BYD Announces Southeast Asia’s Largest Zero-Emissions Electric Bus Order

FEB 14 2014 BY MARK KANE 9

New York Transit's BYD 40-foot Electric Bus

New York Transit’s BYD 40-foot Electric Bus

BYD announced that it won the bid to supply 15 new battery electric transit buses to Malaysia’s Prasarana Transit.

This is Malaysia’s first EV bus order and the largest order in all of Southeast Asia for electric buses.  BYD boasts that it beat out competitors from around the world for this historic project.

“The 15 electric buses will be operated by Rapid KL, a Prasarana subsidiary, to be used as shuttle buses on capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur’s first BRT line exclusively for electric buses. As one of Malaysia’s largest public transportation groups, Prasarana is responsible for the management and planning of Malaysia metro, buses and other public transportation assets. Prasarana is 100% state-owned.”

The victory probably is the fruit of trial operation in Kuala Lumpur since last August where BYD demonstrated that range in the specific conditions could be more than 400 km.

A BYD representative stated:

“It’s a great honor for us to win the Malaysia’s first electric bus bid. Malaysia pays great attention to the sustainable development of public transport, BYD hopes to work closely with all of our partners like Prasarana to make the public transportation cleaner and quieter.”

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Besides BYD, is anyone else making electric buses that last a day without charging? Does anyone know if Mercedes is putting something together with Tesla battery technology. Here in Europe there are so many Mercedes buses, just waiting for the electric ones to arrive…

Mercedes and Proton are both going for fuel cell range extenders to provide all day operation:

I have only seen BYD doing the full day drive. They got 310 km on a charge when trying it in Poland (in optimal conditions).
Most companies seem to focus on fast charging, inductive charging or PHEV buses with smaller batteries.
There are some electric buses in Europe but it won’t get big until Daimler starts to make their Mercedec buses into electric ones with their huge market share. Only other real big player is the Fiat owned Iveco but I can’t really see them doing anything soon.

But it might be one of the smaller players who forces Mercedes into doing something. BYD might be that disruptive element, or Volvo or VW (Scania).

I think Proterra does? They are in the US.

I’ve only seen Proterra use smaller battery packs and then fast charge them. But maybe someone has more information about an eventual model doing a whole day on a charge.

Yes, that’s what I’ve been reading too, it just seems that the technology is obviously here and Proterra seems to go the wrong direction. London and New York City both tested the BYD bus towards the end of last year, supposedly the buses did good, so wondering if there is a big order coming…

It seems like BYD is going in the right direction with big battery packs. You would think that smaller and cheaper packs combined with fast charging would be optimal but it seems like if you want to sell you need to go big.

I would love to see some statistics on sales and also know all the places where they are testing it out right now.

ByD buses will be big time sellers, the best bus in the world.