5,069 deliveries last month (which is also 46% of total Song sales), while the new all-electric version – the Song EV300, surged to 1,547 sales in its second month on the market (14% of total Song sales). In other words, 60% of all Song sales where plug-ins last month – that is some strong electrified model share to be sure.

Beside another strong outing for the e5 (2,946 deliveries), the rest of the BYD lineup weakened.

BYD sales breakdown:

  • Song PHEV – 5,069  (11,907 YTD)
  • e5 – 2,946 (13,772 YTD)
  • Song EV300 – 1,547  (1736 YTD)
  • Tang 977 (8,479 YTD)
  • Qin – 334 (1,988 YTD)
  • e6 – 189 (3,644 YTD)
  • Qin EV300 – 145 (4,262 YTD)

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – July 2017

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Does anyone know anything about the quality of all these vehicles? What are the batteries like? What about the power electronics? I wonder if all these models being rushed in aren’t going to be a reliability disaster.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

How about battery/capacity degradation?
What kind of TMS is employed?

BYD uses lithium iron phosphate batteries; less power dense then lithium nickel-manganese-cobalt batteries but also less volatile, is cheaper and can take more of a beating. BYD e5 is 48kwh, with just shy of a 200-mile range and 215hp for about $33k USD before incentives. BYD also makes its own batteries in gigafactories. In other words not too shabby. Warren Buffet invested in them and for a good while it was thought they would come into the US and be competitive, however they only built buses in the US. It looks like they have plenty of market in China right now. What I fear: 1) Traditional auto makers will stall on EVs and shrink 2) Tesla will grow very fast but 3) China auto makers like BYD will grow faster, eclipse Tesla and other EV auto makers and when they do enter the US and EU auto markets it will be a landslide. In other words we’ll see the EV revolution we want but it will come in an unexpected form. Remember, in the 60s it was “Jap Junk” then in the 80s Japan dominated the auto industry. In the 80s “Goldstar” was junk and today LG dominates home electronics.… Read more »

Yes, you are right. China is the biggest threat. They build high volume production im their home market, with corresponding lower costs. In a few years they will be able to be profitable at a price level below European and US producers manufacturing costs. Tesla maybee the exception.

Expect the same Development in cars as in TV sets, if the other western producers don’t get their finger out!

Why is a very pro-EV car manufacturer like BYD growing fast a “threat” ???

If the west fears EV competition from China all it needs to do is to respond in kind to the Chinese red tape and tariffs for car imports.

Slap that same 25% tariff on Chinese EVs that they do on western cars and sales will be zero.

Chinese do not have the same discipline as the Japanese. It will take a culture shift.

My feeling when traveling through China was that they are very motivated to rise from poverty. This occurs on an individual level-lots of people offering to exchange money outside the international train station of the TransSiberian Railroad, and at the airport. The offered rates are a rip-off about 75% of the bank rate – but lots of tourists fall for it.
On a larger scale, the progress (their standard not mine) of moving from bicycles to western-style ICE has been dramatic – note the resultant pollution.
They may not have group discipline, but they have individual ambition & hard work.
In the book: “Bottled Lightning: Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Lithium Economy” a researcher (from China) at one of the US national labs hired almost exclusively Chinese grad students. They expected to work late into the evening while the students who grew up in USA expected to go home Not Later than 5:00.

Fortunately, with the support of Washington DC, Detroit will have further advanced production of V8-powered SUVs and 4WD pickups for the global market. Probably will be the only source of trucks able to “Roll Coal”.
America will be Great Again.

The power electronics/charging in the e6 are not nearly as effiecent as other EVs but are very robust and I dont know if their newer EVs are more effiecient…
I beleive their batteries have extremly long lives but they use a older chemistery that is not as power dense…
They are in the process of switching to newer chemistries and have it in some new vehicles…

BYD has been selling plugins longer than any other company. They started out as a battery company and have been doing solar PV and energy storage for a decade or more too.

So no need to worry about the battery or electronics.

The cars are shaping up, they have learned a lot during the last few years but it would be interesting to see some western independent testing of the newer models.
Hopefully they will start sell cars here soon and not just busses, trucks etc.

Go, China, go!

But you need to STRONGLY move away from coal simultaneously. Keep building solar PV, wind turbines, hydro, nuclear, etc. Buy some natural gas from Russia to burn in old coal plants.

They are… unfortunately the other big polluters of the world are not working as hard or fast.

One coal power plant opens in China every week…so let’s not get carried away in praising them. Better to praise BYD if you must.

China is moving quickly in the right direction. They’ve canceled about 2/3rds of their new coal plants, and they have cut their electricity production as a percent of the grid. It was as high as 75% a few decades ago, and despite building lots of coal plants, coal is now down to 62% of their grid total.

Yes, they have a long ways to go, but they are not the disaster they were just a few years ago:

They’re more like slowing their momentum in the wrong direction, but haven’t stopped, let alone come close to turning around. They’re way behind the eight-ball in terms of environmental pollution. A relatively clean country acting like China would be praiseworthy. For one in their position it’s really not enough.

Yeah – but don’t forget that the new coal plants are more efficient than the old, and use less coal to produce the same amount of electricity. Also, the utilization rate of chinese coal plant are going down at the moment, indicating that the new plants is entering a crowded market place, and takes market away from old more inefficient plants.

Coal plants are more efficient? So what? Gas plants are more efficient too, so are the solar and wind farms, oil and nuclear too. Oh, i’m going to stand up now and give coal a standing ovation for being a clean and efficient source of energy.

It is relevant when you consider China’s evolving energy mix that they are building big new relatively efficient coal plants that often replace multiple older inefficient and grossly polluting coal plants.

The problem with spouting right-wing talking points is they are so frequently outdated and obsolete so you just end up looking clueless.

