BYD Electric Bus Andino-12 Wraps Up 2 Week Trial: Real-World Range is 174 Miles


BYD’s electric bus Andino-12—a 40-foot, 80-passenger bus—just completed two weeks of extensive trials, evaluation and testing in Colombia.

Those Ranges Results Make BYD Want to Dance Some More

Those Range Results Make BYD Want to Dance Some More

The results, which have been made available from data compiled by third-parties (Sistemas Sustentables and ISSRC), are impressive.

BYD claims that Andino-12 has a range of over 155 miles.  That’s the automaker/ bus maker’s own claim.

The independent test results show BYD’s claim to be accurate.

Third-party results show that Andino-12 has a real-world range of 168 to 174 miles, thus beating the automaker’s claim by a slight margin.

Tests specifics were as follows:

“The testing was carried out in Bogota on a route specified by Transmilenio SA. The test route covered around 700 km with a total testing time of 40 hours under various traffic conditions, road surfaces and gradients. The tests were carried out under two different load conditions (full load and 70% loaded).”

Additional results include:

“The Andino 12’s average performance on route was 1.13 km/kWh (exceeding even BYD’s specifications of 1 km/kWh). In terms of passenger perceived noise, the average values obtained were considerably below the Colombian standards, 61.44 dB and 66.87dB with the windows closed and open (the maximum standard in Columbia is 80 dBA). When the bus is stopped, it does not generate any noise since the motor parts are static (i.e. it does not have an idling mode like a traditional internal combustion engine). The results obtained fell well within required values set in the Colombian standard (daily limit of 50 μg/ m36), regardless of whether the vehicle circulates with the windows closed or open (20.2 and 31.8 μg/m3 respectively). The bus did not present any problems in terms of range and regeneration and was completely reliable. The single-charge range of the Andino 12 was confirmed between 270 and 280 km, which complies with Bogota requirements for operating within the system.”

The government of Bogota, Colombia is pleased with the results and will put the bus into service soon.

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I have got to say I am very excited about the prospect of being able to ride electric buses again. They were all over Milwaukee when I was a kid.

More than 1km/kWh is impressive for a vehicle this big, but I guess that also has to do with the low speeds at which it mostly operates.

This BYD bus is the wave of the future, apparently. Its far more practical (Just plug it in at the end of the day), then the unbelievably expensive “Charge at each and every Stop” ABB method.

What this really shows is that it might be possible to build a fully electric RV with a 150 mile range which would be very cool or you could buy this bus and convert it into a Bus RV in that it you would save a ton on gas considering a RV gets 6 miles a gallon on gas. And if it had some type of super charger ability added to it to charge it up in 30 to 50 minutes it could allow someone driving a RV to go 400 to 500 miles in a day which would save a ton on gas.

A example is that if a RV where to drive 150 miles at six miles a gallon of gas it would need 25 gallons. If the same gas guzzling beast where to drive 300 in a day it would need 50 gallons of fuel to feed it’s giant thirst for fossil fuel. Times 50 gallons of fuel by $3.50 and you will need to find $175 dollars to fill it up. But if you had some type of free solar powered supercharger between stops that could become quite tempting for a lot of RV owners.

I’m not to sure this bus test correlates to the RV. The EV bus probably spent most of the time driving under 30mph. An RV gets 6mpg driving at highway speeds. The faster an EV goes the quicker the battery depletes. To get a real measure of the BYD EV bus range at highway speeds it needs to be driven on the highway. My guess is it’s range while moving 65mph is about 50 miles. Lack of aerodynamics is an EVs worst enemy.


A 60 kWh Tesla S would get about 40 mpg on gas. If your RV gets 6 mpg, you would need a 400 kWh pack for the same range!

Everybody kmows that conditions, heights, temperatures are not that easy in Colombia.
Good electric busses e.g. of BYD can be the solution to first replace all those trolley-buses, especially seen in cities with many hills. Secondly I think with all the Stop and Go
diesel powered buses are not ideally efficient, more they make more noise.
I know that more cities are getting interested now…

A battery electric bus, replacing a mains electric bus, is a step backwards! To replace ICE buses…yes.

They need a range extended version of this bus. Combine batteries with an overhead pantograph. Mains+battery.