BYD Achieves The Unthinkable: 50% Of Sales Are Plug-Ins

AUG 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 45

BYD isn’t wasting its time.

The automaker is increasing plug-in car sales by as much as possible and achieved yet another monthly record, improving June’s result by almost 2,000.

In July, the Chinese manufacturer sold a record number of 18,203 plug-in electric cars, which is 62% more than a year ago.

Because sales of conventional models decreased, the share of New Energy Cars in BYD’s overall result is now at a record high of 50%.

With 89,473 sales in the first seven months of 2018, BYD has five months to reach its goal of at least 200,000 sales in 2018.

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – July 2018

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – July 2018

BYD offers six plug-in models. Two of those models are available in both BEV and PHEV versions, so total eight.

The bulk of the growth comes from all-new all-electric Yuan, which in its second month on the market reached 4,174 sales. The other strong model is second-generation Tang PHEV SUV, which found 3,551 sales in first full month.

Later this year BYD should exceed 20,000 sales a month.

BYD sales breakdown:

  • Yuan BEV – 4,174 (second month on the market and new record)
  • Qin PHEV – 4,068 + 551 BEV
  • Tang PHEV – 3,551 (first full month of second-generation)
  • e5 – 3,056
  • Song PHEV – 2,408 + 108 BEV
  • e6 – 287

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – July 2018

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The Chinese People pride themselves for being Smarter than Americans.

This is a global competition for the next generation of jobs, and they have no intention of losing.

Smarter?? There’s no such thing as a happy slave.
Being able to vote for your leaders and adhering to the principle of due process overwhelmingly mean all democracies are smarter than China’s unelected one party rule.

I used to think the same but the Democrats suck and so do the Republicans…
And what value is freedom just to be surrounded by people you no longer have anything in common with??
USSA home of the freedom slaves and the ever growing cockroach cultures…

You have no idea what you speak of. Most murders by the state…China. Most political prisoners… China. One of,the least transparent governments in the world…China. Most polluting in and outside of its borders…China. And on n on….

Yes, we Americans do disagree with fervor at times with some issues…but NEVER give up your right to vote or sue. Without them you are much more likely to be ensalaved, murdered, harmed without consequence, etc. Thr rule of law is one of the foundations of our much better than most country.

I suggest you think more long term rather than opinioning on the current state of our two biggest policital parties. Just try living in open China for a month with no recourse if the state imprisons, tortures, or kills you. I presume you are either spoiled and/or ignorant to write such a reply to my comment.

Last year we had a Chinese exchange student live with us for ten months. They really do believe in China’s superiority and their ability to be a world leader. Just wait as their middle class grows bigger.

Of course that might be because China has been a super power 39 out of the last 40 centuries, ever since the Chinese Bronze Age under the Shang Dynasty 2000 years BC. People make the mistake of thinking of China as just what happened under communism and keep forgetting about their long deep history. They see it exactly the other way around, where they are “making China great again”. The trade routes to China didn’t happen because China was a poverty stricken 2nd/3rd world country, they were created because China was a place of great wealth and every body wanted a part of it.

If China wins the EV race, they probably will re-establish themselves economically, as the rest of the world’s economies struggle with the next set of inevitable oil price spikes thrashing their economies. The US is asleep at the wheel and are falling behind and need to understand who they are competing against instead of making China out as a stereotype.

In the 70’s and 80’s Japan was the economic engine US manufacturers couldn’t compete with the quality, reliability and the cost of Japanese cars or steel production. Over time Japan’s labor cost rose as more people became middle class the same think is already happening in China as textiles are moving to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and India etc. The reason labor costs haven’t risen in the US is because inflation is low. In 1984 I got a 10% raise but inflation was 14% and an 30 year adjustable rate mortgage was 14%. So if people want higher wages get skills that are in demand. Education is so easy to get in the US now all you have to do is open your laptop and use it for something other than games or Facebook.

I’d say the USA is currently distracted and/or under the influence of fake news, idiocy n ignorance the last couple years with regards to a national policy to increase ev use.

