BYD Delivers 101 Electric Taxis In Bangkok, Lots More Soon

AUG 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

Bangkok, Thailand is upgrading its taxi fleet to electric

On August 16, BYD delivered 101 e6 electric taxis to Bangkok, which will enter service right away across Thailand. It’s the biggest taxi fleet supplied by BYD outside of China.

Taking into consideration that there are now some 236 electric cars registered in the country, BYD just captured some 42% market share. The e6 is rated at up to 400 km (250 miles) of range with a two-hour charging time.

According to the article, soon the number of BYD’s taxis in Thailand could increase to 1,000!

“Chinese car maker BYD delivers 101 electric taxis in Bangkok, eyes another 1,000 units

Thailand will soon have its first fleet of electric taxis running on its streets, and if everything goes well, more will be on their way.”

In previous years, BYD also delivered electric buses in Thailand

BYD e6 taxi in Bangkok, Thailand (Source: People’s Daily, China)

Source: BYD, People’s Daily, China

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5 Comments on "BYD Delivers 101 Electric Taxis In Bangkok, Lots More Soon"

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Lower TCO than an elephant!!!

Yeah how many miles per bale of hay does an elephant get.

Great news!

I hope it’s the start of a huge EV push in Southeast Asia by East Asian automakers. There’s been lots of talk but little walk thus far. It’s typical that BYD does the first real move.

Those taxis are pretty cool, certainly not impressive build quality, but tough like a tractor. I have taken them a few times In Shenzhen.

Can anyone add what the commercials and financials are around this that makes this work? Last time I looked the e6 is not a low cost vehicle and might well be multiples of ICE taxi pricing.

Good to see more right hand drive EVs that might grow this part of the market.