Should You Buy Tesla Model 3, Model S Or Model X? Elon Musk Provides Some Suggestions


Tesla Model 3s Lineup Up For March 31st Debut In Hawthorne, CA

Tesla Model 3s Lineup Up For March 31st Debut In Hawthorne, CA

Tesla Model S & X

Tesla Model S & X

While speaking at Tesla’s annual shareholder’s conference just a few days ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke at length in regards to which Tesla you should buy.

Below is Elon Musk’s quote, but basically we can sum it up in a few words.

If you have the means, please buy the Model X or S, as your purchase of one of those cars provides the necessary funds to design, develop and produce the Model 3.

Here’s how Musk explains it:

In order for us to produce the Model 3, we’re critically dependent on the revenue we receive from the people that buy the Model S and Model X. So, it’s important to bear in mind…the thing that is enabling the Model 3 to exist, is fundamentally the people that are buying the Model S and Model X today and historically.”

“People wonder, should I buy the Model S or the Model 3? The Model S and the X are always going to be our technology leader. We’re not intentionally trying to withhold technology from the 3 but rather because it’s fundamentally more expensive when you have new technology until you can do multiple design iterations and achieve economies of scale. So, those that buy the Model S and X should know that they actually will be buying the most advanced car and they will effectively be paying for that technology to make its way to the Model 3.”

Buyers of the S and X make the 3 possible, so if you can afford one of the two higher-line Teslas, then buy one now to assist the automaker in getting the 3 out to the masses.

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3 obviously. Most of us just want the damn car already 😛

I’ve ruled out the X, too expensive- so my two choices are the Model 3 and the Model 3.

(title) 😉

Obviously the demand ist down in Europe, bad sales. Denmark no more incentives, Norway saturated, France don’t buy big expensive cars, Germany don’t like foreign cars, only Sitzerland remains with rich people. Uk you can buy a Leaf, i3 or Zoe because everywhere DC chargers. Rest is waiting for Bolt or Model 3, i mean who cares if you can get 200 miles for 35k $. 200 miles are great, you don’t need more if you must pay double.
Model S delivery 1 month in US when you buy and only 2 months in Europe, so Tesla don’t know where to give the cars and start reveral programm.

Norway saturated? They are making plans right now to sell only new EV’s in 2025 and no new ICE cars anymore.

High IQ is no guarantee against error. We’re not making any such plans. You’ve probably confused us with the Netherlands, which could be said to be making such plans (the bill outlawing all cars but zero-emission ones from 2025 was approved in the underhouse but is likely to fall in the senate – if it hasn’t already). India on the other hand has set itself an official goal of a 100% electric car park (NOT merely new cars sales!) by 2030. Whoa! In Norway, the talk is mostly about the phasing out of longstanding incentives for electric cars. As more and more cars become electric it also becomes more and more meaningless to hand out free parking, free driving on toll roads, free ferries, access to bus and taxi lanes, exempting value-added tax and exempting (sky-high) special car taxes. However, car taxes in Norway will still be structured so that environmentally friendly cars get taxed a lot less than unfriendly ones. BEVs will therefore be subject to much less taxes than other cars. And gasoline is very expensive, despite low oil prices and Norway being a large oil exporter. Unfortunately when we got our new conservative government they decided to… Read more »

You are excused for your opinions if you have been on summer vacation lately, but yes, the parliament just voted for having a goal of not selling ice cars after 2025.

Keep in mind that this is not a ban, and not an absolute target, only a signal that laws and policies will be adjusted so that no ice’s sold after 2025 is a likely to happen.

So, you have never really watched Tesla production and delivery cadence apparently.

Sorry – I see many other cars in Germany that are not BMW, Mercedes or VW…..Frankly I have spoken to several colleagues of mine there who are eager to buy a Tesla.

It’s not that Europeans don’t want Teslas. But 100K – 120K Euro is really a lot of money in Europe. Almost no one would spend this much money for a car over here. Even the Germans sell most of their expensive SUVs and big saloons not in Europe but in Russia, China, Dubai and etc.
Tesla should maybe build infrastructure to sell more cars there if it wants to sell more S and X.

Next generation Roadster. That’s the ticket.

Agreed, hands down & without a doubt an updated Roadster would be a killer car for sure.

The Model S is too hot.
The Model X is too cold.
The Model 3 is just right.

Hands down the MS is a winner.. and one can have it right now.. the bugs and glitches are nearly all gone.. and save for a few over sights.. the S is best overall design.. my suggestion. . Avoid the panoramic roof.. it makes the S extremely hot or cold depending on your ambient temperatures. . Get the 90D.. the extra battery is every bit worth it.. skip the back seats and cold weather package. .get the bigger charger, smart air, AP. and tech gen seats..and all black interior.. I went with the matte obeche trim..and the blue exterior. .this is the best Tesla built right now.. the X is going to be Tesla’s Achilles heal.. those falcon doors are going to be nothing but trouble.. it is a vehicle that did not hit the target.. more people should be fired.. for the money..a few better and more utilitarian vehicle should and certainly could have been made and delivered. . If you want to show off trouble.. get an X.. don’t say you weren’t warned.. the MS is the way to go.. no doubt in my mind ..almost 6K on my 2016 MS 90D.. no troubles yet.. see if… Read more »

If you live in the snowbelt, get the cold weather package; you’ll want it. Otherwise not. Likewise, if you live in an area with bad fog, you want the fog lights…

I disagreed with you in another post, and I’ll do it again here. After driving our Volts around for a couple years, a friend of ours gave my wife and I a ride in his S. It was nice, but it was NOT worth the premium price upgrade over my Volt. Yes, it will give ONE additional person a comfortable back seat experience…but I have utility in my Volt and even use it for deer hunting. But the X finally takes the passenger limit out of the equation for me. I would NEVER get an S over an X. Again, I could do without the FWDs and wish there was more storage room, but an X is worth making the jump from a Volt, the S simply is not. But I have been a logical thinker all my life. My first car out of college was a brand new Chevy Caprice- an old man’s car at the age of 22. And the Caprice was followed by a Buick Roadmaster. I have wanted adequate towing power and passenger accommodation in my vehicle purchases…again no towing with an S. I currently retain a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid for when I need towing or… Read more »

“Avoid the panoramic roof.. it makes the S extremely hot or cold depending on your ambient temperatures.”

Well what about the Model3 with its giant panorama glass?

Model S the beSt

Would a future update of the Model S bring Towing to the Sedan? Even 3,500 Lbs would be interesting!

Among the three choices, if money is no concern, Model S would be my choice.

It is the best looking one of the three and has most the utilities and performance.

Model X is too ugly and too much fluff. Model 3 is half ugly and a bit smaller and less useful.

Model S is perfect.

Tesla is almost like a great movie with sequels… Somehow it is hard to beat the first 2…

Common Rich …. Your alias clearly says it, so pls suck it up,and buy Yesla’s money makers.

You will sleep much better at night, you know it.