Brusa Announces Pricing for its Complete Electric Drivetrain Packages

JUN 30 2013 BY MARK KANE 11

Swiss company Brusa Elektronik recently revealed its cards in terms of prices for complete electric drivetrain sets for various vehicle types.

The cheapest set (that doesn’t mean it’s actually cheap) is for motorcycles with 50 kW of power starting from €17,200 ($22,532 US).  It consists of a motor, inverter, 3.7 kW on-board charger and controller.

Lampo3 sports car with Brusa powertrain

Lampo3 sports car with Brusa powertrain

For vehicles that needs about 100 kW of maximum power – Brusa offers sets one and two that cost €22,500 ($29,475 US) and €24,500 ($32,083 US).   They too consist of a motor, inverter, controller, on-board charger and DC/DC converter. Sadly, if you want build own electric car, Brusa sets in basic versions will cost you almost as much as a Nissan LEAF and you still don’t have car or battery pack and must build it by yourself.

For €28.800 ($37,728 US) you can buy version no.3 that has 150 kW of power and for €56,500 ($73,987 US) you get a real killer – a double motor set with combined power of 360 kW for sports car levels of acceleration.

22-kW Brusa On-Board Charger

22-kW Brusa On-Board Charger

Optionally, Brusa offers a 22 kW 3-phase on-board charger, gearboxes and even a range extender, but unfortunately at these price levels it will be hard to find many buyers.

Summarized optimal combinations for each vehicle type in one flyer can be download directly here.

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Alaa Sadek

Why not get the same from China for a fraction of the price!


Because it would not work???

Alaa Sadek

Add a few more dollers and u can get a Tesla


Brusa is world class. Don’t know of anyone in China doing stuff at that level of quality, and performance.

That said, for a motorcycle, unless you have your heart set on building your own, you’d be better off with a complete 40 kW Zero S motorcycle for $16K, or a complete 125 kW Lightning motorcycle for $39K.

Dan Frederiksen

They are world class morons yes. Those prices are obviously ridiculous.


Point well made about pricing it with existing EV’s.
About half that price they would have a great chance.
Another venture pretty certain to have a rough go in the market.


They are all rear wheel drive configurations? That’s too bad. And there is no details about efficiency or whether these are AC induction motors or if they have rare earth magnets or not.

I’m building an electric car from scratch, and I hope I won’t have to pay that much for the drive train; because the battery pack and BMS will be more expensive. I’m hoping to use a 50-55kWh pack to go 300-400 miles range at 55MPH.



Right now, HPEVS is the setup of choice. Many dependable, reasonably priced, induction motors, and with the new 144 nominal volt Curtis controller, the torque curve is flat enough for single gear cars.

Dan Frederiksen

Incredible what has to malfunction in their minds to think those prices are workable.
Deeply profoundly moronic.

Gary H

The company has been in business since 1985 supplying various electric components (just looking at their website). It’s not like they’re going to go out of business simply by offering packages of components they already provide. I would look at it as increasing the choices you have to build your own without piecing everything together by yourself. The pricing is simply indicative of low volume sales as opposed to what mass production by other auto manufacturers can do.


Always the best will cost an arm and a leg, drop in perfection installed in a donor or hand built body Hammerhead garage