BYD Announces First Factory in Brazil For 1,000 Electric Buses Annually

JUL 22 2014 BY MARK KANE 5

BYD ebus

BYD ebus

BYD selected the city of Campinas (in the São Paulo region of Brazil) for its latest factory in which roughly 450 new local jobs should be created.

The Chinese company will open its first South American manufacturing facility in 2015 and announced that both “world’s only long range pure electric transit bus” and ” first fire safe and recyclable Iron-Phosphate battery packs” will be assembled on site.

Maximum production capacity in the first year will amount to 1,000 electric buses! This is about three a day on average.

R$ 200,000,000 (or nearly $90M) will be invested in this project.

BYD Brazil’s General Manager Tyler Li said:

“In the first year of operation (starting in 2015), the plant will have a maximum production capacity of 1,000 electric buses as well as all of their batteries. This is the first stage of manufacturing expansion.”

As this is just the first stage, in addition to the 32,000 m2 and 20,000 m2 manufacturing facilities on campus, BYD would like to open a Research & Development center for their Photovoltaic, Smart-Grid and LED Lighting businesses.

BYD Founder and Chairman, Mr. Wang Chuanfu stated:

“BYD chose Campinas because of this city’s spirit of innovation and their goal of building a cleaner society. Along with the buses and batteries, our dream is to build solar panels and energy storage systems here to help the region achieve their zero emissions goals.”

The Mayor of Campinas, Jonas Donizette pointed out:

“BYD fits very well in our City’s quest to attract investments, it is a company that produces goods and technologies related to the use of renewable energies, and also operates in key segments for the future of cities with sustainable urban mobility plans.”

Tthe President of Invest Saint Paul, Luciano Almeida adds:

“In February of this year, we visited BYD in China and observed cutting edge technology and the quality of their products. The arrival of BYD in the State strengthens the role of St. Paul to always be at the forefront of new technologies.”

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I hope that once Tesla gets it’s giga battery plant running, it will form a subsidiary company to make and sell an electric bus.

BYD with their Qin is moving the other way into cars, in the States in 2015::

the specs look good, although of course it may be a bit rough around the edges

How about the BYD Tang? 🙂 It could make good numbers in the US too once it’s out and approved 🙂

Go Warren!!!!

BYD has amazing cars with the longest range for the cheapest price.
They also have really good performing hybrids for the price of normal cars.
Cheaper, more powerful and better fuel economy compared to Toyota Prius and Honda Hybrids.
BYD is going to be the biggest car company in the world, because they are cheap to buy and cheap to run. People don’t care about flash quality anymore, we want cheap cars that are cheap to run. We don’t care where they are made.

They also last for 1.3 million kilometers and still have 75% of their max range, which is 300 km, so they have 225 km left in range after what, 20-30 years of driving?

Common people, you can own a car for 30 years without hardly visiting the mechanic or the petrol stations. Get some solar panels on your roof and you have no energy or car bills for 30 years and you don’t have to fork out more than 30-40 grant. I mean this is INSANE, this stock will go up 10 fold in the next 5 years!