BYD Brings Electric Trucks And Van To Europe

FEB 14 2019 BY MARK KANE 10

In Europe BYD expands from buses to trucks and vans

BYD launched in Spain three zero emission commercial vehicle product lines targeted at fleet customers in Europe. The offer consists of BYD T6 light truck, BYD counterbalance forklift, BYD Q1M yard tractor, BYD pedestrian pallet truck and BYD T3 van.

  • BYD T6 light truck (7.5T GVW)
  • BYD Q1M yard tractor (46T GCWR), specifically designed for airport, port and distribution centres
  • BYD T3 van

The trucks and van were already sold in China and some other markets, but not in Europe. In the case of forklifts, sales in Europe are counted in thousands.

“The event in Murcia was hosted by both BYD and dealership Tomi Maquinaria, a key electric forklift truck dealer for BYD in the Spanish regions of Murcia and Almeria. Guests included representatives from local and regional Spanish government, logistic companies and dealerships.”

According to BYD, the first trucks and vans are just the beginning of a full range of 100% electric light and heavy commercial vehicles.

BYD electric commercial vehicles

Patricio Valverde, Counselor of Development and Infrastructure of the Murcia region, said:

“We thank Grupo Tomi for their efforts regarding sustainability and innovation as a tool to reduce the environmental impact, but also to reduce costs and mostly the importance of logistics to achieve those objectives.”

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director, of BYD Europe, said:

“This is a highly significant step for BYD – the introduction of a whole range of proven and competitive zero emission vehicles spanning key sectors of the commercial vehicle sector. Our previous pure electric products have cemented their position in their respective categories – taxis, city buses (we are now the market leader in Europe and have recently produced our 50,000th ebus worldwide) and forklifts (this year we expect to have completed deliveries of 3,000 units to European customers). We are confident that this fourth product range – etrucks – will also win sales success even though the European CV sector is intensely competitive.”

Antonio Martinez, General Director of Tomi Group:

“Today we are the pioneers in Spain bringing the cleanest technology in the market to our roads. Now it is everyone’s duty to take advantage of it and make achievements together and become an example for the rest of Europe.”

Javier Contijoch, Vice President of Sales at BYD Europe, said:

“BYD established its European electric truck division in 2018 and has since tested two of its prototype electric trucks across Europe. Spain was chosen as the first pilot market. The premiere of the BYD electric trucks is the start of the roll-out in Europe. Other European regions are soon to follow.”

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10 Comments on "BYD Brings Electric Trucks And Van To Europe"

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…Aaand the European manufacturers that took too long to accept the inevitable see this development and lose their $#!+.
Now that China is moving into the market, being a “fast follower” isn’t going to even remotely cut it. FWIW, I wish some Europeans had had some balls and vision and moved on EVs like the Chinese have, but if the Chinese are the only ones offering them I’m happy to accept.

They shall be welcome to join. In the same class as BYD T6 Diamler has since 2017 sold the Fuso E-Canter.

I the category just below there is Renault Master ZE and VW E-Crafter. Mercedes will launch the E-Sprinter and is already selling E-Vito similar to the BYD T3 van.

In the larger truck class there is MAN, Mercedes, Volvo, and Renault running test fleets and preparing for electric truck production.

Here goes. Take a deep breath.

Since Nissan is SO LAME and refuses to introduce the eNV200 to North America,
I welcome BYD to bring the T-3 van stateside.
As long as they back it up with a thorough warranty.

The warranty is based in CHina.
I have already dealt with this issue from GE’s LED lights.
That warranty is WORTHLESS. Ask Tuscon about it and BYD buses.

What is the price of the BYD T3 van in Spain?

Excellent question! Also, what’s the official payload volume/weight & range (both empty and with full payload) in WLTP terms, assuming the same drivetrain & battery capacity will be used in Europe as in China? The Chinese specs are:

Note payload is 800kg, lower than the at least 1t that most parallel ICE vans are capable of, that will make some applications less attractive (true for other BEV vans as well).
I’ve read there is/was an initiative afoot to make an exception for the GVWR for the BEV version of this class of vehicle, from 3.5t to 4t, but don’t know if it was successful.

OK, having seen closer pictures of the BYD T3 now, it really does look like a straight rip-off of the eNV200. Interesting then, that they’re introducing it to Spain, since the Nissan is built near Barcelona…

Well, they were warned. No one can claim suprise at this. We all knew that China would expand to international markets as soon as they had excess manufacturing capacity. Passenger cars are next. Prepare for the flood.

Exactly. Cost and profitability will not be a problem for China.

An out-of-the-blue unexpected move by BYD and its Spanish partners here in Murcia close to where I have a home.
The T3 van with its 300km range looks especially transformative/disruptive here where electric vehicles are still a very rare sight and rarely reported by Spain’s local or national media.
Electric buses next please BYD – though finding Spanish transport companies willing to switch to electric will be as difficult as persuading taxi companies to forsake gasoline and internal combustion here in sun-drenched but still woefully gasoline-addicted Spain.
Paul G