British Gas Launches Free Nationwide Charging Package in UK

JUL 31 2013 BY MARK KANE 5

British Gas, one of the main electricity providers in UK, recently launched a free nationwide charging package for EV and PHEV owners.

Chargemaster EVSE

Chargemaster EVSE

This offer includes a home charge point and access to the nationwide POLAR public charging network:

“Thanks to the government’s subsidised funding scheme, British Gas is offering electric vehicle users nationwide the option of having a safer charging point installed at home for free. Those who take up this offer will also get access to the POLAR public network (an operating division of Chargemaster Plc) which will keep them charged up when out and about at no extra cost.”

So, now owning an electric vehicle can be even cheaper in the UK.
Lance Bradley, Managing Director for Mitsubishi Motors UK, appreciated the British Gas package, stating:

“The package being offered by British Gas comes at an exciting time for Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, with sales of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the launch of the new Outlander PHEV at the end of 2013, it now means it has never been easier to charge your electric vehicle and it cements Mitsubishi’s plan for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to account for 20% of our vehicle sales by 2020.”

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Stupid question, but do you have to be a British Gas customer?

Never mind, found this:

“You do not need to be a British Gas customer to qualify for the Free* Electric Vehicle package, but as a British Gas customer you can get a range of additional benefits including a special tariff to enable you to charge at a cheaper rate over a period of 20 hours each day.”

I wish my local power companies would do this. One offers $2500 for a charger, the other only $500.

Note only the 16A charger is free. There’s an upgrade charge for a 32A charger.

Yeah, still awesome though!

If you buy a ZOE you get the 32A charger (Renault pays the upgrade).