China is still far behind the USA with regards to safety and durability of evs. Unlikely anyone nation or even company will “win the EV race” as most in North America n the eu will not buy a vehicle built in China due to the safety n quality issues of the long term durable good. Tesla will remain the bev leader in design and innovation for at least the next few years….and in sales in North America n the EU.
Buying cheap crap from China is one thing but surrounding myself daily for years with a near slave labor, tyrannical state product is another.

True the Chinese middle class will grow but soon their population will be filled with far more retired elderly than the state can handle…similar to japan. Recall that until just the last couple years, China has one child policy that almost all adhered to. They’ve recognized the problem but it’s too late not experience some tremendous hardship for all in China.
And like Japan, China is not welcoming or even allowing much legal or illegal immigration.

Germany will next decade be an even more powerful economic force in the EU as they educate n train all that fresh, young labor in the form of refugees and immigrants to replace much of the native born workers.

The USA has a similar but not as desperate aging population/lack of young workers to support them problem in the coming years. But at least we can open the tap soon and brain n labor drain more from abroad to keep our working tax base up high enough to support all the retiring baby boomers next decade. That is once the Orange idiot in the White House departs in Shane.

So, in Europe we are slaves too when we bet for the EV future?. China is taking a good strategical decission, meanwhile US is going to opposite side. Even California seems will be punished by federal goverment. China is not a democracy, everybody knows, but this doesn’t mean that they could not have good ideas. I’m not american, but I think americans as society, don’t demonstrates to be very smart when a guy like Trump is capable to be president of the most powerfull country on Earth. And we must understand, that not every people, every culture, can be organised as western countries. Democracy was a very long journey for every country in the world. I write this from a country governed 40 years for fascism, with thousands of dissapeared, killed without judge, buried in anywere. Maybe a huge country like China, mainly poor, that was in the medieval age in 1950, can’t be democratic in easy way. People in China died by hungry in the 60’s. The progress for the chinese people in terms of healt, food, and other things is great. China is a economic and technological power today. I hope they progress too in terms of human… Read more »

The main reason for China’s progress was America helping them . In so many ways, it was another Marshall plan, only this time, the GD GOP /conservatives here have screwed it up.

that’s what I thought, until the Americans elected the butcher George Bush Jr, Lame Duck Obama, and now Orange Pitbull.

Our Chinese friends definitely don’t intend to lose. In fact they are working very hard on plan B: modernizing and expanding the army with a high emphasis on nuclear strike capability and off shore military basis in friendly countries. What’s not to like?


“With 89,473 sales in the first seven months of 2018, BYD has five months to reach its goal of at least 200,000 sales in 2018.”

The BYD Yuan EV360 then really has to reach higher monthly sales numbers. And that seems to be a possible outcome.

What is the grand total of cumulative Plug-In sales in China in 2018?
And is that 1 million total for 2018 still achievable, or is that total already too far out of reach?

In theory the Yuan EV360 has the same sales potential as the best selling BEV in the world last year the BAIC EC series which was able to sell over 10k a month multiple times…
The Yuan is a lot better car than the EC series and has a similar bottom dollar price so the next couple of months will be telling…

Would be very very nice to see BYD become the first auto maker to stop making non plugins…
I am surprised that their sales volumes allow them to make ICE, PHEV, and BEV versions of their cars as that has to cost a lot of engineering dollars…

Put a fork in the ICE… do it do it…

Thus far they needed their existing combustion car business as a backdrop for the gradually growing EV business — but now that EVs are taking over as the volume leader, I guess they might indeed axe the combustion car business pretty soon…

Well I’m still hoping we have 2,000,000 global EV sales for 2018. Tesla and China are doing there part but the other manufacturers are still limping along.

No surprise….in the USA, all bevs are compliance vehicles except for Tesla.

You consider the LEAF to be a compliance vehicle?

Yes, Nissan has had ONLY one plug in vehicle this decade and only builds enough to comply with carb and other govt mandates.
And Nissan didn’t even really redesign the leaf for 2018 but rather it is an extensive revision. For example, still no telescoping steering wheel while practically every other vehicle sold here has that simple feature for many years.

We won’t see annual Leafs sales above 30k for at least another 5 years. Meanwhile Tesla will be selling that many bevs every early next year…most of them model 3s obviously. The sales numbers and where potential buyers can actually see n test drive leafs tells us that Nissan is still not serious about trying to sell many more leafs.
Toyota has been doing a similar function with the Prius, pip and all their old ass hybrid tech. Just enough plug ins and mpgs to comply so they can sell their dinosaur ice tech in other models.

