Business Insider Spots Two New Tesla Model X SUVs Outside Of Apple’s Secret Car Site



Tesla Model X Outside Of Apple's Secret Car Lab - Image Credit: Business Insider

Tesla Model X Outside Of Apple’s Secret Car Lab – Image Credit: Business Insider

Apple’s secret electric car lab, codenamed “Rhea” in Sunnyvale, California is located on a dead end street in an industrial area.  (Rhea of course being a “Titan” in Greek mythology)

The area surrounding the lab is not often busy, so when Business Insider ventured out there to take a look around, the news organization was surprised to see not one, but two Tesla Model X SUVs parked nearby.

As Business Insider explains:

“..when I was in Silicon Valley last month, I decided to drive by to check out this facility that Apple has reportedly codenamed “Rhea.” 

“When I got there, I discovered a complex of boring office buildings with frosted windows. The street was pretty barren and the parking lots were empty. It was a Sunday, after all.”

“But in front of 175 San Gabriel Dr, I spotted two brand new Tesla Model X SUVs — the new electric SUV that came out earlier this year.”

There no way of knowing who owns these Model X SUVs, but it would be quite the coincidence to see two just by chance parked near Apple’s car lab.

Business Insider speculates that these Model X SUVs are likely being used for benchmarking, a common practice in the automotive industry.

Business Insider adds:

“…they were the only cars on the street on that Sunday. Neither had California plates — one had an special Illinois “interstate transport” plate, and the other had a generic Tesla “zero emissions” paper plate.”

When asked for comment, Apple did not respond.

Source: Business Insider

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‘There no way of knowing who owns these Model X SUVs, but it would be quite the coincidence to see two just by chance parked near Apple’s car lab.’

Umm…could it be that the same type of individual who would work at this location might be inclined to want to own this kind of car?

When I bought my X, I don’t recall there being a question about who my employer was, nor any exclusion based on such. It’s like those Tesla people will sell to just any consumer…imagine that!

“Reah” sounds like something Scooby Doo would say. 😉

Incidental parking isn’t correlation or causality. But, I do personally feel that Apple is likely looking to Elon as a sort of surrogate for Steve Jobs’ guidance; at least in terms of BEVs.

When I hear the description of Rhea, and know who owns it, I think of the mansion that is the entrance to the Hive under Racoon City, from the Resident Evil series.

Maybe the guys working there make lots of money and like the model x? I’ve seen other exotic cars there too. Maybe car guys with money is to blame.

I think this is the most likely case.

It’s two rich guys in Silicon Valley. What else would they drive?

All we can do is speculate, lots of answered questions…

If they were used for bench marking, why even bother parking them on the street? Why not drive directly into the garage or (I looked at google maps, there are facility parking lots) why not the parking lot?

Apple has apparently been working on this car for over a year, X has been out for months, why benchmark now?

Summary, if they were used for benchmarking they’re apple is very sloppy when it comes to covering their tracks…

Most likely it’s just a case of, as others have said, Apple executives being exactly the sort of people who buy the Model X.

But as long as we’re speculating wildly…

Mobileye recently announced it would no longer be a supplier to Telsa after their current contract runs out. Those two Model X’s are “proof” that Tesla will be switching to Apple as the supplier for its Autopilot sensor suite! 😛

I work next to one of the MB Design Centers and see other manufacturers cars in the lot all the time. Have to admit that I never thought it was news worthy.

People working in a futuristic car industry might be interested in futuristic cars. 😐

If a Morris Minor and a Trabant were parked nearby, that might raise some eyebrows.

Talk about non-news. While they may be rare in most places in the country, teslas are a dime a dozen in silicon valley. I think a see a new Tesla every week in the lot on the main apple campus (I would hazard a guess at about 300 total). I doubt you could stand at any busy intersection in silicon valley for more than about 5 minutes and not see a tesla, maybe 20 minutes to see a model X.

In other news, two Tesla employees were spotted using iPhones in the same coffee shop.

Clearly this is an indication that Apple plans to buy out Tesla soon. 😉