British Gas Orders 100 Nissan e-NV200

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British Gas orders 100 Nissan e-NV200

British Gas orders 100 Nissan e-NV200

At the Commercial Vehicle Show 2014 at NEC in Birmingham, UK, British Gas announced an order of 100 Nissan e-NV200 vans.

This is the UK’s largest electric commercial order following the successful pilot of 28 e-NV200, which were tested by British Gas last winter.

Initially, British Gas ordered 50 units, and a further 50 will join the fleet by December 2014.

In the longer term, British Gas would like to swap 10% of its 13,000 home service vans to all-electric ones and Nissan is in prime selling position to fulfill this eventual goal.

Here are some additional e-NV200 specs:

  • New styling reflects 30 percent new components over existing NV200
  • 170 km (105 miles) NEDC homologated driving range, 120 km/h (75 mph) maximum speed
  • CHAdeMO quick charge capable (0-80% in 30 minutes)
  • Access to over 1,000 public quick chargers in Europe
  • Global production from Barcelona
  • Same 24 kWh battery as the Nissan LEAF – but built in a different configuration to maximize cargo area.
  • e-NV200 US EPA range ~ 72-75 miles.

General sales of the e-NV200 start in June in the UK, then to Germany in July.  And yes, Nissan has confirmed it will be coming to the rest of the world (and America), but a specific launch date has yet to be given.  (Think 1st half of 2015 if we had to guess)

“Launched last November to determine viability of electric vehicle technology as part of British Gas fleet operations, the six-month pilot saw Nissan and British Gas working with Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Solutions to manage the fleet operations and Gateshead College to train drivers in how to drive the 100% electric Nissan e-NV200.  Hitachi Capital will be funding the purchase of the Nissan e-NV200s by British Gas as well as managing the fleet of all-electric vehicles.”

“The UK’s largest ever electric commercial vehicle evaluation to date, which saw the 28 e-NV200s cover in excess of 60,000 miles between them, was launched to assess how the vans performed in winter conditions during typical British Gas home services daily usage patterns and was such a success that some drivers were reluctant to hand back their vans.”

British Gas orders 100 Nissan e-NV200

British Gas orders 100 Nissan e-NV200

Paul Kidd, a British Gas Service & Repair engineer from Northumberland, stated:

“I can sometimes spend hours each day driving between customer” homes, but the Nissan e-NV200 made that just a little bit easier. It was smooth, stress-free and I was really disappointed when I had to give it back.  I would absolutely recommend the van to other engineers, particularly as the technology improves and more charge points are installed. It’s definitely the future.”

Colin Marriott, general manager, fleet at British Gas, remarked:

“We have been extremely impressed with the performance of the Nissan e-NV200 during our winter trial. The feedback from our engineers speaks for itself, with the majority saying they would be happy to keep the van permanently.”

“Taking on 100 of these vehicles on a permanent basis demonstrates our continued commitment to leading the adoption of this technology amongst large vehicle fleets in the UK.  With technology and infrastructure improving all the time, we look forward to expanding this number in the coming years.”

Jim Wright, Nissan GB managing director, added:

“The success of this closely-watched trial with one of Britain’s biggest organisations puts Nissan in a great position in time for the official launch of the e-NV200 this June.  The feedback we have received from the British gas engineers has been invaluable as it has ensured that the e-NV200 that goes on sale in June is well-suited to British road and business conditions and we have high expectations for its future and ongoing success.”

Jon Lawes, divisional managing director of Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Solutions which managed the trial, commented:

“We have been closely monitoring and analysing the trial throughout the six months it has been running and have been delighted with the way the e-NV200 has performed.  We fully expect to see a continued increase in the adoption of electric vehicles for commercial fleet operations, and the success of the British Gas trial provides compelling evidence to support business use of electric vehicles.”

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer stated:

“It is significant when a major company like British Gas recognises the merits of electric vehicles with a major order. It shows that businesses can turn to plug-in vans with confidence, with the knowledge that they can be the most sensible and economical choice for their fleets.  Drivers have found the vans are much cheaper to run than a regular petrol or diesel counterpart and they perform well in all weathers. The government is committed to supporting the uptake of ultra low emission vans, placing the UK as a world leader in their development and use.”

British Gas orders 100 Nissan e-NV200

British Gas orders 100 Nissan e-NV200

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This is good in the land were gas is over $10.00 a gallon. In that it will save $8.00 to $9.00 dollars a gallon.

Great Idea for British Gas.
– Use the electricity you make, and no need to import oil.
– Increase your business profit.

Can the common bloke go to a Nissan dealership and buy a new e-NV200 right now?

Why not?

If by bloke you mean a Briton, then yes. First sales/deliveries get underway in about 6 weeks. Production of the van just started today. We’ll have a story/vid up shortly.

Thanks! 🙂

No problem. Story (and video)is up now:

Nissan e-NV200 Production Is Now Underway – Video

Wise move. Assuming British Gas also provides electricity (is that correct?) then use their own cheap product to fuel the vehicles. There will be a huge savings on fueling costs. There will be a significant savings on maintenance costs.

More fleets should move to electrification. I think Fed Ex will continue to be a leader in this field. The USPS needs to get in on it.

These vans make so much sense for British gas. There is the cost saving associated with the fuel and maintenance but there is also a significant saving in not having to send a paid employee to a petrol station and then process the card payment. If you do less than 70 miles per day then you take the van out during the day and come back at night and plug it in. No need for trips anywhere other than work and no need for back office processing of fuel payments.

This EV isn’t sexy but it is a game changer.

It seems like every ‘pilot program’ for electric commercial vehicles (cabs, buses, vans, or trucks) always proves to be a tremendous success. The demand for electric fleet vehicles should be huge with the savings on both fuel and maintenance.

Excellent use of a commercial EV service vehicle.

I’ll bet they will save money over the long term and the tech’s will enjoy a smooth stress free ride.

Good news all round!

I find it odd that the range is rated at such a huge difference in the UK compared to the US. Either our EV’s should do far better than EPA range in most uses, or the British are severely disappointed in the range they get versus the rated range. Perhaps they are just used to knocking 30% off the top of the range estimate and using that figure?