BYD & ENEL Pursuing 90 EV Bus Project In Chile

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Stella Li, BYD’s Senior Vice President and Nicola Cotugno, CEO of Enel Chile

90 electric buses would be one of the largest tenders ever in South America.   Taking into consideration the region and the scale, it might be a contract that only BYD can fulfill right now.

Stella Li, BYD’s Senior Vice President, and Eugenio González, Academic Vice-rector of University Federico Santa María

BYD says that “this agreement seeks to make available at least 90 buses to the current operators. These buses have been required by Chile Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications to be offered within the framework of the next Transantiago’s bidding process, South America’s largest public urban transportation system.

Through this strategic alliance, both companies will seek to lead the implementation of high-standard and 100% electric bus fleets.”

“The purpose of the alliance is not only focused on strengthening the introduction of electric vehicle operations in Transantiago, but also on implementing a model for smaller fleets in the private transport sector, especially focused on municipalities, government institutions or universities.”

Stella Li, BYD’s Senior Vice President said:

“We can easily supply the Chilean market with our ebuses. They have been thoroughly tested in mass international operations, proving that our technology is mature. Moreover, they represent huge reductions in maintenance and energy costs.”

In parallel, BYD has signed a cooperation agreement with Chile’s Federico Santa María Technical University, for the training of teachers and students in electric vehicles technology developed by BYD, as well as the promotion of new research on electric mobility.

University will also get electric buses for inner campus transportation.

“This agreement aims at generating local capacities that support the insertion of electrical technology in Chile by providing local engineers with technical know-how in electric vehicle technology, which is projected to happen by the end of 2017.

The agreement also responds to the call from authorities to train and generate local skilled labor in order to provide high expertise in maintenance and support, as a response to the new requirements resulting from the insertion of electric vehicles in the country’s public transportation system. In addition, the agreement includes implementing BYD electric buses for inner campus transportation, which will be launched during this year.”

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11 responses to "BYD & ENEL Pursuing 90 EV Bus Project In Chile"

  1. ffbj says:

    Good for BYD, the more stinky, diesel belching junk off the road the better.

  2. Raja says:

    Great News,
    Other notable news EESL , India is tendered for 10000 electric cars to roam on Delhi,India roads.
    Initials cars would be distributed to government offices and departments.
    Later batches will be available to public for leasing and buying.

    1. Don Zenga says:

      It’s good that India is finally moving into electric vehicles starting with buses.

      But they could have given a part of the order to Mahindra and Leyland. Monopoly is not good for any market.

  3. Don Zenga says:

    It’s a good concept, by selling electric buses in many countries, they are helping many riders feel the difference between electric and a diesel bus. And some of those riders may start buying electric car when available.

    1. subspace says:

      Hopefully not. Hopefully they will keep riding public transport.

      1. SJC says:

        They might if there is a real transit system that gets them where they want to go with less waiting.

  4. Don Zenga says:

    2017-08 plugin vehicle stands at 102889 and this excludes the 14000 sales of public vehicles like buses & trucks. And this is the 2nd highest month of record and the best part is August is a non-quarter ending month.

    2017-YTD sales stands at 651050.
    Each of the next 4 months should hit a sale of 87500 vehicles which is achievable.

  5. Djoni says:

    THIS is the way to go.
    One electric bus replacing one stinky diesel, do much more to common healt than one hundred car, and probably mor.

    1. Djoni says:

      morE, didn’t punch strong enough, I guess.

  6. Ramez says:

    can someone tell us the range of that buses?

    1. Tman says:

      If it’s the same 40ft K9 model BYD has been selling across the globe then it’s ~155miles/250km.

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