A Brief History of Motorcycles (w/video)

3 years ago by Ted Dillard 1

WebBikeWorld's clip from AIM Expo 2014

WebBikeWorld’s clip from AIM Expo 2014

In a shoot-from-the-hip video by WebBikeWorld‘s Vimeo channel, we get a rare treat of a lineup of historic bikes from the AIM Expo 2014.  Not the last word in motorcycling history by any stretch, but, in this case, the last word?  “Zero”.  The 2014 Zero SR was shown as the bookend.  Certainly a fitting choice for the evolution of the sport.

A Brief History of Motorcycling from webBikeWorld on Vimeo.

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  1. Mark H says:

    Speaking of motorcycle history, Indian is making their bike again in Lowell NC for a couple of years now.