Buy A Cadillac ELR, Get A Free ChargePoint Card – Charging Fees Still Apply


But We Gave You a Free Card... ;)

But We Gave You a Free Card… 😉

Effective from April, Cadillac ELR buyers get a free ChargePoint card upon purchase of the $75,000 ELR.

“By providing a ChargePoint card with every ELR, drivers can immediately sign up for free and get access to ChargePoint’s network.”

States Cadillac.

But what Cadillac fails to mention is that you only get the card, not free access to charging stations like Nissan offers on its under $30,000 LEAF.

So, for $75,000, Cadillac and ChargePoint are willing to toss in a card worth approximately $5.  Thanks Cadillac.

Full press release below:

Cadillac and ChargePoint Bring EV Customer Luxury Driving Experience

World’s largest, most open electric vehicle charging network available to ELR drivers

NEW YORK – Cadillac today (2014-04-16) announced a partnership with ChargePoint, the largest and most open electric vehicle-charging network in the world. The collaboration brings Cadillac ELR drivers immediate access to more than 16,500 charging locations on the ChargePoint network.

The ELR electrified luxury coupe went on sale at the end of 2013. It embodies Cadillac’s Art & Science design philosophy, combining provocative design with progressive technology. All 2014 and 2015 ELRs include a ChargePoint Driver Kit in the owner’s manual, providing access to its 16,500 EV charging stations. Many are located where EV drivers work, eat, shop and play.

“ChargePoint is thrilled that Cadillac, a marquee brand in the luxury car industry, has developed an electric vehicle for its customers,” said Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO. “With the ELR, Cadillac is helping drive the rapid growth of EVs by offering an innovative and premium vehicle. We are confident that as more EV options come out, more people will make the switch to electric.”

By choosing ChargePoint as a partner for the ELR, Cadillac ensures that car buyers know there is a robust charging network to support the growth of electric vehicles. The ELR has a total range of 340 miles and an all-electric range of 37 miles – which more than covers the average daily commute.

By providing a ChargePoint card with every ELR, drivers can immediately sign up for free and get access to ChargePoint’s network.

“We strive to provide Cadillac buyers with the highest level of customer care and ease of use for their vehicles, which is why we chose to partner with ChargePoint for the ELR,” said Uwe Ellinghaus, Global Cadillac chief marketing officer.

“ChargePoint’s large network with advanced technology ensures the smoothest charging and greatest driving experience for ELR drivers,” he said.

ChargePoint users have helped combat global warming by saving over 3.8 million gallons of gas and over 25 million pounds of CO2 emissions.

Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR

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And unless the station is free, why would you even want to charge at Chargepoint station? The gasoline would be cheaper.

Please, DON’T charge at public chargestation . . . let the pure EVs use them.

In Orlando, there are quite a few Chargepoint stations that charge $.13/kWH. Seems reasonable to me.

They vary wildly for me. $1/hour. $2/hour. Free. $1/hour for first 5 hours then $10/hour after that.

Fees vary wildly on Chargepoint because Chargepoint doesn’t set the rates, the site owns the equipment and sets the rates.

Chargepoint only maintains the equipment and runs the billing system.

And what is the purpose of this? Just write about $5 plastic? Sorry guys. But is there some better content? How about we go into deep cover and find out what is going with Car Charging and Blink since there has been really ZERO progress on their expansion since the purchase?

Well, that is the point of the story . . . it is a bit of an insult/gimmick.

GM needs to slash the price by $20K or so.


Man, with articles like this on a pro-EV site, it’s no wonder the adoption curve is so low.

But yes, this is a bit gimmicky.

This is another sad testimony of GM’s cheapskate mentality after the ignition switch fiasco.

Some people just can’t learn…

Don’t you want ELR NOT clogging up public charging station for BEVs?

Which way is it?

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about. I rather have the impression that you are missing the point of this article.

I personally have nothing against this beautiful car, which is a shining example that hybrids do not have to be fugly. I do have a beef against GM’s philosophy of stinginess.

It looks like GM is doing everything they can to ensure the ELR is a failure.

At this point production should be stopped, based on current sales, there are over 2 years worth of inventory sitting on dealer lots.

While GM runs ads telling you to just work harder so you can have $75k to spend on a Volt plug-in hybrid.

I think they have stopped production, I thought the plan was to use a line that normally makes volts until they had a big stock built up and then switch back to making volts while the sell off what they have made.

With GM who knows, maybe the same summer intern who sold all the volts last year for next to nothing in August will come back this year and sell off all the ELR’s. We’ll wait and see I only hope they keep something for the big selling months in Nov/Dec.

no one uses chargepoint lol

Pretty sad, bashing GM for including a chargepoint card in the owner’s manual.

Does this site want to promote (ER)EVs or not?

It does.
But they’re still allowed to expose how bad of a deal this is for customers. I like some critical thinking instead of a GM marketing copy/paste.

How is including a card in an owner’s manual, “a bad deal”? The car owner can choose to use it, or not. Nothing is lost by using it.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

This is pretty laughable. What a fiasco.

They come with the Spark EV as well. Seems like an odd thing to promote as ChargePoint will send you free cards when you signup. Of course, the ones ChargePoint sends out might not have a picture of an ELR on the card if that is important to you.

Dennis Miles (EVprofessor)

LOL, that is truly a laugh. I have a Charge Point card in my wallet, it was free. Iwas offered it to use in demonstrating charging to my students, so I could open the access door. I have never used it to actually charge an EV. in the past four years. (They even sent me a new one when they changed the name from Coulomb.)

Just drop the price to 58’990 USD first.
Anyway it is a beautiful and good car, but it lost all credits and sympathy before even launched with overpricing.

What is laughable is the continuation of non-ev people doing promotions like this. What ev owner would think that charge station access would sell even one more vehicle??? It’s hamhanded and laughable.