Burnie Burns Transforms His Tesla Model S Into A Real Life Video Game Car – Video


Probably one of the oddest and most unique wraps we have seen on a Tesla vehicle yet, we find (via Reddit user itoa5t) that Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth has wrapped his Tesla Model S P90D to look like it is straight out of an animated automotive racing game.

Cartoon Tesla Model S anyone? (via YT Rooster Teeth)

We aren’t exactly sure what to make of the end result as an everyday look, but we do know one thing – it’s a pretty cool experiment.

Video Description:

“Burnie transforms his Tesla through the magic of cel shading into an incredible vehicle reminiscent of something out of a cartoon or video game. ||| See Rooster Teeth videos early on FIRST: http://bit.ly/298f7WE

Below some higher resolution shots of the project via imgur:

Cel-shaded Tesla Model S

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8 responses to "Burnie Burns Transforms His Tesla Model S Into A Real Life Video Game Car – Video"
  1. ijonjack says:

    Beauty is Definateley “In the eye of the beholder”…..Why this on a perfectly fine Car ?

    1. Foo says:


  2. Dj says:

    Someone likes Borderlands too much…

  3. ffbj says:

    He won’t have to worry about blending in anymore. Yellow is at the top of the list for visibility.

  4. Mister G says:


  5. Foo says:

    I think the owner/driver should also wear cartoon-like make-up and some kind of super-hero outfit, to complete the package.

  6. James says:

    While I could go all negative on this, geeks
    can afford Tesla’s, and that is great.

    Mark one up for individuality, and people
    customize cars to stand out from the many.
    I do see tons of Tesla S in my area, to where
    they don’t even catch my eye anymore. Xs are
    still fairly rare where I live, so the novelty
    factor there still exists.

    This will garner attention from millennials and
    gamers – the very people that legacy car
    companies fear won’t care to own a car in the
    near future.

    They get this, I don’t. But who cares!
    Customization means a car or brand is touching
    skuls, creating a diverse fan base. The difference
    between buying a transportation appliance
    and being excited about something often
    results in acts of individualism.

    Look online for custom Prius for example. In
    Japan, yes, but here in the USA most Prius
    owners keep it 100% stock.

    I used to peruse Priuschat for Prius mods.
    It was many years until a few guys started
    adding aftermarket rims. Some felt it a big deal
    If they stuck some fake wood on the cup holder!
    I mean post after post of readers in awe and the
    guy posting pics and tips as if he performed a full custom job!

    This wrap isn’t my cup o’tea but kudos to the
    guy for individualizing his ride!

  7. Nicholas says:

    Pretty cool..would be neat to cover the nosecone as it is an older Tesla..

    ..also vinyl is pretty toxic and polluting..but this is imaginative if he keeps it a while..for kids and things

    They’re at the Mueller Studios