BYD eBus Sets Range Record at 192 Miles; Had Plenty of Juice to Spare (w/video)


BYD eBus

BYD eBus

One of BYD’s eBus electric buses is currently being tested in Poland.

The bus recently trekked for Warsaw (the capital of Poland) to Kraków for its second test stage.  It completed the journey under its own power, thus setting the range record for electric buses at 310 km/192 miles on public roads.

BYD eBus

BYD eBus

Moreover, the bus had 31% of its battery capacity left, so it would have been possible to drive, in optimal conditions, about 430 km/265 miles.

But you must remember that the record-setting eBus was drivien in the night, without passengers and at slow speeds (less than 34 mph on the average).

In normal use, it can serve in city centers for 250 km (155 miles) with air conditioning on.

BYD is testing its electric buses across Europe while collecting orders.

For now, the Chinese manufacturer delivered only 8 eBus in Europe – (6 to Schiermonnikoog island and 2 to Milan), but the number of outstanding orders in Europe has grown to 35.  That’s more than in North America.

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7 responses to "BYD eBus Sets Range Record at 192 Miles; Had Plenty of Juice to Spare (w/video)"
  1. Bill Howland says:

    Would be nice to get specifics like kwh capacity, motor power, ancillary loading, that sort of thing.

    1. Bill Howland says:

      Just checked evworld. Battery is apparently 325 kwh although no one expressly says so.

      1. Jay Cole says:

        …no problemo, (=

        Curb Weight: 30,423lb
        Seats: 27 + 4 + 1(driver)
        Top Speed: 62.1 mph
        Max Power: 150 kW (wheel-hub)
        Rated Power: 110 kW
        Max Torque: 450 Nm

        Battery Capacity : 325 kWh
        Chemistry: Fe
        Charge time: 100kW – 3hours

        1. Bill Howland says:

          Thanks Jay\

          I find this site to be somewhat more highbrow than the others I’m on. Thanks for the info.

          I figure thats around 150 amps figuring a 220Y/380 system

          1. Jay Cole says:

            Thanks Bill, we try (or at least attempt) to offer pieces that can appeal to the different level of interest in plug-ins. Some people are new to the segment and/or just want the basics on the main handful of cars…while others want to get right in there, like yourself, and talk Chinese buses, (=

            This is all I could find on what BYD says of the charging options (I guess there is actually two):

            C100D – three phase 480 +/- 10% charge voltage – 100kW – 3 hours

            C60 -three phase 208 +/1 10% charge voltage – 60 kW – 5 hours

            1. Mark Kane says:

              To my knowledge both 60 and 100 kW are DC fast chargers (with 3-phase supply).

  2. Dan Frederiksen says:

    Damn, 325kWh is a pretty big pack