Building a Tesla Supercharger – Video

AUG 14 2014 BY MARK KANE 15

Place for Tesla Supercharger

Place for Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger under construction

Tesla Supercharger under construction

Electric Conduit Construction recently released a video on building a Tesla Supercharger in Goodland, Kansas.

As it turns out, installing everything from the beginning to end takes 11 days (shortened to 7 minutes in the video).

“The Project Managers at Electric Conduit Construction were excited to learn that they were the successful bidder on a Tesla Superchager station. The project was located in Goodland, Kansas and was one of a chain of stations being built across the country to make long distance travel by electric vehicle a reality. Travelers can stop, plug their cars in and be ready to go again in an hour. With battery technology constantly improving this time could be much shorter in the future.”

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

“Planning began on this project with the objective of completing it efficiently with no punch list items outstanding. This required a thorough site survey, arrangements with local sand, gravel and concrete suppliers and close coordination with our electricians. Crew logistics were arranged and the job started on May 27th 2014, in a green field next to the Holiday Inn Express. The crews worked hard to complete the project in 11 days. This kind of efficiency will help bring power to Tesla vehicles much faster than before.”

“Power was brought to a transformer and pad from poles about 600’ away from the site. Electric Conduit crews poured the footings and pads for the main transformer and for Tesla’s Supercharger. The crews ran conduits to the pads and to the charging stations, pulled the wires for power and control circuits and made up all terminations.”

“No detail was overlooked; the plans were followed to the letter. Each conduit and every wire was placed and terminated accurately. When the job was finished the sod was restored the site cleaned up and all systems tested to 100% functionality.”

“Electric Conduit Construction was proud to have a hand in completing one in a chain of charging stations that will someday bring efficient travel by electricity to our nation’s highways.”

Screen Shot From Video

Screen Shot From Video

Update:  It appears the video has been pulled by Electric Conduit Construction, and its YouTube channel is now empty.  If/when it returns online we will update the story/link.

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This video has been removed by the user?

Perhaps Tesla had them pull it down. Trade secrets.

The nameplate spills the beans on most of that and whats this open source stuff I thought Musk was trumpeting?

More likely they don’t want a video until AFTER its inspected.

They are not ‘Open Source’ . . . just not going to enforce their patents against other EV builders. And with their reduction in patent enforcement, keeping their trade secrets is probably even more important than ever.

Probably not much would be disclosed in the building of a supercharger but better safe than sorry.

In what kind of state can you take down a video, that was filmed on public ground?

When you paid the people that did the job.

I get the same message. Video removed by user.

Only see the still pic, but just to critique it a bit you’d think if the contractor was semi-proud of his work he’d at least get the PVC sched 40 straight up and down.

I know the wires don’t care.

“Electric Conduit Construction was proud to have a hand in completing one in a chain of charging stations that will someday bring efficient travel by electricity to our nation’s highways.”

Someday? ICEheads.

I thought this was how Tesla Superchargers were built?

It could well be that the installing company’s website got flooded with traffic due to this article.

Does anyone else question the wisdom of installing a QC at a hotel? Does Holiday Inn Express offer hourly rates in Kansas?

Is that you Dave?

Let’s all bow down.

I bet GM will have an affordable 200 mile EV before Tesla.

Really. And where exactly are they getting their cost-reduced, high capacity batteries from???

As Spec9 points out it seems obvious that Tesla would make them take it down. My question why would not Tesla explain to them not to do this?
Now they will. I bet ya.