Burnt BMW i8 For Sale On Craigslist For $13,000 OBO


A burnt-beyond-repair (salvage title) BMW i8 is listed for sale on Craigslist for $13,000 OBO (Or best offer).

No word on cause of fire, but much of the car was destroyed by the blaze.

BMWBLOG reports:

“The 2014 i8 has 3200 miles on the odomoter and apparently it comes with a good rear suspension, rear wheels, rear engine, rear transmission, subframe, doors (good shell, regulators good), calipers, battery, main carbon fiber tub (undamaged), front electric motor and transmission (might need to be rebuilt).”

Burnt BMW i8

Burnt BMW i8

More photos and details found here on Craigslist.


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Forest fire ?

The front looks mushed in on the drivers side.

looks like 5000 to me

5000 what? It looks like scrap to me. I don’t see much in the way of salvageable parts.

u can get a 2 year lease on an i3 for 13k

Or buy a Leaf…

wow that a good deal. $13K. here in northern Virginia the Leafs are leasing out at $16K plus tax and fees.

What is an OBO?

Or best offer

I see, thanks!


Mine would be ZERO.

It’s Not even worth the cost to recycle it.

Have you seen the cost of BMW parts?

Especially those smoked for better flavor? 😉



I have. They really don’t seem to be much higher than any other car.

Nice thermal mitigation there, BMW. 😉

No, no, you don’t understand… The car was part of an arctic-conditions test fleet, and accidentally got left in the arctic a year.
That’s freezer burn. (-:

Songoku come quick, Freezer is back.

Bmw i8: You looked cool once upon a time, but now you are all melted and your low slung undercarriage is dragging on the pavement, and a chariot is swinging low for you, all because Ya Burnt!


I’d say that’s a Huge Improvement To the Factory Model……..

I really don’t see what you can get from that car to ask for 13 000$. I don’t think you can rescue the battery from that…

For $13,000, somebody gets a VIN number and a salvage title.

With that, and some artful work fabricating VIN tags, they can successfully launder a stolen i8 worth 8-10 times as much. They title the stolen car with the salvage title, and pretend that they “repaired” it.

For bonus scammer points, they then register the car through a state that doesn’t have branded or salvage titles, then title it again in yet another state. This washes the salvage brand off of the title, and they now have a clean title, and a valid VIN for the i8 they stole.

He will get his asking price, or pretty close to it, and the car itself will be stripped of VIN’s and dumped. Or slipped into the crusher in a junkyard by a junkyard who is willing to ignore the law requiring a title before a car is scrapped.

Now I know why your name is “Nix”

*evil grin*

Good luck convincing someone you repaired THAT mess.

Devious minds think alike…..lol….. Good point!

$13,000 for a car that’s burnt out from front to back?

“He’s dreamin'” –Darryl Kerrigan, “The Castle” (1997)

It’s rather hard to believe there are any good parts left in there, especially heat-sensitive things like the battery, when the plastic on the tail lights is literally dripping… But who knows, I’m no car-fire expert.

There are parts to recycle in that heap?
not 13K worth with that amount of damage.
They must be dreaming.

can’t believe the disaster that caused this wasn’t go-pro’d and plastered all over boob-tube..