BYD Aims to Quadruple Plug-In Vehicles Sales in 2013


Leave it to China’s BYD to boldly claim that it will go where no Chinese automakers has gone before.

BYD is, once again, setting its sights on capturing a sizeable chunk of China’s electric vehicle market.  According to BYD, sales of its electric vehicle will likely quadruple in 2013, as compared to 2012.



BYD sold only 1,700 electric passenger vehicles and 700 battery-powered buses in 2012, but aims to quadruple that total this year.  The automaker targets sales of 8,000 electric passenger vehicles in 2013 and 2,000 buses.  So, 10,000 in total.

Liu Xueliang, general manager for Asia-Pacific automotive sales at BYD, had this to say of the company’s future electric vehicle outlook:

“We feel that the use of electric vehicles in public transport is the first step and a more realistic way to promote and popularize the products.  With the more widespread use of our electric cars in public transport, we can further promote them to government organizations and retail car buyers.”

BYD’s grand plan to boost electric vehicle sales comes as a direct result of China announcing a goal of putting 500,000 plug-in vehicles on the road by 2015 and five million by 2020.

To achieve those optimistic goals, the Chinese government offers massive incentives of up to $19,000 (120,000 yuan) off on plug-in vehicle purchases.

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BYD…Bust Your Dreams

Regarding plug-in vehicles, did they accomplish even just 1 of their stated goals? What did Warren Buffet see in this company when he invested in them a few years ago? BYD seems like a big hype machine more than a formidable player in the car world. Maybe that will change, but I don’t see it in the short term.

700 buses is a whole lot of buses. That dwarfs many suburban bus fleets in the U.S.

Interesting curve:
Year – vehicles sold
2010 – 33
2011 – 401
2012- 2124

For $38,000 after Chinese incentives, I’m surprised they sell that many.

But that’s only for the Automatic 4-spd…

Well I guess they have to have something for all those Scruberless Coal Plants to run, that they were building at the rate of 2 per week. (Same kind of issue with Mexico, where “Clean” San Diego is getting its juice now that Nuclear Basket Case San Onofre is down for the count, and likewise India). Its a tongue biting issue for me since we have plenty of very very clean Coal plants here which recover 99% of the sulfur dioxide and 90% of the Mercury (which is used mostly for vaccine preservative these days) that are shut down due to excessive “carbon taxes”, but china builds hundreds of Coal Fired plants with absolutely horrible pollution controls (if any). But then thats the least of their problems because they have Rivers and Streams regularly “Catching Fire”, burning off the industrial pollution. People used to come to my door petitioning against the Mercury being released by US Coal Plants. Where I live, the pollution mainly comes from less strict emission Nanticoke plants (West of me in Ontario Canada). I didn’t sign since I don’t see worrying about a trace amount of Mercury that might be released to the air, when the… Read more »