BYD Unveils Electric Dynasty SUV Concept, New Design Direction

APR 20 2017 BY MARK KANE 11

From this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, BYD has unveiled a new electric vehicle concept vehicle.  This time, the ‘Dynasty’ also heralds new design language for the company, and was developed by a team led by Wolfgang Egger (a former Audi designer), who was brought in to be BYD’s new Design Director.

BYD ‘Dynasty’ prototype

We hope to learn more about technical details of the new SUV shortly, but other than taking the wraps off, BYD has remained tight-lipped so far.

One thing we know, if BYD decides to launch volume production of Dynasty (and we see no reason why they would not in looking at the concept on stage) for sure we can expect long-range.

“New energy technology company BYD today kicked off its annual gala with the promise to deepen its development of electric powertrains to provide greater green transportation solutions. The Shenzhen-based company, which used the event to celebrate a record five billion RMB profit in 2016, also unveiled the ‘Dynasty’ prototype vehicle created by its new Design Director Wolfgang Egger.”

“BYD is preparing to make an even greater push internationally by investing in world class technology and expertise that advances its vision of creating an eco-system of quality new energy products. The five billion RMB SkyRail monorail that was launched last October, the appointment of Hollywood actor Leonardo Dicaprio as brand ambassador in China for new energy vehicles, along with the recent hiring of two European automobile heavyweights underscores the company’s strategic global expansion.”

BYD ‘Dynasty’ prototype

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD said:

“The trend to go electric is already irreversible. But where is the next growth area? There’s no doubt that it will be in consumer vehicles, most of them plug-in hybrid models.”

BYD Design Director Wolfgang Egger said:

“Joining BYD provides an opportunity to help a young brand develop its design DNA as it looks to expand its global footprint. This concept vehicle will take BYD’s consumer vehicles in an exciting new direction, with design cues like its dragon-inspired exterior drawing inspiration from China’s rich cultural heritage.”

BYD ‘Dynasty’ prototype

BYD ‘Dynasty’ prototype

BYD ‘Dynasty’ prototype

Song DM

Beside Dynasty, BYD is introducing plug-in versions of Song – the all-electric Song EV300 (300 km / 186 miles of range) and plug-in hybrid Song DM.

Song DM:

  • 1.5TI turbocharged gasoline engine
  • 333 kW and 740 Nm of torque
  • 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.9 seconds

Song EV300:

  • 160 kW and 310 Nm of torque
  • 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 8.9 seconds
  • up to around 300 km (186 miles)

Further news is also a refreshed BYD Qin EV300, which was especially improved on the interior, as one can note in the photos below.

Song EV300

2017 BYD Qin EV300

2017 BYD Qin EV300

Hat tip to EV!

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Holy Volvo!

This could seriously hurt US automakers.

Seriously? I beg to differ. But stranger things have happened I suppose.

“…the company’s strategic global expansion.”

Hmmm, perhaps BYD has hopes of marketing a passenger car in first-world countries someday, but this car appears to be aimed solidly at the domestic Chinese market. Where else would such a huge grill on a car be popular and appealing?

I like the original Model S’s nosecone, but this is more than a bit much.

“This concept vehicle will take BYD’s consumer vehicles in an exciting new direction, with design cues like its dragon-inspired exterior drawing inspiration from China’s rich cultural heritage.”

Pure marketing spin. There is nothing “new” or “culturally Chinese” about it. Just another derivative crossover with an unnecessary yet oversized grill, and dull as dishwater.

Tesla is the BYD of the U.S. 🙂
I hope to see BYD sell their cars in North America by 2020.

Pity the poor English-to-Chinese translators!

Asking a German to draw inspiration from China’s rich cultural heritage, no surprise this is what you get, a weird combination. Ask a real Chinese artist to draw something up first and then the German can develop around it. Chinese culture is traditionally subtle, definitely no need for a silly big grill.

Ehhh, if you’re talking about literati culture, yes, but if you’re talking about Imperial / merchant design, no.

Compare it to the United States: it’s a country that can produce both Phillip Glass and Kayne West.

Here’s the complete Wolfgang Egger-BYD Dynasty video. The one above is incomplete.

Indeed, there is a bit more content in that. Will swap that one in, thanks EV!