BYD Becomes First Chinese Automaker To Sell Vehicles In Japan

MAR 14 2015 BY MARK KANE 7

BYD ebus Enters Service in London

BYD electric bus in London

BYD surprised us by entering the Japanese market as the first Chinese automaker to sell vehicles there.

In the beginning, five all-electric buses with range of more than 250 km (155 miles) were delivered to the Kyotokyukou Bus Incorporated in Kyoto.

According to the press release, BYD’s EV buses around the world completed more than 40 million kilometers of “in revenue service”.

“Kyotokyukou Bus Incorporated has taken delivery of 5 Long Range Battery Electric Buses from industry pioneer BYD Company Ltd. The delivery ceremony held was widely covered as it not only represented electrified public transportation, but also Japan, a nation built on engineering excellence, for the first time acquiring high tech vehicles from their neighbor, China.

The BYD electric buses will be operated in the former Japanese capital of Kyoto, a well known battleground for carbon emissions reduction thanks to the globally renowned Kyoto Protocol. One of Japan’s largest transit operations, Kyotokyukou Bus Inc. will take possession of the first 5 BYD Electric Buses.”

Sakabe Mitsuo, Director of Kyoto’s Ministry of Transportation stated:

“It’s a milestone for Kyoto’s public transportation to operate the pure electric buses. The BYD pure electric buses will demonstrate entirely environmentally friendly. We will do more to improve environment quality.”

Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD’s Asia pacific auto group commented:

“The Japanese market has stringent requirements for technology and quality, the delivery of the BYD buses means a great recognition for BYD as well as for China’s technology and quality. We believe that BYD electric bus could provide more comfortable and greener transportation experiences to the citizens in Kyoto.”

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It’s nice to see that the rEVolution is stronger than feuds among enemies.

Too bad it’s not mutual. Now if only Chinese citizens would stop rioting at Japanese car dealerships in China.

I’m sure it was Toyota dealerships and it was because they don’t sell EV’s. 🙂

On the more serious side I hope the disputes cool down and that they somehow can agree on how the disputed areas should be divided.

If I’m not mistaken, I think there has been some oil or natural gas discovered in the area around the islands. I’m sure China is carefully watching how the West responds to Putin and Russia’s land grabs in Ukraine.

Potential oil and gas. But it’s been more about the fishing since the fishing grounds are rich there.

And to be honest it seems to be more about the actuall power and the right to claim the area than really about natural resources.

But it’s extremely different from the Ukraine and Crimea situation and what Russia has been doing.
These islands are uninhabitated, tiny and basically just the target of a pissing contest.
Not to mention that the islands have no officially rightful country that they belong to, very much unlike the parts of Ukraine.

Actually, there are HUGE undersea oil and natural gas fields just offshore the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea that Ukraine was just on the verge of developing.

So starts the domination of China’s automotive products.
We laughed at the GWM in 2010 in Australia, forward 2015 and the Foton Utility quality is really quite good in fact.

Now BYD is delivering buses to USA and Japan.
My how the times are a changing.
This is only the very beginning, wonder how much market share china will have in 5, 10 or 20 years time?