Buyers With Money Buy Teslas


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime


So ends a WSJ article about declining Prius sales. TeslaMondo knew all along that Model S was becoming the new Prius, despite the price difference.

The Prius has always punched above its weight class, winning customers who would ordinarily spend much more. Well, now they are spending much more.

So despite Toyota’s attempt to pitch the new Prius as exciting — even leading police on a high-speed chase (see video below) during the Super Bowl — it’s not exciting.

And without excitement, you’re left with no compelling reason to get a Prius, or any hybrid. Tesla now owns public mind share in fuel economy, green cred and tech-wow. And Model III hasn’t arrived yet.

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SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

A lot of Prius Hybrid sales in NorCal driven by the Green sticker which is now gone. White stick with distance belonged to Tesla — until the Bolt

With distance, White HOV sticker, and respectable performance 0-60 6.7 and 1/2 mile 15.1, the Bolt is going to get some serious attention from shoppers who would give it a test drive.

Green stickers are back, unlimited quantity now.

Green HOV Stickers were only given to the Plug-In Hybrid Prius, not the regular Prius. The Plug-In Hybrid Prius only accounted for a small percentage of overall Prius sales.

If California gave HOV stickers to every Prius, the HOV lane would be more crowded than the regular lanes!

Wow WSJ realize that you may have money to buy 100k+ car that happens is amazing and good looking, what analysis.
Fugly never will be successful, Toyota Prius, i3, Spark, bet on ugly odd design to win buyers and I don’t see how this can be a success move, Tesla bet on performance, design and is a win strategy. Chevy Volt is a average good looking car and sales have been good for GM, I don’t doubt the the Volt will be a success car, designed with average to good looking.

SparkEV was sold out for much of 2015. I wouldn’t call that unsuccessful. Well, maybe unsuccessful since GM probably didn’t want to sell so many.

SparkEV resembles the old Honda Civic hatchback, especially the rear, one of the most popular cars in history. Most people would consider that pretty.

Tesla X resembles one of the fugliest car in the world, the Pontiac Aztek. Most people would consider it fugly, yet sales seem to do ok, despite the disastrous falcon wing door.

What disastrous Falcon wing door? They have been improving it to work 99% of the time in most spaces and it draws a crowd every time its opened in a public place. The doors are showpieces that draw crowds.

Bjorn Nyland tested the X in jaded Vegas and drew a crowd of gawkers wherever he opened them. He felt like a rock star getting out of the car. He later tested his founders X at a tourist area of Oslo on a Sunday, Aker Brygge. He put the car on display and drew a big crowd. He joked that half of Norway has been in the back seat of his car.

Time to put the Prius Prime system in an updated Lexus ES or GS ###h and then add on an F-Sport package for good measure!

But, with a bigger battery, clearly.

Prius … A Cartoon Car…The “Perfect Car” for Brian the Dog., On Family Guy ..

Ha! Exactly!

My sister refers to these efficient vehicles as clown cars, or just plain, fugly vehicles…efficient? Yes. Cool? NO.

The Teslas are the first efficient vehicles she would consider, if she had the money. She wouldn’t be caught dead in a Prius or Leaf or i3…and heaven help the jelly-bean iMiEV…she likes her all-black Camaro.

Lexus could easily put the prime powertrain in the upcoming UX cuv.

Lexus dealers have no training or evse at the stores but that’s not to hard to fix.

Moving up market is ther only way now. High end buyers chose Prius, then Lexus hybrids, but now that phev and EV options are available.

Problem is they don’t believe in plug in cars.

Previously, the Prius was top 2 in sales in the two highest-income zip codes in CA; the rest of the top 5 were all cars costing $60k and up (in some cases, WAY up).

There has always been an element of “look at how green I am” among wealthy Californians, which was precisely why Toyota maintained the… distinctive… looks of the Prius, and why Camry Hybrids sold at a much lower volume than the Prius. But now that the Prius isn’t exceptionally green, the looks are all hat and no cattle.

