BYD Electric Bus Sales – 4,000 Per Year In China


BYD Electric Bus Sales Much Higher Than We Anticipated

BYD Electric Bus Sales Much Higher Than We Anticipated

There’s little information available, but according to a tweet from CALSTART, the self-declared  “leading catalyst organization for the global clean transportation technology industry,” BYD electric bus sales are incredibly high in China.

The tweet references Brendan Riley, vice-president of fleet sales at BYD Motor, and states that BYD sells 4,000 electric buses per year in China.  It then compares that figure to U.S. annual sales of buses (all types, mostly diesels).

Essentially, BYD sells 4,000 electric buses per year in China, while the U.S. purchases 5,000 total buses (all types) per year.

This 4,000-unit figure is shocking.  We wouldn’t have pegged electric bus sales at anywhere near that annual volume in China.  These figures show that in the electric bus space, BYD has no competition.  Other electric bus makers are lucky to sell a few hundred units per year globally, while BYD sells 4,000 in just one country, plus a couple thousand more elsewhere outside of China.

BYD Recived Order For Over 600 Electric Buses and 400 Electric Taxis From Nanjing, China

BYD Recived Order For Over 600 Electric Buses and 400 Electric Taxis From Nanjing, China

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This figure should probably be taken as more of a ballpark number than an exact statement. In a recent article from a Chinese website I read they plan to increase production capacity to 5000 units/yr next year from 2000/yr currently. So they couldn’t manufacture 4000/yr as of this moment.
Or maybe they meant they *signed contracts* for 4000 units last year and they currently have a sizable backlog.
Plus, to my knowledge they don’t sell “a couple thousand outside of China”, more like a few dozens in the last year.
But still, it is true that sales and production numbers are an order of magnitude larger than any other manufacturer.

@subspace, your estimate of ‘a couple dozen’ likely goes totally the other way. I think even here I’ve read of larger deliveries already made.

But you make a valid point. @Eric, is it possible to contact those Calstart ppl whoever they might be, and figure out the source for this huge number? If it’s even in the ballpark, that is truly an amazing feat.

to be clear, I meant *outside China*. I personally don’t know of any high-volume orders from outside China (though I’d love to be proven wrong).
I know in China they have had large orders, such as the Nanjing order mentioned. I think Dalian, which ordered 1200 units, is their record so far.

by around 2019 more than 95 % of all _sold_ buses for local city transport are all electric. So the market expansion will be revolutionary and extremely rapid, because all electric city busses have already reached the parity with Diesel buses.

There are many other ev busses makers in China that are selling even better then BYD .Sales of electric bus as well electric vehicles in general are based on provincial bases. BYD has only 3 bases in china. In total there are about 70 ev bus makers in China with regular salrs license . Real numbers are difficult to get for the evbus but the total number sold in one year is about 8000 pcs according to official release from governement agency

So BYD moves about 1.296 gw of batteries a year, not bad considering that Tesla moved 2.4 gw off its Model S last year and may move 4 gw this year.

BYD seriously needs upgrades to their bus technology, however. They need to hit 700 kWh to become competitive in the intercity market.