Buick Enspire Electric SUV Debuts In China With 370-Mile Range


Buick has just revealed its sleek Enspire all-electric SUV.

The automaker says it goes 370 miles per charge and notes it can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds. Not quite in Tesla Model X territory, but certainly on the quick side for an SUV.

***UPDATE – April 25 –  Live images from the debut of Enspire in China have been added to this post. 

InsideEVs was first to report exclusively on this Bolt-based EV offering back in mid 2017.

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The 2018 Buick Enspire all-electric concept SUV

Sadly though, it’s just a concept. And furthermore, it seems to be a China-only offering, that is, provided it ever reaches production form, which doesn’t seem to be the intent here. Instead, Buick says it’s “an exploration of Buick’s bold design ideas and innovative technologies for future mobility.”

According to Buick, the concept puts out up to 410 kW of power, is “able to travel up to 370 miles on a single charge” and can even charge wirelessly. It’s a concept, so of course it can do whatever one can imagine.

It supports fast charging too, which the automaker says can replenish that battery to 80% in 40 minutes.

Enspire will make its on-stage debut in China later this month and we’ll be on hand to snap live images of it as it hits the stage. Alongside it will be the new Buick Velite 6 plug-in hybrid and pure electric, both of which will enter production.

There’s no indication at this time that this concept is production bound. In fact, we’d bet against it.

The 2018 Buick Enspire all-electric concept SUV

Press blast below:

Enspire All-Electric Concept SUV Debuts in China

Sculptural beauty meets advanced battery electric technology in Chinese concept SUV

WUZHEN, China — The Buick Enspire all-electric concept SUV, an exploration of Buick’s bold design ideas and innovative technologies for future mobility, made its global debut in China. Key features include:

Experience Features:

Exterior feature lines and advanced aerodynamics accentuate the exterior’s strong, sculptural look.
A “surround skyline” interior theme and suspended theater-type seating give the Enspire a bright and spacious interior.
The center console and armrests are made from natural wood grain and microfiber suede.
Cutting-edge technologies include an OLED display screen and an intelligent augmented reality technology-based head-up display system.
5G super high-speed network concept.
Performance Features:

Buick’s eMotion electric propulsion technology generates a maximum power of 410 kW, enabling the concept to sprint from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds.
The Enspire is able to travel up to 370 miles on a single charge.
Supports both fast and wireless charging — the battery can be charged to 80 percent of capacity within 40 minutes.
The Enspire all-electric concept SUV will be on display at Auto China 2018 in Beijing from April 25 to May 4.

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So the real question is, will GM try and build them in China and then export some back to the US like they do with the Chinese Cadillac plug-in?

If they do this I’m thinking that GM’s future strategy is to make and export back to the US their plug-ins in China where demand is great and labor costs are low and keep their gas-guzzling LICE truck and SUV production in the US.

The first question I would think no, so as to ameliorate the sales of ICE in China, those evs will go to China.

The second question yes, as it’s those are their big money makers, where consumers get ripped off the most.
Even dropping the price of the truck 10k they still make a big profit.

So pickup sales in the USA will support high tech EVs made in China for the Chinese masrket? Thanks GM and you’re welcome for the bailout.

This really should not come as a surprise. Mary Barra laid out this strategy as a way to 100% emissions free model lineup while maintaining profitability. Focus EV market on China where regulations require it and there will be a big market, thanks to incentives. And focus on profitable truck and SUV market in North America to pay for the transition to EVs.

Thank the US government for weak EV policies and regulations.

But ultimately, we will see a production version of this Buick (toned down vs the concept to be sure), and I hope they sell a million of these. Climate change is a global problem, and it doesn’t matter too much if they sell, these in China or the US. As long as they build them and sell them.

Electric cars in China are mostly coal powered. Chinese electric system is 75% coal (they use half of all the coal used worldwide). China wants to substitute domestic coal production for oil imports.

China’s electricity was 66% coal in 2016 (down from a high of 81% in 2007)

Even at 66% coal, EVs pollute less than ICE cars and as china cleans up their grid further, it will only get better.

Yes…There are very few “I only buy American built GM vehicles” AND “I want an EV”…While there are some fiercely loyal Volt owners, they still use gas and still want a base/cheap/optionless PHEV CUV…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“So the real question is, will GM try and build them in China and then export some back to the US like they do with the Chinese Cadillac plug-in?”

If they do, I definitely will not buy one and will not recommend to others not to. I’m not interested in sending jobs to China or supporting jobs in China.

So like 3 years away, if ever, and only in China.
It does look nice though. Wonder if I will see one.

The Bolt debuted as a concept, and was announced for production just a month later. GM ain’t VW when it comes to concept pr0n.

Though the Enspire looks more concept-y than the Bolt concept did. And you’re likely right it will be mainly a China offering if it eventually does go to production.

But pretty damn nice looking! Especially the front. The rear…not quite so much.

It’s hard to please everyone. I thought the rear looked sort of funky too. But I think it will go into production in China in a reasonable amount of time, as conditions for evs are more favorable.

That is so true. I see out next dec 2019

That’s not the most concept-y concept I have ever seen. It certainly looks like it could be production intent.