No carb credits outside the US but the leaf is still beeing sold….

While it’s true that Nissan has been slacking in terms of new revisions and additional models, they certainly haven’t been limiting production / sales on purpose.

Sort of agree. I think in 2010 Nissan was pretty serious about making EVs a big product but when the numbers they projected failed to materialize they sort of lost interest looks like. mk 2 Leaf was late to the market and definitely isn’t an inspired job, more like hatching bets and staying compliant in markets with MPG/emission mandates.

I guess I don’t understand what a compliance vehicle is, so all the sales of EV’s that InsiderEV is tracking, except for Tesla are compliance vehicles.

Yes, see my above reply to Dave.
And more like you will see, recognize this fact as starting late this year, Tesla will easily outsell all other bev builders COMBINED yearly sold bevs in the USA. That fact will continue for at least the next several years. There are no restrictions on Tesla while the old ice tech thinking and previous ice investments hold all others back in sales and bold leadership to transition vehicle drivetrains to all electric.

For some people the definition of compliance vehicle is any EV that isn’t Tesla (see Sustainable2020). Others see it more pragmatically, and the definition of a complinace vehicle is an EV sold only in CARB states with ZEV mandates. Some simply say any EV that sells 30,000 or fewer per year, unless it’s a Tesla.

Pretty much all of the EVs in China are compliance vehicles, becuase of the stronger regulations and policies in China.

Not all. Tesla, BYD, and a bunch of startups are very serious about EVs.

Basically, all are startups. All the major car makers are being dragged there. Heck the Germans have claimed for 5 years they were going to get into EVs, and then produced the e-golf and I3. What a POS those are.

“No surprise….in the USA, all bevs are compliance vehicles except for Tesla”

Same thing in Europe, Japan, and even China.

BYD is killing it. They are making the kind of wide numbers of choices that we need in the US. Just look at the “Tags”. Lots of models to choose from. They have come a long ways since they first started.

If the last complaint is that they are made in China, that complaint rings pretty hollow considering how many products people buy every day from China. Including massive numbers of car parts.

Well, I don’t know how things stand today: but when BYD attempted to introduce the e6 in the US back in 2012, they were basically laughed out, since their offering was just total crap by “western” standards…

I saw one 2 years ago. It remains junk. And that is probably the best that China CURRENTLY offers.

Wrong. BYD us simply another car makers that is trying to get ahead of where Tesla is.

BYD and Tesla are quite close together right now for number of PEVs sold in 2018.

I don’t think they’ll end the year all that close though. I expect Tesla to manage ~25K sales in each of August and September vs 20-22K sales in those months for BYD, and for the gap to just continue widening for the last 3 months of the year.

It’s hard to say for sure. Tesla should have something in the vicinity of 250,000 pretty safe. The Chinese market has proven much harder to predict…

Having said that, BYD reaching 250,000 this year indeed seems very unlikely.

Sadly, the best thing they could do is add a new plant first in Europe rather than China. That would allow them to increase sales rapidly.

I read somewhere that the BYD Yuan EV360 will be coming to Europe with a price tag of €12000, where do I sign up for one. Cars like this in this price range will really get people out of their ICE cars.

Sounds like a rumour. I’m not aware of any specific plans for global sales having been announced? And 12,000 Euro is totally unrealistic. That’s roughly what the price in China is post incentives — but no European country has incentives nearly as large; and the base price would likely be higher than in China, too.

Check it first. I looked at E6 2 years ago, and it was pure junk then. I will say, 2 years is a long time.

And Tesla is 100%. Why is that so hard to believe?

Whether it’s impressive or not depends on the company’s PHEV share 5 years ago.

Huh. So, it is a big deal that 1/2 of byds cars are plugin? Here in America, 100% of Tesla’s is a plugin.
Iow, sorry, but not impressed.

Stupid title: why is it unthinkable?

The Chinese are so serious about replacing all primitive cars with futuristic electric cars that the foreign car makers are all begging Chinese government to postpone the plan because they are not ready to comply, unlike local champs like BYD. China should have throw those foreign carmakers under the bus.