BYD EV Charging Solutions – Video

OCT 26 2014 BY MARK KANE 3

BYD EV Charging Solutions

BYD EV Charging Solutions

BYD recently presented all of its plug-in vehicles charging solutions already in use in China or prepared for launch in the future.

Besides standard AC charging, DC, and a few Vehicle-To-Grid type system, the Chinese company surprised us with “Stereoscopic & Two Storey Charging Stations For Bus” and “Simplified Charging Station” for cars.

Who would’ve thought that we’d live to see the day when electric buses charge one over the other?

But BYD’s vision does not end there, as the company is presenting “Vertical Charging Carrrousel” and “Charging Tower” for hundreds of cars!

Let us know in comments how geeked you are to someday take your kids (or even just your EV) to a charging carrousel.

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Pretty amazing, these Lancaster CA built buses seem to be all Stanford is buying these days.

I can’t wait to see the new articulated electric version of K9, anyone know how soon it may be in the Bay Area?

SO, what can a BYD vehicle charge at? 25 kw? SO that means 400 cars could at the outside be 10,000 kw? (around 15,000 amps at 380). No wonder China is building all those power plants and wind and solar facilities. I vote for the ‘carosel’ for the lowest contruction cost.

Parking is definately a growing challenge to owning private automobiles in many places worldwide today. My world travels are more limited than most, but when I was in Singapore and Hong Kong ten years ago, I was shocked at the population density. They have escalators that run at three times the speed Americans are used to! I took a side shot video of people at an underground MRT Transportation terminal getting onto one and friends at home literally laughed out loud how coordinated the throngs of people are at plying them. It’s a never-ending river of people! I’m never “geeked” at living in public beehives where we have to stack, sort and automate parking our cars. I know it’s coming to a parking garage near you soon enough though and creative solutions are needed. I thought of my wife forgetting her purse in the car and her usual, “honey can you go out to the car and…” Here I’d be sitting there waiting for my car to be lowered, or asking the neighbor to drive out so I could lower our car! ACK! My faves are the European villages on YouTube where some hotels or condominiums with extremely limited space… Read more »