Nope. Repubs think it’s “how green do it look”, it’s how effective I can be at cutting my Personal Carbon Budget.

Repubs are status seekers.
Dems are ACTION TAKERS to Solve Problems.

You mean like Al Gore flying around in his private jet, or Hillary being driven everywhere in huge, gas guzzling Suburbans? Is that the kind of action you want Dems to take?

I notice how you conveniently left out Trump, no bias there, right?


Since when is Trump a Democrat?

Clearly, you know to go someplace globally you need to fly a jet. His policy decisions to solve global warming for the whole nation would be effective and work. Do you live in a Platinum LED house? Are YOU Doing More than Al Gore. Did you learn that hockey stick graphs are the actual map of carbon output growth. Or, did you come from some poorly funded Republican school district, that thinks a racist rich guy, that doesn’t hire Americans and doesn’t stock his hotels with American furniture and goods, is going to save us from The Rich Ripping you off at every opportunity. Did you forget “RESCISSION”, when a health insurance company can simply Cancel Your Policy when you get sick. But, then OBAMA and the Democrats solved that Criminal Activity by the Rich against You. You know, I’m really sick and tired of you lazy right wing people believing horse manure from Fox News. Are Republican states, with Republican tax policy making you rich? NO. Republican states become the POOREST States with the Worst Educational systems in the Nation when Republicans are in power. HOW DARE YOU COME on here and give us YOUR STuPiD CRAP without Looking… Read more »

WOW. I’m sorry but that post does nothing for your argument. At least if you are going off on a tirade, proofread and try not to sound like a madman.

You can go anywhere in the world with Skype. Traveling around in a jet to promote “green” is just an excuse for partying overseas. Gore, etc. love to tell other people “do as we tell you, not as we do”

How did CO2 discussion turn to Obamacare? It is you who should get educated. Whatever little you do for personal CO2 reduction is meaningless in big scheme of things. We will not be at 1900’s level of CO2 emissions without living like back then (ie, no electricity, no cars, no planes), or it will take a true revolution in energy. All the chicken little crap you espouse is just meaningless noise.

Here’s an example. How much “stuff” did you buy that’s made in China? If it amounts to 200 lb (probably lot more), that means CO2 emissions in transporting about your body weight 8000 miles with fossil fuel. Meanwhile, most Leaf drivers only put 7000 miles per year. Point being, EV makes very little part of overall CO2 reduction while far bigger are overlooked.

I do not blame celebrities and current/former heads of state to take excessive means to get around. I would not want mobbed everywhere I go, and for Gore, the Clintons, Bushes, etc., it’s a matter of security and a desire to live for another day.

Certainly, the demos will solve global warming if it takes the last dollar you have.

Go back to your poorly funded Republican school district and RAISE TAXES to hire Qualified Teachers. For your own good.

Many Reps would rather lower taxes and give school vouchers so that charter schools will hire better teachers and be better than the other schools in the area so they’ll have more students VOLUNTARILY wanting to enroll in them.

You must love Democrat public housing where kids are FORCED to attend to crappy schools, because they live in poor areas.

As much as I dislike Republitards, I f-kin HATE Dumbocrats who want to force people to suffer.

Charter schools and public schools are like comparing apples and oranges.

Reason: public school must take care of _every_ child. Thus, kids with disabilities have to be accommodated for. They can spend 60-100k+ per child who has, as an example, cerebral palsy, or severe autism. By law, they must do that.

Imagine a few kids in charter schools with that (let alone private schools). It would flat out bankrupt them.

This is one reason when people say, “public schools are awful and vouchers are great”, doesn’t recognize the extra burdens put onto public schools.

I have no professional involvement with the educational system but I do see the different rules applied.

If private and charter schools are forced to the same standards of admitting all children, those schools would be having a much harder time.

Global warming will take every dollar we have. It only depends if we want to invest over long term starting now or want it short term later on.

