Buy a Renault Zoe, Get a Home Charger Installed Free


Here’s a perk we think should come standard with the purchase of any electric vehicle: buy the automobile…get a free charger.

Renault Zoe Getting Plugged In

Renault Zoe Getting Plugged In

Renault is trying to encourage potential Zoe buyers with an offer that saves them up to $1,500.

According to Renault, all Zoe buyers in the UK will get a free charger installed by British Gas.  More specifically, Renault says “British Gas will install a 32 amp (7 kilowatt) Z.E. ready Single Wall-box with all new and pre-ordered purchases.”

The home charger will be installed prior to delivery of the Zoe, which won’t launch in the UK until June 7.

Renault UK’s Andy Heiron, Head of Electric Vehicle Program, says “Adding a free Wall-box to its chic styling and tempting pricing now makes it an even more irresistible proposition.”

The French automaker believes that Zoe owners will plug in at home for 90% of their charging needs.  As Renault says, charging from empty to full will only take 3.5 hours with the free Single Wall-box installed by British Gas.

But the real purpose here for Renault is to get the charger installed so that these Zoe buyers are equipped for electric vehicle ownership and therefore are more likely to continue to purchase plug-in vehicles in the future.

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A good commercial gambit by the manufacturer to grow a market. That indicates a commitment by industry – not a government hand-out based on deficit spending. Cheers.

Sorry to disappoint you but 75% of the cost of a home charger is paid for by the government here in the UK so Renault have only had to stump up the other 25% ….wait a minute didn’t the price of a Zoe go UP by £450 prior to launch. So in effect a very good marketing ploy which hasn’t cost Renault a penny.

oh too bad – another con job. sorry

Good article Eric. Nice addition by Parker.

Is that ’32 amp charger’ a modified version of the 30 amp 2430 Schneider Electric thing sold by the big box stores? It looks very similiar to mine with the exception of having an outlet on the front plastic cover.

If that Zoe is charging at 32 amps then its quite obvious that Europeans allow their cords to get much hotter than allowed in the states. Anyone know the cross sectional area of the cord? That was I could cross reference to our “American Wire Gauge” system, and compare.

Do you mean voltage and amps.
Herein the Netherlands it’s almost 240v 50 Hz and most of the time 1 fase has a 16 amp switch/braker.
52A on the main-braker, not excesible by a consumer.

A consumer can get a 400v 3-fase 32A easily here. For if you want a 3-fase oven.
Now to charge up the car 😉

No , I meant that that cord in the picture is incredibly small if its rated for 32 amps. The accompanying text said its 32 amps so I wondered how “big” the cord is the woman is using. Its a posibility that the charger is actually only 16 amps, and the article doesn’t match the picture.. I was trying to get some Europeans to resolve the discrepancy.

There was recently a report in Germany, that Renault will refuse to sell you a Zoe, if you do not own a private garage or if you do not agree to install the bundled 3.7 kW charging box.
Also Renault has raised the price from 20600€ to 21700€ in Germany.

Very smart of Renault, this will alleviate a lot customer complaints and stranded cars by the side of the road