China is cancelling coal plants faster than they are building them. And their coal usage has been DROPPING.

Those polluted cities had big effect on them and they switched course. They are still dirty but it is getting better.

The thing I love about right wing talking points is that they continually build a case against what they are trying to protect. I’m in Australia and for years the come back of those in support of the coal industry is coal is good because it’s cheap. Now renewable energy is the same price as coal generation or cheaper, the message of “coal = good because cheap” has now morphed into “coal is obsolete because renewable energy is cheaper”. I am sure the whole “we don’t need to do anything because China and India are dirtier” will lead to the same difficulty in the next few years.

Ops…looks like my numbers are outdated…i should have said China is building 2 coal plants per month…you go China! LOL
Are they exporting these too or just building inventory?

MARCH 3, 2017 BEIJING—The latest sign of China’s emergence as a world leader in addressing climate change came Tuesday when the government released data showing that the country’s coal consumption dropped in 2016 for a third year in a row.

“i should have said China is building 2 coal plants per month…you go China! LOL
Are they exporting these too or just building inventory?”

They are replacing old inefficient plants with much more efficient and clean plants. It would be nice if they just shut down the old ones but as long as the overall coal usage is down, they are going in the right direction.

Clean coal plants? Come on man!
I hate the American way of giving a participation prize to everyone. These day serial polluters like China get praises for being “only” 62% on coal, but hey…they try really hard so let’s give them a break.

Fair point. But progress is progress and shutting down plants takes a corresponding plant to be built – or a marked reduction in electricity use. Pretty hard for a growing economy.

While there can be no clean coal, there can be more efficient use of coal.

Should they stop building coal plants? – of course. But there are competing interests of course. Remember this was a response to a poster giving some outdated facts on coal plant construction. What China is doing is significantly better than that. So it isn’t like this was a de novo congratulations to China – it was an appreciation that they have made a lot of progress – maybe as good as anyone else. Certainly better than Germany when it comes to the trajectory of coal use.

China, the leader in the climate change fight (as the link above states)…with 4% share of wind power and only 1% of solar in 2016…let these numbers sink in…then wake up and smell the fresh propaganda which the Chinese are masters at.

You forgot hydro, nuclear and biomass. Oh wait, no you didn’t you just chose a sub-set that fitted your agenda.

What is my agenda?…i keep forgetting…

Not the slightest carried away. China deserves a lot of praise.
We can also give them a lot of stick for what they were doing during the 10-20 years before they turned full speed ahead on going green.

Who do you think should get praise then? And for what criterias?

China are pushing harder than anyone else, if that doesn’t count for something then I don’t know what counts.
Few are more deserving of praise than China, and the ones that deserve more are deserving it for not what they are doing but for what they have done (except maybe a couple of countries that continues to push hard).

I am still waiting on an answer on who you think should get praise and according to what criterias?

Also it would be interesting to know who you think should get the biggest stick and also why?

This is like a AA meeting where the drunks are praised for drinking only half the bottle. There are many countries out there that have over 50% renewables in their mix (mainly due to hydro)…make your pick. The fact that China is late to the game is their fault…and they are paying for it.

China is Laughing about or reversal in EV’s and Solar, while they take the LEAD and the JOBS.

Right. Because the US is not an expanding market for Solar and EV?

The sky is falling. Oh wait, the US had a record EV sales month? Oh wait, solar installations keep increasing? Oh, the cost of solar installations keeps decreasing?

So – yes we could do better. But I promise you that EV sales in 2018 will be better than 2017 by a big margin. I also expect solar to do very well although 2016 was an exceptional year with 100% growth over 2017 so hard to keep that up.

The US could do 10-20 times as much as they are doing. Especially if you want to compare with the effort and installations that the Chinese are doing.

Also consider that the US is a rich and developed country that can and should be doing a lot more than a poorer developing one.

1% of the total energy mix of China was from solar in 2016…indeed, the progress is just breathtaking!

Solar is fairly irrelevant. Not even those that have installed the most are above double digit percentages and few countries are above 1%.

But, historical installations was not even on the agenda, it was about the speed, effort and dedication.

Dedication?! yes, they dedicated their time to waiting for someone else to develop the tech so they can copy it. Dedication, i tell you!

The Qin/Qin EV300/e5 sales are rather telling for what BYDs customers are looking for…
They dont care about 0 to 60 times or luxury and want a good car for the smaller amout of money and are opting for the e5…
Will be interesting to see how Song sales are in several months asuming equal inventory for BEVs and PHEVs…

I think the success of the Song PHEV shows what the Chinese are looking for: a car that has all the incentives but no need to actually plug it in. This is a country of apartment dwellers, plugging in is not usually an option.

I’m a bit surprised the sales aren’t higher. I was expecting BYD to get closer to 15-20k sales per month by now.

The Song front end looks very nice. It is like they took the best parts of Lexus and Subaru design ques and put them together. I can see why it would sell well.

(no, I’m not saying they stole it, all car design is derivative of what came before.)

BYD is back in action. Hope they will continue to sell at this rate to reach the magic 100 000 limit.

Tesla & BMW may also hit this mark.
Hope 2017 will be remembered as the year 3 companies made this magic mark and 1 million plugins are sold.

As per
EV sales blogspot – 44 679 plugins.
As per
CAAM – 56 000 plugins were sold.
Probably CAAM includes buses and trucks as well.

With # so far, 72 441 plugins were sold in July and still France, Japan, Korea and few other countries yet to be counted.

What I want to know is how Chinese roads are even going to handle all these cars. China with its massive population is about the worst place to push car based transport. It’s just not going to work.

So on the one hand it’s impressive that so many EVs are selling there but it’s also ludicrous that so many Vs (sic) are selling there.