The exterior is pretty close to production, but the interior, not so much.

Considering they’re supposed to be unveiling 20 new EVs by 2023, and two in the coming months, it’s quite possible that this is very much a Bolt scenario (12 months after the concept, we have the production intent version)

This definitely is like one of the “20 by 2023” cars….probably based on the next gen Bolt platform.

With 410 kW of power, 370 miles range, and 80% charge in 40 minutes, it likely will be based on GM’s new EME 1.0 EV platform that will use new battery tech and can support everything from a Model 3-ish sedan to a 7-passenger luxury SUV. They are planning to start rolling out products using that platform in 2021 and have at least 9 BEV’s using it out by 2025. The “20 by 2023” referred to “zero emissions vehicles” and could include fuel cell vehicle products.

We still are expecting that Buick Bolt variation out soon – GM said by 2020.

The “next-gen Bolt platform in 2025” report has me confused. I had assumed the EME 1.0 would handle all their next-gen BEVs. We have had no word from GM regarding the Bolt’s long-term future (though they are pouring a ton of money into the Cruise AV version development). Just the statement from an outside firm “Auto Forecast Solutions”. But what is their source of this report?


Yeah, where the hell is the Buick Bolt? I’d have thought we’d have heard something about ti by now? Instead we get this teaser?

The “next-gen Bolt platform in 2025” report has me confused.

That report is completely bogus. Not from GM but from a stock analyst with a very poor track record. I dislike InsideEVs willingness to promote such speculation as fact.

Very nice looking concept!

Good specs and charge times. I hope something comes of this concept relatively soon. It sure sounds like the performance EV crossover that was teased at that recent Chevrolet event.

The production Velite 6 was also revealed at the same event. (I’m sure the Inside EVs article is coming shortly!) That PHEV/EV looks nice as well, although it is more wagon-like. Reminds me of a current gen Leaf in a lot of ways.

Yes please show us the Velite6 reveal

Bring it to the USA! A worthy 2020 – 21 Tesla Model Y competitor. The range is terrific!

The range is fake-range, probably more like 230 miles on the EPA cycle

And here I thought William was more serious than Willy.

No doubt the range is on a Chinese cycle. No idea if it translates to a 230 mile range, I’d guess more like 300, but it will not be what’s stated on the Chinese cycle.

Their is a professional field of applied science called “engineering”. They know the basic stats (size, aero, weight, power, gearing, etc) and can target a range. Should be noted that GM under promised and over delivered on the Bolt EV range.

It’s a concept car; there is no “it” there. The range is someone’s wishful thinking.

Range is an engineering estimate based.

It took the Bolt EV two years to go from concept to production. I think, just like with the Bolt EV, there is going to be very strong demand for this car all over the world. Forget the badging, I think we will start to see variants of this this car from various GM makes for the 2021 model year in most markets around the world.

Looks good, but ditch the fake grille.

I like the fake grill. It may not be functional, but it’s stylish.

From what I gather from this pretty cool video, the grille in the concept actually seems to be an OLED screen so that the autonomous functions can communicate with pedestrians.


So the Buick Enspire would also be the first non-Caddy car to get Supercruise.

The Leaf was the first Nissan to get ProPilot. I think auto manufacturers are trying to get people to see EVs not just as alternative fuel but also high tech.

In the US. In Japan, it was the Serena minivan (I think that is what it is called).

This should be available in the U.S. before the $35k Model 3.

The model 3 is already in production with current sales going to employees and existing Tesla owners. Today Tesla shut down its production for one week so that they can re-tool the assembly line for a five thousand cars a month production output. $35K & +

Ok you just keep believing that.

EV-r, I want to see Tesla deliver the base Model 3 sooner rather than later, and it would be great if they can actually deliver the base model at $35k, but that is going to be really difficult to do without losing money on each base model they sell. If they get the base model onto the market this year at $38k-$39k, I will be ecstatic and I think that most reservation holders will stay the course and buy them at a slightly higher price.
I want Tesla to be profitable. I don’t think they can sell the 3 for $35k profitably.

“…0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds. Not quite in Tesla Model X territory, but certainly on the quick side for an SUV.”

On the quick side? It’s blazing fast for any car! Insanely fast. smh

Yeah.. check these times to compare:

Classic cars:

Slowest cars:

I know there are many many cars that is faster – but there are usually sold few of them.
A car like this Buick could sell many – if they sold it globally at a fair price.

Where do they sell Buick? US, Canada, China, Mexico? Where else?

They should start to sell it in different ranges too. Not everybody need that range or 0-60 time. Price, fair range and comfort does also sell cars.

Stupidly fast. Which smells expensive.

1 st national ad on the Nissan Leaf been airing on FS1 sports shows today. Using the the tech for cheap. Its not a car angle

They were running ads all weekend long during the NBA playoffs. Pretty impressive to spend that kind of money on a single model and an EV at that.

In SoCal the Clarity phev ad runs continuously on the FS1 stream.

Just seen nissan leaf ad during game 2 NBA Boston vs Milw on TNT. Wheres the Bolts ADS

lol…you are talking GM here. Their truck ads are all over the place…
The Clarity ads are during the NHL playoff games. They are actually saying “it runs on electricity but has gas if you need it”….