Investment due to climate change over a short period will be far worse than the economy crisis 2009.

Yep – the cost of doing nothing is obscene. Trillions in lost property, lost property value, lost business…rises in social services due to millions of people being displaced from their homes (and globally, billions of people). The political instability alone is worth trillions of dollars in terms of deaths and global economic disruptions.

It’s happening too fast in order to just ease into the new climate and allow their precious market forces to solve all their problems (which they don’t, anyway).

Quite frankly, it’s both.

The top 5 cars for those expensive CA zip codes was not a varied mix of green cars. It was almost exclusively luxury sedans, luxury SUVs, and one extremely conspicuous green car.

Here’s an article on this subject from 2012. Note that while the Leaf and Volt are unquestionably greener than the Prius, they are nowhere to be found on this list:

Buyers with money buy whatever they want . Buyers that know cars “Buy Tesla”

BTW the green stickers have been back for a few days. No cap until Jan 01, 2019. SB838 signed into law and enrolled by Secretary of State last week.

Seems like pretty soon the HOV lanes will be the clogged, slow moving ones 🙂

They’re already clogged by solo drivers who aren’t driving a PHEV/BEV. Enforcement is pretty lacking.

In August 2010 Toyota sold 13,450 Toyota hybrids.
In August 2016 Toyota sold a bit over 21,000 Toyota hybrids.

Low gas prices are the key factor in the sales drop. I’m sure that the growth of PEVs has eaten away at their core, but PEVs aren’t at the point where they’ll kill the hybrid market. But Toyota needs to do something more than just the Prime, because gas prices are going to be low for a long time.

I agree with your assessment and was about to post the same thing. Toyota better have a plan besides hydrogen cars. The hybrid market will likely start giving way to the plug-in market in a big way over the next 5 years. Even a weak plug-in like the Prime will have a better chance of succeeding than no plug-in at all.

Remember there are now Leaf’s, the Volt, and even Ford products taking away sales.

And these are Far More Effective at Cutting Carbon output.

The RAV4 Hybrid is also taking sales away from the Prius, but it doesn’t receive much mention. It’s a shame Toyota didn’t release the AWD Prius option in the US for those states who could use the added torque for the snow.

Indeed.. It’s a bigger pitty that the Rav-4 isn’t being offered as a PHEV.

Eh… snow doesn’t mean you need more torque – unless you’ve got ridiculously little of it to begin with, it means you’ll have a hard time putting your limited torque down to the road! It does of course mean four wheel drive makes a huge difference. But that’s due to more contact patch and friction through which you get torque to the road, not because your total torque is more. And Toyota btw deserves to die. Besides government, which of course is ultimately responsible, nobody has done more to delay EVs with FUD tactics. Toyota has been playing the hydrogen game for decades and to great effect. Even today there’s a big part of the public that believes the hydrogen economy to be right around the corner, thanks to their own failure to investigate but also the relentless propaganda from Toyota and their fellow conspirators. The picture is at last starting to change and there’s now quite a few people who understand that hydrogen can’t solve the problem, at least not in the required time frame. Toyota themselves are almost certainly working on EVs for the real market, but continue to buy ads to confuse the public. In Norway they… Read more »

I’m waiting what happens in Norway after the end of the year, when the new eGolf (37kWh) and Leaf/Zoe (44kWh) are there. Toyota will have a hard time against these.

It will be fun to whatch. 🙂

Ahh WSJ.

I read it everyday along with the NYT.

Believe it or not WSJ is coming around. They kind of like all the increased viewer visits they get when they publish an Elon Musk/ Tesla article….and they somehow think Elon’s free enterprise method is good and cheap Rocket Launches are good but they somehow know that EV’s are for liberals which causes great consternation for them.

If they had any sense they’d adopt Elon as their poster child. 🙂

Somehow I don’t think the WSJ is going to come around to abandoning its support for Big Oil interests. The EV revolution is an existential threat to Big Oil’s profits, so it’s no wonder the WSJ is usually (but not always) hostile towards EVs.

