BYD Commits €20 Million To Its First European Bus Assembly Plant In Hungary

NOV 26 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

BYD Motors Electric Buses

BYD Motors Electric Buses

BYD announced a €20 million ($22 million) investment into building electric buses for Europe at a new assembly facility in Hungary.

The new subsidiary’s name – BYD Electric Bus & Truck Hungary Kft is not accidental, so beside electric buses and fork lifts, we probably should also expect electric trucks to be made at the facility in the future.

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director, BYD Europe; Duan Jielong, Chinese Ambassador in Hungary; Peter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Hungary; Attila Molnar, Mayor of Komárom delivered a speech during the press conference in Budapest, Hungary on 10 October 2016.

Just about to get the party started was….Isbrand Ho, Managing Director, BYD Europe; Duan Jielong, Chinese Ambassador in Hungary; Peter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Hungary; and Attila Molnar, Mayor of Komárom who delivered a speech during the press conference in Budapest, Hungary on 10 October 2016.

The plant can be found in the north Hungarian city of Komárom, and will be capable of assembling up to 400 vehicles a year on two shifts, and will eventually employ up to 300 people.

Production is to begin in the first quarter of 2017 – which we have to say is extremely quick, and we will be monitoring to see if such as task can be completed in half a year.

The Chinese-based company also intends to establish a R&D center and battery test facility on the premises.

“Speaking at a ceremony at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Budapest today, Isbrand Ho, BYD Europe’s Managing Director, said:

“Today’s announcement reinforces our company’s commitment to the European market. This is our first manufacturing facility but it won’t be our last – we are actively looking for other locations”.

“We chose Hungary both because of its central location in Europe and its long tradition of engineering excellence and indeed bus making* as well as the very friendly welcome we have received from the authorities here”.

Speaking at the press conference the Mayor of Komárom Mr. Attila Molnar thanked BYD for their decision to choose his city for the location of BYD’s first pure electric bus production facility in Europe. He mentioned that creating jobs is the priority.

Mr. Duan Jielong, the Chinese Ambassador in Hungary said: “BYD, as a Chinese enterprise integrating R&D technology, automobile and new energy, is a pioneer in the aspect of new energy vehicles and has been devoted to realizing zero emission urban public transportation. It’s no surprise that the sales of the BYD electric bus is growing fast in European countries such as the UK, France and the Netherlands as the diesel era comes to an end.”

Mr. Peter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Hungary also welcomed BYD and pointed out Komárom is the only manufacturing plant outside China besides California and Brazil. He highlighted the fact that BYD was not just building a manufacturing plant but also opening a battery testing unit and R&D center.

*In a former era factories in Hungary built thousands of buses every year for the countries of the former eastern bloc.”

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400 vehicles is not much (even for buses and trucks) but it is a start.

I wonder if they also will be increasing that number by doing some “final assembly” á la Tesla to avoid import tariffs (assuming that it works the same for buses as cars, which I don’t know).

400 certianly does not sound like a lot but every EV bus that replaces a deisel bus is probably equivalent to a 100 cars due to the high miles running all day long and there stop and start nature…
BYD is also doing the same in the US and Brazil and has expanded there bus factories big time in China…
As far as buses go the reat of the world is way behind China on EVs…

Hehe, I live in the Slovakian Komárom (Komárno) and I work in the same street where this factory will be in Komárom 😀

Take some pics when it’s done

While being interesting, that the Chinese build a plant in Europe, it is not that big thing in electric buses. Now almost every other bus or trolleybus manufacturer offers an electric model or two. Orders are slowly coming, a city orders 10-20 buses to open a electric line. Last one I saw announced was for 10 piece Skoda Perun model with 212kWh battery for 500 000 € each for a small town Trencin. Skoda Electric is a trolleybus manufacturer currently using chassis from Solaris. That’s only in small Czech Republic. In Western countries more cities order from Mercedes and others.

No! Mercedes Benz, MAN, Iveco, Scania has not produced a single e-bus, Volvo has one model on offer. Germany has not one producer if one considers Sileo GMBH Turkish property.

Western Europe – for obvious reasons – is lagging beyond Central Europe: Poland has 3-4 e-bus manufacturers, the Czech Republic 3, Hungary 1, Slovenia (soon may have) 1.

The city of Albuquerque, NM will add a fleet of BYD electric buses.

Sorry, something went wrong with numbers:

-is the fleet made up of 18 60 feet-long BYD articulated e-buses?

-is the bill/capital cost 7 million USD i.e. 389 000 USD per bus???

Most unlikely

They are the worst quality of busses and cars that have ever been in the US. Long Beach county cancelled a million dollar bus project after BYD could not produce a quality bus on time. L.A. county has 2 busses and they are in constant need of repair ( good luck facebook with your new busses) L.A. metro has 5 and will not put them in service they have made them into training busses due to constant repairs.The BYD plant in Lancaster Ca, the working conditions are said to be by employees as hell.Going days without drinking water at the plant during the summer heat spell, employees being physically assaulted by the Chineese. Stella lee has made multiple broken promises to the consumers and her employees.

Spoken like a true GM employee!

Waiting for another bailout our we?