Burning for Details on the Focus Electric Launch?

MAY 24 2012 BY MARC LEE 2

With the imminent first sale of a retail Focus Electric at hand, Ford has teased us with this news release.  Mostly a review of previously released information on the Focus Electric but also some discussion about the Future in Review Conference (FiRe) in Laguna Beach California.   The conference concludes on Friday.  Ford is touting their use of technology in and out of the car to  help deal with global gridlock.  According to the FiRe website:

No other conference offers participants a more accurate view of the technology industry in the next 3-5 years. And no other conference provides the intellectual engagement and challenge you will find at FiRe, in a beautiful environment, meeting with the world leaders who are building that future.

One Ford executive is on the speaker list, Daniel Kapp, Director of Powertrain Research & Advanced Engineering.  Dan lead the development of advanced powertrain technologies such as EcoBoost at Ford’s Research and Advanced Activity center.

Perhaps Mr. Kapp will be on hand with other Ford executives to shake hands with the first retail customer in CA tomorrow?

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I drove one last week. Fit and finish is nice, but I felt a little claustrophobic in it. There is virtually no rear storage as part of the battery pack takes most of the room. Drove very nice with plenty of pick-up.