Exxon and Chevron’s are overvalued stocks with limited future growth, and big debt payments from expensive dividends they can’t afford.

They’re slowly killing themselves, when the money runs out, WSJ will have to report the real news. But, will they be Bribed by Solar like they were Bribed by Exxon?

That’s the question. My thinking is the bad blood from the oil funded attacks will dry up that revenue stream.

Repubs create their own problems. Labeling solar and wind Liberal.

Now that solar and wind are the cheapest sources of energy, and can guarantee price for 30 years, there’s a big slowdown in carbon projects.

Look at who’s building “unprofitable” solar: Apple, Tesla, Google, and Facebook. America’s Biggest Companies, while Exxon does it’s bad impression of Peabody Pollution ( err, “Energy” ), by starting to slide into bankruptcy.

Name and party bating are not helpful. Look into yourself and wonder why you are creating a conflict based on party lines.

Conservative with 2 EVs (and no ICE) and a decent solar array. Go Trump – now I’m just being silly. Trump is neither a true conservative nor a true Republican. Equating Trump with something the WSJ publishes is interesting of course. WSJ has no love for Trump. And no love for Clinton. See – there is something we can all agree on.

Thank you, David.

We actually are not required to look at every issue with tunnel vision making it look like a polarized political partisan issue. And the Presidential election being only a few weeks away isn’t any excuse, either.

Wasn’t Prius famous once???

Toyota is an enemy of the people. They have been at it for a long long time, but unlike before there are now many that can see it. They have squandered their green image and allowed lots of people to see that their hydrogen scam was always meant only to delay or stop EVs by creating doubt about what technology would be the best to replace fossil cars. There’s unfortunately still many people who continue to see Toyota as benevolent because of the Prius. It was an efficient car, for sure. But the company is largely responsible for a big part of the public, and of governments, believing that hydrogen is the solution when they know full well that it can’t be. Over here in Norway at least their image has taken a beating. If you ask the average Joe what he thinks of Toyota he’ll shake his head and ask “what the hell are they thinking?!?” In a market where EVs are already a third of all new car sales Toyota looks nothing like the technology leader people used to see them as. They are making it even worse by running ads that even fools can see right through:… Read more »

I drive a 2010 Prius because it does plain driving chores with good fuel economy very well. It won’t be replaced with the video game styling Prius of this generation. My next new car will (1) have a plug & (2) will not have an exhaust pipe.

Well I guess this proves what I knew all along you won’t see a Bagger from a food store driving a Tesla. Unless they got the Tesla from a guy who died int he woods and came back as a zombie. And then had to fight the said zombie for control of the car.

The article title should be “Buyers with More Money than Brains Buy Teslas”. Toyotas have solid reliability whereas Elon is sleeping at the end of the production line. Teslas have problems.

That’s funny. So you’re suggesting that, price being equal, a person would choose a Toyota over a Tesla?

New Tesla owner greeting:

“Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?”

(jokes, b1tchez…)

The following is a true story (or at least he claimed it was) by a motorcycle policeman:

Back in the day when they were running “Grey Poupon” commercials on television, a colleague of his was on traffic patrol on his motorcycle. This officer pulled to a stop at a red light, and found himself sitting next to a Rolls-Royce. Unable to resist, he knocked on the Rolls’ window. When the window rolled down, he asked the driver “Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?”

Without any hesitation, the driver replied “But of course.” Then he reached over, opened his glove compartment, and pulled out a bottle.


If I ever own an electric Rolls-Royce, I’m absolutely certain I would keep some Grey Poupon in my glove box, just in case….

I owned a Prius and it was a fine car. But to me green is king and the Tesla and Volt handily best the Prius in emissions. And one I switched I found out even the Volt is much nicer to drive. It is sad Toyota has lost its green manltle but they only have theirselves to blame.

PS we have solar so we can easily charge them emission free.