BYD Claims Electric e9 Will Match Performance of Tesla Roadster


Why is it that automakers are so intent on trying to match or beat the Tesla Roadster?

Detroit Electric says the non-existent SP:01 will smoke the Roadster.  It won’t anytime soon though, as it’s yet to be seen moving under its own power.

We Present This Blank Chalkboard to BYD To Begin Work on This Magical e9

We Present This Blank Chalkboard to BYD To Begin Work on This Magical e9

Now, there’s one more Tesla Roadster pretender to add to the mix and this one comes from an source with a fairly sketchy plug-in history in the US.

BYD claims that its upcoming electric supercar, called the e9, will run wheel-to-wheel with the Tesla Roadster.

Problem is that we can’t even find a single image of this mysterious e9, nor have any concrete specs been leaked.

All we can go on is this lone report from China Car Times, who says that BYD announced “a series of new technology cars including multiple new forced induction engines, two new hybrid powertrains and a range topping supercar,” at a media meet-and-greet in China.

Here’s all that China Car Times says of the e9:

BYD Presents Some Fierce New Competition...For The Chevy Volt Dancers

BYD Presents Some Fierce New Competition…For The Chevy Volt Dancers

At a recent technical focused meet and greet with the Chinese automotive media, BYD announced

“BYD are planning for a new pure electric vehicle called the E9. BYD are being extremely tight lipped about the E9 but they have revealed it will be an electric supercar that will hit 0-100kp/h in just 3.9 seconds putting it on par with the Tesla Roadster which achieved a similar 3.7 seconds.”

We’ll call this one like it is.  BYD will not make this electric supercar e9, but if it does somehow end up in production, then we assure you that it won’t be able to match the Tesla Roadster.

…until then, enjoy some BYD “electric” dancing:

Source: China Car Times

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“Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt”



I guess folks who have waited 30 years to be able to drive their “Chevy to the levee” on electric power are pretty happy these days. But as someone who was hoping that practical lithium batteries would push people into sensible vehicles, I have been deeply disappointed.

I was a lot more hopeful in 2009. It appears now that the best we can hope for is transportation that is as ridiculously wasteful of resources as what we have now, and only somewhat more expensive.

Too bad these Chinese companies all count their chickens before they’re hatched, and then usually make outlandish claims. By now, batteries should be 1/5 the cost and size if all these people’s statements were true.

I want the car with 700 mile range which charges in 10 minutes. (Actually since they can’t do that, I’ll just take the 700 mile range, thank you, since charging it at 30 amps is plenty).

Good luck on that 700 mile range thing. I’d much rather have a 350 mile car (lighter,cheaper).

Anyway, this demonstrates an important change in attitude towards EVs. A car like the Model S is now viewed as something worthy of competing against. The market is better served because of it.

“…this one comes from an equally sketchy source.”

Watch that libel. BYD actually exists and makes EVs. Detroit Electric barely exists and hasn’t produced one EV.


OK, I know I have too much time on my hands – I actually watched most of the dance video! LOL Guess what? The BYD dancers are BAD! That’s right, how can I believe their outlandish claims if they go out and hire a bunch of rookie college student dancers who can’t dance?!! If you watched the video, here’s my take: The silver-jumpsuit-wearers represent the high tech Chinese machine that’s hard at work making the Imperialist, selfish, profiteering Americans look silly and stupid. Their twirling and pointing upwards represents the superiority of the Communist, selfless, efficient, upwardly mobile Chinese worker’s big success in making clean EVs. The dancers who come out near the end with virginal white flowing dresses represent the clean air and happy free Communist society that will prevail from the hard work of the high tech Chinese manufacturing machine! In the end, they all dance together in victory over their Maoist selfless victory over their pitiful American rivals. Then the announcer lady comes out to inform the society that BYD has cracked the code to getting rid of all those coal- fired powerplants and billions of oil-drinking cars on their crowded roadways. In other words – a… Read more »

* Oh, yeah –
the announcer also informs all society that BYD has also stopped making
really really crappy electric cars.

– And I though the truest saying was: WHITE men can’t dance!

I’m not sure I’d want any of BYD’s products. But I’d happily take a few of their dancing girls home with me.

Of course they can do it…

Just as soon as the Chinese government redefines the standards of time and distance.

Now it makes sense to me.

B.Y.D. = Beautiful Young Dancers

No actual cars are needed. 😉