Build Your Own BMW i3 REx – Base MSRP Now Just Under $10,000,000,000 After $7,500 Tax Credit


BMW i3 Now Priced at Over $10 Billion

BMW i3 Now Priced at Over $10 Billion

It’s on the Internet, so it’s gotta be true, right?

i3 Price Detail

i3 Price Detail

The US version of the BMW i3 build configurator sprang to life and with it came the shock that the i3’s base MSRP for the REx version skyrocketed from somewhere in the $45,000-ish region ($45,200 to be exact) to north of $10,000,000,000.

Yes, it’ll now cost you over $10 billion to own a BMW i3.  Luckily, the federal tax credit drops that price to a far more reasonable $9,999,993,424.  It’s sure a relief to know you can still get $7,500 back on a $10-plus billion EV, isn’t it?

Back to reality time…

The BMW i3 configurator is obviously still a work in progress.  We suspect BMW will have it fully functional sometime next week, but until then the i3’s build price is in excess of $10 billion and all options cost $0.  At least there’s no extra charge for options, but then again if you happen to have $10 billion to spend on a vehicle, what’s a few more million?

Check out the BMW i3 configurator for yourself by clicking here (note: we expect the inaccurate pricing information to be corrected soon by BMW, so don’t be surprised if when you go to build an i3, it’s no longer over $10 billion).

ReX Version Over $10 Billion Too

ReX Version Over $10 Billion Too

Packages Cost $0

Packages Cost $0

Options Cost $0

Options Cost $0

Choosing a "World" Means You're Stuck With One Interior - No Color Choices Here

Choosing a “World” Means You’re Stuck With One Interior – No Color Choices Here

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The $10,000,000 for the car isn’t so bad, its the $9,990,000,000 for the BMW 50,000 mile service and warranty that really kills it for me. I knew BMW’s were expensive to service, but this seems a bit extreme. That is about $200,000 / mile to run the thing.

Its ok, the MSRP doesn’t matter…I hear everyone leases these days, (=

MSRP: $10,000,000,924
Lease: $399 with $3,999 down (wag)

What is the residual on that lease? $9,999,985,000?

That is world class resale value (99.999%). I will gladly put that risk on them 😉 I better read that fine print on damage costs and the per mile overage.

I imagine KBB will have a new leader for worst residual value soon


I believe they used the same webmaster that created the website for the Affordable Health Care Act.

This is worse – I bet they don’t have 3,000 pages of rules to implement.

Not unless BMW spent $680 million in a no-bid contract to someone who was buddies with the CEO.

Oh well … just another $10 / taxpayer.

Still making a deposit, will pay it off in the year 2500

My BMW i3 with Range Extender Details
160 – 180 miles per charge
Fully charged in approximately 3 hours

Best in its class

The link on BMWs website now says “Build Your Own coming soon.”. Obviously this was not meant to be released yet.

We heard at Last nights event for ActiveE drivers that orders will begin in January and that in a month the cost of the worlds and options would be released for the i3 build configure pages.
Very few options.


That’s interesting Peder. Last we heard about a month ago (via Jacob Harb – Head of Electric Vehicle Operations) that order books would be open before the end of next week. Maybe the apparent change has a tie-in with the slightly delayed release.

Thanks for the heads-up/411…gonna have to make some inquiries now, (=

Can I get rid of the two-tone?

Wish their site was working. Any guess what those 20’s will cost? I hate the Mega wheels, so would probably go with Giga if the price was about the same.

dont know but the 20’s definitely are the best looking rims

I’m happy that BMW starts to think green but why in the name of allmighty god relese such an ugly car. They have beautiful sedans, all roads etc, but this looks horrendous. Is it done on purpose to maintain ICE just a little bit longer…?

You know what, the i3 actually looks a lot better in person, its really nice looking i test drove on today at the LA Auto Show at the BMW i Experience test drive, very fast and very cool car, also the girl that signed me up was hot and knew her stuff.

Can You tell me more about the girl 😉

Ok, seriously now, I see a vast distance between the design of ICE BMW and the electric ones. I have an impression that i3 was design in hurry just to underline the presence on emerging EV market. I hope BMW will not share Kodak faith.

BTW I’m also a Tesla fan! Cheers