There’s no point advertising something where you’re purposely constraining production. Demand for the Bolt is clearly much higher than what they are producing (much of the demand is outside the U.S.).

Bolt sales are still respectable, but GM clearly doesn’t want to sell a lot of Bolts. I’m sure many of us here wish they would push the car harder.

InsideEVs should do an article on EVs Advertising except
and Exclude Tesla

Tesla has no tv ads so not sure what your problem is….

I dont have a problem with Tesla since everybody thinks that a electric car is a Tesla. They have brand recognition like Porsche and you dont see any advertising on Porsche since people know thier cars are fast. Its these legacy automakers that need to do a better job promoting thier own EVs to the masses

If they price this right, it looks nice enough that it could undercut the Jaguar i-Pace. Unfortunate we may never see it or the equivalent could be at least 2 years out here.

Is GM following VW eternal concept car or what?

If wishes were fishes.

Why Buick? Because China.

Sorry that’s not an SUV.

That’s just a car with big wheels (like most “SUV-only-in-name” ego-mobiles these names).

“these days”

Yeah, but most consumers don’t need a “real” SUV. That was one thing the car manufacturers managed to figure out in the 10s. In the 90s they built big honking SUVs on truck base that got 5-10 mpg. You could tow and do all kinds of stuff with them, but most didn’t. Now you get an SUV-shaped object, which is clearly what most people really wanted, while maintaining a still respectable 30 mpg or so.

Crossover “SUVs are merely tall station wagons. “Minivans” in the USA are referred to as MPVs on other continents. Multi Purpose Vehicle is what they are and certainly not “mini” anymore. Have you seen how big Pacificas and Odysseys are in N.America?! Tall 5 seater station wagons make little sense to me. Less efficient than conventional station wagons with a hatch, which is one thing the Germans still do well. It seems Americans are big, or more kindly, overweight and an aging population. We need tall cars to get into. Tall cars push more wind and tumble more air underneath, thus are less efficient and need bigger battery packs (expensive). At least to justify your SUV purchase, get 3 rows of seating. Literally all of this upcoming wave of European EV CUVs have 2 rows of seats. This still makes the Honda Clarity PHEV one of the smartest choices out there. If they were to mass produce them, that is. Or hey, Honda, how about a BEV Clarity with a hatchback and 200 miles of range for we who cannot afford a $50,000 Model 3 without a rear hatch? All in, I’d be buying a Pacifica Hybrid right now if… Read more »

That’s my criticism of the Jaguar iPace too. “SUV” is being used to describe almost anything that will carry 4 or more people because automakers believe “Everybody wants an SUV”.

Yeah, Jag…Put 21″ thin sidewall tires on a tall station wagon that seats 5 very cramped passengers in 2 rows of seats and call it SUV…😀 Better yet,call it a Tesla Killer and price it at $70,000!!!! Lol. Don’t forget to add a fake grille so folks can remember the good ole gas burnin’ days, and reduce the size of the crunk in doing so.

Hey, sure has a sweet looking leather British lux interior though, dang it….it IS a Tesla killer! Where’s my wallet?

GM needs to launch an independent EV only car company, so they can get back in on the fedaral tax rebates.

Doesn’t seem fair that Audi, VW, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, and Porsche are all under the VAG umbrella but each brand gets to count 200,000 qualifying EVs, while the GM brands combined only get 200,000. Buick should get 200k, Chevy should get 200k, GMC 200k, and Cadillac 200k.


Just like GM to have a concept that people would buy, but never bring it to market. Instead bring EV that have a mediocre look and will barely sell. Can you imagine a EV Acadia based SUV. GM will never wake up till its catch up time.

EV Acadia would need 100kWh to go 200miles. And it would cost $60K which means nobody will buy it.

It’s logical they aim for China: it’s there that EVs sell in largest numbers and it’s there that Buick has a good name.

If other regions choose to have lax regulations while China is creating a real market and a real industry, this is what you get.

Why do cars need to drive through pristine nature, crossing pristine rivers, all far from a road?

Happens in commercials and seldom in real life. Advertisers are selling the concept of rugged independence and freedom – to drive sales.

There might also be an intentional subtle message to allay fears of mixing EVs (electricity) and water.

Interesting… From the rear the car looks like my family’s old 1960 Rambler Station Wagon. Great car except the front end fell out into the street when it was 3 1/2 years old. Not rust-proofed very well, Rather like the Rust-o-loop.

I want it!! Damn it. Wish we can get what China gets as far as EV choices are concerned.

Vote the republicans out and support a nationwide ZEV mandate, stronger emissions rules, and a Carbon fee.

I hate it when I read ‘Not quite in Tesla Model X territory, but certainly on the quick side for an SUV’. 4 sec is definitely in Model X territory, just no P100D territory. It is as if every time we compare to a BMW 3 series it was implied that it is always against the sportiest M3.
A buick with such performance and great design is going to help re built their image. Kudos.

Hey China: this is America, we’ll give you a 370 mile range EV. Fellow Americans: pound sand.