BYD 6 MWh Energy Storage System In Massachusetts

NOV 25 2017 BY MARK KANE 9

BYD, like seeming all of the rest of its business, is rapidly expanding sales of it battery storage systems in North America, by providing batteries for the largest ESS project in Massachusetts.

Green Charge

The Chinese manufacturer will supply a 3 MW/6 MWh system at Mt. Tom Solar, ordered by Green Charge, an ENGIE Company.

“Green Charge’s first installation of BYD batteries will be for the recently announced six-megawatt-hour system adjacent to ENGIE’s Mt. Tom Solar farm to serve Holyoke Gas & Electric in western Massachusetts.

Designed to optimize intermittent solar energy and contribute to rate stabilization for Holyoke Gas & Electric customers over the next 20 years, this energy storage project will be the largest utility-scale energy storage installation in Massachusetts.”

BYD 20MW 40MWh Energy Storage Station – BYD Headquarter,Shenzhen

BYD is one of the biggest suppliers of lithium-ion energy storage systems, now with more than 550 MWh installed so far worldwide.

According to BYD, company has captured nearly 50% of the market share in the frequency regulation energy storage market in the U.S. (or 25% of the entire ESS market). Additionally, BYD has shipped approximately 1 GW of solar.

However to us, the most astounding BYD achievement to date is the 27,000+ electric buses now in service around the world (but mostly still in China).

Vic Shao, CEO at Green Charge said:

“BYD has a proven track record with product at scale production. Our first installation of utility-scale energy storage with Holyoke Gas & Electric is an extremely important milestone not just for Massachusetts but for customers benefiting from reduced utility capacity costs all while reducing stress on the HG&E grid system.”

Micheal Austin, BYD Vice President said:

“We are pleased that BYD was chosen by Green Charge as its trusted partner for this project with Holyoke Gas & Electric based on our global expertise in battery technology and energy storage. BYD has led the charge to improve the way we power our communities, and we will continue to lead as the only storage supplier that not only manufacturers rechargeable cells, but also the bi-directional inverters integrated in grid-tied containerized systems. BYD is helping make the transition to renewable energy possible.”

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GO BYD (insert “mister g” ramblings about tesla here)!

I suppose this counts against the 200MWh goal, for MA?

Hmmmm….200 MW Goal…6 MW BYD System Delivered…194 MW to Go!

More Room here, for Tesla, BYD, MB, Nissan, & Others that want to play!

They could ask for 10 more Systems, each at ~19-20 MW, and have multiple partners, testing Each One over the next 5-10 years!

Or, add about 32 more 6 MW Sites, for a widely Distributed Arrangement, and for Greater Stability to their system!

The storage is for a pretty small solar farm. If you’re familiar with the region, Mt. Tom used to have a coal plant that was decommissioned a few years ago. They leveraged the pre-existing grid lines to install a 6MW solar farm at the site. There isn’t enough land there to be expanding the farm. So, this storage would allow the existing solar farm to hold on to 20-25% of its daily production to release at night. I don’t think 200MW would ever be needed at this location.

This is a special case to some degree. Massachusetts is one of the most densely populated states in the country. It has one of the highest penetration of roof top solar (and presumably, small scale battery packs in those homes), but you’re not going to see vast solar farms with dedicated storage like you might in Nevada or western China.

BYD is one of the best options if you want smaller than Powerwall packs but still at a good price per warranted usable kWh. They have a huge variety of storage products.

Another Euro point of view

BYD, the company that was formed same year as Tesla, that produces 4 times as many cars, dominates the electric bus industry, and yet makes something …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..,something some may have learned about reading old economy books………………..profits I think it was called.

Another Euro point of view

…I said the horrible “P” word, please please forgive me. 🙂 🙂

How do you compare Chinese companies that are hidden behind the Communist system to US company that is out in the open of Capitalist system?
A country that controls the society to the nth degree vs the society that allows freedom of everything. There is no real idea of BYD makes a profit or if the Chinese government is pumping money into them.
When China is an open economy like the US then I’m happy to believe, but at the moment China looks after China first and foremost.
Not to mention what is the safety standard of their products? Without actually being there it is hard to know, but based on what I can gather it is quite a lot less than the equivalent product basically anywhere in the Western World, so sort of taking Chalk and Cheese.

BYD is such an underappreciated company. The stock will certainly do a 10x over the next 10 years. Pile in now to ride this rising tide. It’ll make many investors into millionaires!